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A message from Love: I am safe.

    Letting go of toxicity in our life is daunting. This is why many don’t do it until it gets to a point where it is unbearable. Such difficulty is rooted in the habit of tolerating the situation, the person, the substance, or whatever it is that contributes to the toxicity, little by little […]

How am I being loved today?

    Perspective is everything. How we feel is driven by our perspective.   Your perspective is driven by the question you ask yourself. Choose these questions wisely.   When you wish to embody more love in your life, ask yourself this question: “How am I being loved today?” Ask it often, every day.   […]

A message from Love: In solitude, you’d find me.

    Solitude is that sweet space within us where we connect intimately with ourselves, specifically with whichever part of us shows up at that moment. It is also a sacred space where we find solace within ourselves.     Solitude is aloneness without feeling lonely. It is an embodiment of inner silence where we […]

A message from Love: You choose freedom when you choose me

    Disappointment, regret, anger, shame, fear and guilt are some sticky confining bonds that keep us stuck in unhealthy, looping automatic patterns.   Not only do these bonds keep us out of the present moment, but they are also draining, exhausting, and depressing us. They chain us down and suck the life energy out […]

A message from Love: I deepen and expand your essence.

    We often get mixed up in understanding love.   Love catalyses us, growing both deeper and bigger in our path.  When we let love in, our souls wake up.   Such awakening is usually preceded and/ or followed by changes, discomfort, and destruction – of all that is not aligned or created by […]

A message from Love: I wake you up.

    No, love is not blind. Infatuation makes us “blind“. Not love.   The opposite is true. Love brings the truth out – about who and what we are.    Love has no condition. It is super powerful, unstoppable, profound and life lasting. You can’t undo and un-know what rises.   It helps us […]

A message from Love: Express me! I am meant to flow.

    Love is energy. Its nature is to flow.   Expressed love builds connection and belonging, which significantly contributes to well-being.   Unchanneled/unexpressed/trapped/stuck energy eventually creates imbalances that lead to problems on many levels – mind, body, heart and soul – on personal and collective levels, even generations after.   Let love flow.   […]

Welcome, October!

    As autumn in the Northern hemisphere sets in, rain becomes a part of our daily life. It is certainly the case in Switzerland  Rain is often thought of as Mother earth purifying herself 🌧🌥☔️ The trees are slowly changing colours. Soon they let go of their leaves; to rest and rejuvenate in winter […]

How has your life well lived?

    Last night, I got the news that a friend had passed away. Such news always reminds me that nothing is promised, especially time.   As I prayed for her soul’s journey home, I sat with immense gratitude for the time I have had and still have. I also looked back into my life’s […]

A message from Love: Choose me. Again and again.

    To love is to choose love, again and again.   There will be a time when it feels impossible to do that.  It’s just that – a feeling, an energy that will move through. It is temporary, unless you make it otherwise. When that happens, get out of your head and stop feeding […]