Uplift! A journey from burnout to inner peace

“Whatever you choose to do in life,

make sure that you’re also doing it to help others”.


I was 16 when my late father said this to me. With such an intense gaze, he said these words.


I heard him, loud and clear. I remember it like it was yesterday. He didn’t have to say it often. I experienced him being consistent with this all throughout his life – dedicating his life to science to improve lives. He also followed his passion to develop young scientists in any way that he could.
His words have been staying in and with me since.
I experienced a burn out at the end of 2008. Not many people knew in-depth the ins and outs of it – what happened to me; what impact it had on my life; and how I came out from it. Only a handful of people; after I managed to move forward from its worst point.
This experience changed everything in my life, progressively. If my life then was a house, that house collapsed to the ground.
Since then, I’ve been rebuilding my “new house”, one layer at a time, and one area at a time. Carefully, with a lot of support.
It has been a journey filled with realisations, decisions, and forgiveness.
When the opportunity to write and share my story showed up in February this year through “Ignite Your life for Women” book, I jumped in full heartedly.


The book consists of real life stories about how 35 women moved forward after facing life crises, such as grave illnesses, divorces, separation, death, burnout, financial ruins, grieve, career dip, fear of aging etc when one has to start over from the ground up.

“It’s time”, I said to myself. I felt called and ready to share my story about the burnout.
I had only one intention: to offer what I’ve learnt about how to rise from the ashes, like a phoenix, and start to thrive again in a different way. It was about bringing my learnings to be of use for others.
What excited me more was that the proceeds from this book’s sale are going into charities that empower women. Perfect!




“Papa, this is for you”.

I closed my eyes, sent my prayer and pressed “send”. My application email to be one of the authors in this book made its way. The rest was history.


Burn out, like divorce, death, illnesses, etc. are one of the mini-deaths that can happen to anyone. Overwhelming and lonely often describe the emotions that come with it.  That was also how I felt.

Not anymore now. It doesn’t need to be.

Get this book (through this link, you can download it in kindle for free until May 20th 2019), read my story “Uplift! A journey from burnout to inner peace”, read other stories that call you in this book, and let these reflections accompany your journey. Write a review, share your thoughts on what you feel about it. Afterwards, share this book with others. Regardless of the title, the content in this book is helpful for all.

No, you’re not alone. You don’t have to be. And YES, you can rise.


In loving memory of my beloved Dad, Dr. Suwarto Martosudirjo, the man who showed me how to be a loving support for others.


Love and light,

What are your words?

When I did my career change and lifestyle overhaul starting in 2016, I asked myself what MY WORDS were then.


In a number of meditations, 3 words came to my awareness: Inner peace – Truth – Visible.


I integrated them into my daily intention and in no time, I started peeling off fears and limiting beliefs, one layer at a time.

It’s still going, as there seems to always be the next level. It becomes more and more subtle yet it’s there.

I’ve come to terms with the truth that I’ll always peel off the next layer.


This delayering Self of fear, doubt, anything that are not truthful that still play out in my system brings visible impact that not only I experience, but seems to benefit others too.

I show up more for myself, my family, my friends and my Clients.

Abundance flows in and out of me and I feel more peaceful being in and with it.


Life is a journey, as it is a healing journey to return to truth and inner peace within.


Pausing once in a while to breathe and reflect, I thought I write this here and now.

Let me ask you – What’s your word? How does it impact you everyday?


Wishing you all the beauties that life offers wherever you are 💜💜💜

Love and light,





Uplift My Life Podcast – Episode 4 – Are you an Achievement Addict?

“Sometimes what makes us insecure and vulnerable becomes the fuel we need to be overachievers. The antidote for a snakebite is made from the poison, and the thing that made you go backward is the same force that will push you forward.” – T.D Jakes



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We tend to show up in our lives in 3 different ways:

  • As a Procrastinator
  • As an Achievement Addict
  • And as an Uplifted Go-Getter

Really? You may wonder.


Check out these infographics. Download them if you like.

#upliftmylifetoday #iamenough


#iamenough #upliftmylifetoday


In this episode, I am going deeper into what makes one an Achievement Addict, another an Uplifted Go-getter, and how to transform yourself from an Achievement Addict to become an Uplifted Go-getter.




