Feeling safe and confident in following my passion and build a floristry business

I’ve always had trouble with confidence. I used to feel defeated even before trying something.


Astuti helped me to overcome it especially when I was facing a dilemma whether to start my own creative business or go the conventional way of trying to find a job that satisfies my parents.


Through the sessions with Astuti, I found the underlying reason of my lack of confidence. As I listened to the hypnosis recording, I progressively felt relieved. I felt content more and more content and accept me the way I am.


After the sessions, I decided to pursue my own floristry business. This was a huge step for me. After months of unsuccessful job searching, I realized that the truth was I did not want a corporate job.


With more confidence in me, I decided to take a leap of faith and started my own business, doing what I love: Floristry. This is my own decision that I am really motivated to work on. Starting a business that 100% reflection of me now felt like the most natural step for me.


More importantly, I accept that I am different from the rest of my family. I am creatively inclined. My relationship with my family got better as I opened myself more.

Prior to the session, I hesitated in asking for help. Now, I’m opening myself in receiving help from other people, which greatly benefits me.


I felt grateful toward Astuti as she was very helpful and understanding. She gave relevant advices but never forced her opinion on me. I felt free to tell her my problems without fear of judgment.


If you are considering hypnotherapy, I strongly suggest giving it a go.



IP, Flower Wizard

Jakarta, Indonesia

Up-leveling my team’s confidence in public speaking

I lead a team of trainers for our Bank’s wealth managers.

In the past, I ran 95% of all the trainings and seminars. The fact was I presented too much and my team too little. We wanted to change this proportion as a way for all of us to grow.

I decided to try group hypnotherapy to address the roadblocks the team had in public speaking. We invited Astuti and Selina to hypnotize our team and myself in our office.

This helped! Combining the group hypno session together with our team goal of getting my team out on stage definitely had an impact.

The proportion of the work has shifted to me doing only 70% of the training. This is a great achievement!

Astuti and Selina were very understanding, knowledgeable and challenging in a good way. Their profound banking background made it, of course, easier for them to understand the corporate world and the issues we face when presenting to and training “corporate soldiers”.

If you are thinking to have a group hypnotherapy session for your team, my recommendation is to define your goals precisely and encourage your colleagues and team to be open-minded. Give it a try. There is nothing to lose!


Annik Kapila, UBS Wealth Management

Zurich, Switzerland

Unblock myself from my success

I came to Astuti as I felt unsuccessful being self-employed. I felt something was blocking me yet I was unable to pin point what it was. I felt the lack of self-esteem had a role in it.


In the session, I felt welcome by Astuti and throughout I felt safe and secure. The session helped me to gain insights as to what blocked me and I let them go.


Since this session, the feeling that “ I’m not good enough” disappeared. I realized in a very different way that I am worth it and have achieved so much in my life.


With the support of the audio recording that Astuti made for me that I listened to daily for 21 days, I sensed that something was changing, and this shift made me feel I am not blocked anymore.


I feel I am ready to start a new and different business. In a way, I feel extremely liberated. I give myself a permission to follow my heart and the big picture is to make positive contribution in a big way.


Astuti is very understanding from the beginning. She created a safe space and asked the right and important questions. In my view, Astuti is a heart-person, who really serves from her heart and loves other people. And it’s not only making her great, but also extremely successful in her hypnotherapy!


I know many people are afraid of change and of what can come up in the session that may get them exposed to the pain of the past. Personally, I never had such fear. I always bravely and openly faced my blind spots.


I can wholeheartedly recommend this. During hypnosis, the pain may come up for a brief moment so it can be acknowledged and healed. Tears may too. But what is this brief healing encounter compared to the relief, freedom and peace that you get in return for it?



Zug, Switzerland.

Managing difficult professional relationship by honoring and allowing myself to put my needs first

My understanding of hypnotherapy is that it’s a process of bringing some issues from subconscious perspective to the sphere of consciousness or awareness.

I was working with Astuti a few months ago when I was doing a consulting work with a client. I was struggling with understanding some aspects of myself in (the dynamic of) this relationship with this (particularly difficult) client.

I remember that the session was very easy in the end, because sometimes you don’t know what to expect (it was done over Skype). Obviously it’s a new thing, but it was easy, very calm process, and I felt very relaxed. I made the time and space to talk to Astuti and she really helped me.

I feel that AlmareaHypno brings value for me, that it really helped me to see myself and how I was thinking, feeling and behaving. It was almost like I’m looking at myself from the outside of my body.

This was very powerful because when you’re looking at yourself and your emotion from the outside, you’re not feeling them in the same way as when you’re in it. So it’s a new way to look at yourself, how you react to things, and it makes it very powerful because it gives you a very strong insight.

This has really worked well as when I was in that situation again, I have not felt what I used to feel before the hypnotherapy.
I remembered that I have seen myself from the outside and what I was feeling then was very different.

The result has been positive and resulted in long term impact as well, not something that work in a particular time and then got lost.

