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Choice leads to destiny

Entering winter, a period of reflection and rejuvenation…   What choices have you made so far in 2018? How far have you grown?  How have you contributed? What fulfills you?   What do you desire to invite more into your life in the next cycle, in 2019? What do you wish to let go of? […]

What I’ve learnt about life from death

To date, I’ve experienced the deaths of my parents, all of my grandparents and some friends my age.   My first encounter with death was when my elementary school friend passed away. He was 10, after fighting leukaemia. I was his kindergarten buddy – I held his hand showing him around our playground. I still […]

Silence is golden. Is it?

What is silence?   According to Cambridge’s English dictionary, silence has a number of meanings, among others are: A period without any sound; complete quiet; A state of not speaking or writing or making noise; A state of refusing to talk about something or answering questions, or a state of not communicating.   Two questions […]

Surrender = smart living

“There is no medicine for it. Sleep and drink a lot of water are what you can do so your body can do its best to fight the virus and heal”.   It took me a while to understand what the doctor was telling me. I had just returned from Asia. My temperature was 39.5 Celsius […]

Celebrate 2017! Welcome 2018!!

“The authentic self is the soul made visible” – Sarah Ban Breathnach 2017 has been the year that I’ve had the honour of cross-pathing with courageous souls who are making steps forward to show up more in their lives. They choose to be visible in their lives. I love a quote from Viktor Frankl: “Between […]

Boundaries = Visibility

Thank you for your thoughts and questions after the first post I did about Boundaries. Most of you felt it was a timely reminder for what is going on in your life these days. For some, it is a new concept that just enters your life. This post is to address some of questions that […]