Time Code:

00:00   – Opening

04:00 – Who are Achievement Addicts

06:49 – Tendencies of an Achievement Addict

22:00 – What constitutes Achievement Addicts and Uplifted Go-Getters

27:45 – Keys to transform from Achievement Addicts to Uplifted Go-Getters

34:30 – How to transform yourself

36:41 – One ultimate recommendation for you

37:15 – Closing


Inputs, questions, feedback or suggestion for topics – write me at astuti@upliftmylife.today. Thanks!

Interested in speaking with me about beliefs upgrading and reprogramming directly, set it up here.


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Watch out!

Watch out for what you tell yourself. 
Choose carefully the kind of message you tell yourself.


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You’re the closest person to your subconscious mind, one that listens to you without fail.
It is your most powerful and loyal ally and it trusts you 100 percent. Whatever you say to it repetitively over a period of time becomes its truth. Its truth becomes your reality.


Catch yourself and choose wisely what to say over and over again to your subconscious mind. Repetitive thoughts are beliefs.

And, remember, beliefs are the seeds of life. They grow to become gardens.
Plant uplifting beliefs for your life’s garden, blossoming with inner peace, contentment and a sense of purpose.


Move away from being a Procrastinator or an Achievement Addicts and choose to show up as an Uplifted Go-Getter.

Your journey to unleash your potential and to deliver the kind of impact that you want is meant to be as joyful as achieving your goals.


So, here is an invitation for you:
Find me at astuti@upliftmylife.today
* When you are ready to shift your limiting beliefs into uplifting ones;
* When you are ready to answer the calling to be an Uplifted Go-Getter



What Procrastinators and Achievement Addicts have in common

What do Procrastinators and Achievement Addicts have in common?


#upliftmylifetoday #iamenough


They’re not consistently feeling energized or present or confident as they show up in their lives: being who they are and doing what they’re doing. Instead, often they feel overwhelmed; many times scattered and uptight.

They feel somehow “constipated” in their efforts to unleash the potential they know they have within.

In different areas of their lives, one can be a procrastinator or an achievement addict.

Their behaviours are driven by the belief that “they are not enough as they are.” Enough for what? Enough to be accepted, acknowledged, and loved.

Does this speak to you?

If there is only one thing you can do to change this is to TRANSFORM your BELIEFS. As you do so, your subconscious mind works for what you desire, not against it.

Beliefs are the seeds of life. They grow to become gardens. Plant uplifting beliefs for your life’s garden, blossoming with inner peace, contentment, and a sense of purpose.



Choice leads to destiny

Entering winter, a period of reflection and rejuvenation…


What choices have you made so far in 2018?

How far have you grown? 

How have you contributed?

What fulfills you?


What do you desire to invite more into your life in the next cycle, in 2019?

What do you wish to let go of?


Imagine it, feel it, taste it. Repeat. Repeat.


All of it starts with taking action, one at a time.

It is all about your choice.


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Declutter Your Life Series – Episode 3 “Beliefs decluttering to ease change”

“Change your thoughts and you change your world” – Norman Vincent Peale

Nothing is truer than this.

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I first “heard” it, my calling, in 2005.

“I wish to facilitate a process for others to have breakthroughs in their lives so they can love themselves more. This helps people who want to make a difference”.

It was so loud that I started to do some research on what I can learn to do this.

As I did my research, there was another loud voice saying in my mind “You’re too young. You know nothing about life yet. What help can you give people? This is too early for you”.
This niggling voice was as loud as the calling.

It felt like there were 2 people in my heart speaking to me.

After a period of contemplation, I succumbed to the niggling voice. I stopped the process. I delayed starting the process, consciously, to be precise. All info I gathered went into archive.

Only 10 years later, in 2015, I stepped up and showed up to myself by saying yes to this calling. Life shifted afterwards. In every way imaginable.
And, so much steep growth happened in my life between 2005 to 2015, no joke!

In hindsight, I learnt 2 things:
1. Our calling has always been there, so loyal, so loud and so persistent. It is us that are not always willing nor feeling able to listen to it, let alone do something about it.

2. Upon answering this call (of when you want to answer this call), decluttering and reprogramming beliefs is key to ease the process.

What is decluttering beliefs and how to do that?