For those who are considering hypnotherapy, just try it. Honestly, there’s nothing to feel anxious about, nothing particularly scary, it is calming and relaxing. It really helps you bring some of the issues forward and it has a positive and longstanding impact.

I’ve known Astuti for a long time and I’ve always been very happy in all my interactions with her. She is a soul whisperer.

Angie, HR Consultant and Coach
Nairobi, Kenya


Setting up my growth pace and the building blocks of my life with confidence

I have a company that is about curiosity and I love trying out new tools and methods to see what works and what doesn’t.

I found that hypnotherapy is a fantastic tool because it helps me go through the roots of where my fears and my doubts are coming from.  With that, I’m able to take that consciously and work with them because now I know what I’m working on.

I’ve worked on many different areas with Astuti. We looked at money mindset, the business, and also family related topics. I think the topic is really endless – whatever is triggering you or frustrating you, where you have fears or doubts in your life.

I remember the session being a very safe space, a very guided process. I knew that I would be conscious, in control, and would remember everything.

After the sessions, things that used to trigger me in the past have not triggered me to the same effect, and that’s really amazing! I’ve been looking at things that would made me explode before calmly and rationally. I know where the root cause is and I reprogrammed my subconscious to handle it in a much calmer and happier way.

As an example, sometimes in my business I didn’t see the value of my work even though other people told me. Now I started noticing more the real value of what I’m offering and therefore charging appropriately.

I love working with Astuti. She really has a big heart. She guides you in the most caring and loving way possible. She’s there as a guide and support. She’s there for your best interest. I highly recommend working with Astuti. She really is one of the best.

When you are considering having a session with her, it would be good to just contact Astuti and see if she’s the right match for you. Go in with an open mind, don’t be afraid. I also recommend for you to do the homework, which is listening to the recording for 21 days. It’s important. I’ve seen the difference of doing the homework and not. Your session itself will shift things but the extra 21 days on top of it really made a big difference.

Selina, Owner of Curious Courses GmbH
Zurich, Switzerland


Fear of flying no more!

“The area I worked on with Astuti was a severe fear of flying that had gotten gradually worse over the last ten years.

A fellow friend who is a pilot recommended RTT and I decided to try it as no other remedies seemed to be working.

I would say that my session with Astuti was intense at times, but at the same time I was in a completely relaxed state.  I was always present, aware and in control.


By guiding me through visualizations, Astuti helped me to ‘unlock’ my fear and helped me clarify and make sense of the source of the problem that I have been experiencing.  I then underwent a process of healing.  This has been very helpful not only for flying going forward but has also helped me in my everyday life. 

The session has impacted my personal life positively, and directly contributed to helping with other issues at home and when dealing with personal relationships. 


Astuti has a naturally calm presence, was very understanding and made me feel very relaxed and well taken care of from the very start of the session through to the end, and also by having several follow-up sessions over the telephone thereafter.

I would highly recommend RTT to anyone experiencing these type of fears or phobias.  Thank you, Astuti!”



Zurich, Switzerland

Living fuller as a come back after grieving for both of my parents

I was so desperate to feel peacefulness and contentful in my life after both my parents passed away. This is why I joined Astuti’s Life coaching program – Uplift, which consisted of hypnotherapy and coaching sessions. I barely knew about hypnotherapy, yet I gave it a shot.


Astuti was the first person that could put into words what happened in my heart and my life. Moreover, she was present for me.


The hypnotherapy sessions were like a breath of fresh air to me. Astuti took me on a journey to face events in my past so I could find resolutions in them, while feeling safe doing so. The first weekend after this session was the first in one year when I did not feel the fear of missing out. I really enjoyed my own existence. I felt relaxed, peaceful and I knew that life was going to be ok. For the first time in a while, I felt so liberated and I gained my life back.


During the coaching, I was given a set of reflective questions after every session. During the first 4 months of the coaching sessions, I discovered a lot of new perspective about myself. She helped me in shaping my own perspective, going through it at my own pace and detangling the confusions in my mind along the way.


She led me to experience a journey inward as a means to understand who I was and to face my own shadows. I understood a lot of things about life and human as individuals and social beings.


She opened my mind and heart to accept myself, to choose for gratitude, to know my stance, my “groove” and decide what kind of dance I want to do in this life.


Astuti taught me a lot about the concept I’ve heard but never understood before: self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and self-love.


In love life, I am now comfortable to speak my mind, my choice. I no longer have the fear that stops me from being open and transparent about what I want in a relationship and consequently what kind of man I’d choose to be with. I’ve been better in taking a good care of myself.


Along with this, I also gain the strongest focus in my life since two years. I can concentrate on my work, feel the passion for what I’m working on, have the energy to give my best and more clear as to what I want to do in my next career step. I am so grateful with life now, and with that, I feel so calm and enough.


Get yourself a hypnotherapy and coaching when you truly want a change in your life. Wanting the change is key to get the resistance out of the way. 


Fibria, Communication Specialist.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Becoming a living example for my son on how to live a purposeful life  

I have known Astuti for 25 years as we studied together in University of Padjadjaran in Bandung. At the time, it was evident to me that Astuti has always had a natural ability to listen and help her friends in getting themselves un-stuck from difficult situations. It is like she has a sixth sense about these things. I truly appreciate this quality from her.

In 2016, I felt that I was lacking clarity about my life’s direction. It felt like I was just plotting along in life, doing things without having a clear sense of meaning. There was a void in my heart. I also often felt that I never had enough time for myself and the people who matter most to me (my wife, son, parents, extended family, etc). It was such an unsettling feeling because I worked hard and achieved a lot of successes but I was not feeling contented with my life. I was unhappy.

As a father, I want to be a living role model for my son on how to live a good life. What I felt about my life then was not the feeling I’d like to have. Children are not stupid. They sense everything.

I was ready to change this so I decided to join to a self-transformation program that Astuti ran with her collaborator, Masumi. It is called Transfor(M)ission, which used coaching, hypnotherapy and feng-shui as tools.

It was such a worthy investment for myself. Not only money, it is mostly time and energy. It was a “me-time” I dedicated to see myself and my life from a different perspective and to create meaning for it.

During the process and also in the hypnotherapy session, I revisited my life cycles in the past: childhood, teenage years, university-years, early career period, and my journeys in the pilgrimage in Mecca. It helped me to remember and to understand the significant meanings of these events. In turn, this leads me to having the conviction today that I am always and have always been protected by God and the Angels. It was a profound realization that created so much grounding and stability in my life.

Throughout the process, my life shifted.  I discovered my life purpose and this has been serving me as guidance.  I choose to live in gratitude. And what is very interesting is I do not even have to do major changes in how I go about my day. Because I understand what my life is about, I am able to give meaning to what I do.

This decision brought visible changes in my life of which others around me noticed. They commented that my body has become more resilient and have stronger endurance, that I look fitter and fresher. I received compliments from my company’s Senior Management as they noticed that I have been carrying myself differently than usual, continuing delivering my work with high quality. I choose to enjoy my life and to be more cheerful. The complaints I received from my loved ones for not spending enough time with them dissipated.  I know that I am MORE present in my life and consequently theirs.
Now I live with a stronger purpose and this helps me when dealing with difficult challenges along the way.

Thank you, Astuti, for helping me feeling absolutely well in my life today.

Andrey, Senior Equity Analyst
Jakarta, Indonesia

Empowering myself to decide for the life and career that make my heart sings

I came to see Astuti because I knew I wanted some changes in my life.

I’ve been working for many companies over the past years, without ever being satisfied with the job or the company.  I knew something was wrong but I didn’t really know what. I just knew I couldn’t keep on changing job every year or so.

I’ve heard before about hypnotherapy and I knew it could bring some results. This is why I contacted Astuti.

Astuti is a very nice person; she made me feel comfortable instantly. You can see she loves what she’s doing and she’s very talented at it.

It is a weird sensation to be hypnotised, it’s like you’re still conscious but your unconscious is talking.

I discovered things about myself I didn’t know before. It helped me understand why I was making all the decisions I did. It also explained why I was doing or feeling certain things.

Since the session and after having listened to the recordings over 21 days, I have decided to change my life and to work for myself. I’m still in the early stage but I know this is what I want to do and that I will succeed.

Without the hypnotherapy, I’m not sure I would have been able to take this step.

I think hypnotherapy helps you discover more about yourself, the reason why you are who you are today. And knowing this, it can empower you to change and improve yourself.



Zurich, Switzerland

Receiving more success at work and bringing a loving relationship in my life by releasing procrastination and self-hate.

My 2 sessions with Astuti were life-changing experiences.

I recognised that over the years my procrastination went bad that it put my work at risk. I was ready to stop this, for good.

I also wanted to enjoy a loving romantic relationship in my life. Up to that point, I attracted the “wrong” men. It is obvious that I needed help to change this.

Both of these led me to Astuti. I had one session in person with her, and one over Skype.

After each of the sessions, I feel more confident and open to love myself. I feel like a new person.

In these sessions, I saw my childhood and my life from different angles that I had never considered previously. That everything bad that happened then, especially when I was very young, was not my fault. This helped me healed and to be more present in my life today.

The impact of such understanding and healing on both personal relationships and work performance are really significant. Negative thoughts and self-hate dissipated significantly. Procrastination stopped immediately. I now can approach people with ease and show my talents and my true self without any doubts. 

By loving myself, I have also attracted the “right” man into my life. I now in a relationship with a person who loves me and whom I love back. Thanks to Astuti, I am a better person in my current relationship. I am able to love and to receive love from him.

As a therapist, Astuti was attentive, kind and understanding. I also appreciate the way she helped me to believe that I am enough.
Thank you for your help, Astuti.

Dewi, Corporate Lawyer

Jakarta, Indonesia