In this 3rd episode of “Declutter Your Life” Podcast Series, I am sharing why it is of paramount importance for you to declutter your beliefs when you’re on your journey manifesting what you truly want. Free of feeling overwhelmed.

This episode is loaded with information and practical tips that you may want to listen to it multiple times.


Time Code:

00:00 – Opening

02:30 – Belief – what it is, when and how it is formed in our life

08:35 – Subconscious mind – what it is and how it works

12:01 – Conscious mind – what it is and how it works

13:05 – The importance to align both conscious and subconscious mind to achieve your goal

16:39 – How beliefs are formed

26:04 – Decluttering beliefs – step 1 – find an emotional trigger and clarify the meaning you give to it

39:40 – Decluttering beliefs – step 2 – identify limiting beliefs you currently hold and decide what uplifting beliefs to replace them

40:20 – Decluttering beliefs – step 3 – ways to replace the limiting beliefs with the uplifting ones

46:14 – Closing


Inputs, questions, feedback or suggestion for topics – write me at astuti@upliftmylife.today. Thanks!

Interested in speaking with me about beliefs upgrading and reprogramming directly, set it up here.


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Declutter Your Life Series – Episode 2 “Love it, pick it, use it!”

Do I need all these?

This question is one of some constant companions for me when I decluttered 2 living spaces in 2 countries over 14 months period.

In this 2nd episode of “Declutter Your Life” Series, I am sharing my 5 steps to successfully declutter my possessions, feeling victorious, light and calm at the end of it.

This episode is loaded with practical tips that you may want to listen to it multiple times.


Time Code:

00:00 – Opening

02:05 – Virtual trips to a thrift shop and a spa – what does your body tell you?

11:17 – How your mind interacts with your environment and how impacts you

13:44 – What is decluttering?

14:29 – My decluttering journeys: the context, the scope and the goals

18:38 – Step 1: Setting a clear intention for the decluttering – what you will use the space for and what atmosphere/energy/ambiance you’d like to invoke in the space

21:34 – Step 2: Planning the scope, timeline, responsibility allocation, support required, how to organise post-choosing items.

27:45 – Step 3: Throw away items that obviously needed to be thrown away. Quick win!

28:40 – Step 4: Selection process – choose which items you want to keep

31:09 – Step 5: Reorganise the items you choose to keep

31:44 – Emotional challenges during decluttering and 6 tips to overcome them

35:46 – Evolving our space to match our own evolution process is mandatory!

37:13 – Closing and what the next episode about


Inputs, questions, feedback or suggestion for topics – write me at astuti@upliftmylife.today. Thanks!

Interested in speaking with me about decluttering process directly, set it up here.


Copyrights etc.:

Music used in this Episode: “On My Way” and “Destiny Day” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Declutter Your Life Series – Episode 1 “Gaining more by letting go”

What would help me to die more peacefully when my time comes?

(You can also listen to this podcast from Spotify, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Pocket Casts, and RadioPublic)

I was at a crossroad!

In this first episode of “Declutter Your Life” Series, I am sharing my reflection on the 4 steps to create an elevated version of my life and the role of decluttering in it.

I’m taking you on my journey to change my life style, which started 18 months ago.

Time Code:

00:00 – Opening

02:53 – Life defining moment

09:46 – Step 1: Answer “What would help you to die when your time comes?”

11:40 – Tony Robbins’ Human 6 Core Needs

15:19 – Step 2: Create the scenario and integrate it into your subconscious mind

16:56 – Examples and how to do it

21:38 – Step 3: Create implementation plan

24:27 – Step 4: Declutter: what it is and why it is important

28:46 – Summary and what’s coming in Episode 2!

Shout out to Rane Hafied of www.suarane.org for mentoring and training me in this journey!

Terima kasih, Rane!!!!

Copyrights etc.:

Music used in this Episode: “On My Way” and “Destiny Day” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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What I’ve learnt about life from death

To date, I’ve experienced the deaths of my parents, all of my grandparents and some friends my age.


My first encounter with death was when my elementary school friend passed away.

He was 10, after fighting leukaemia. I was his kindergarten buddy – I held his hand showing him around our playground. I still remember how sweet his smile was.


I have also experienced “small deaths”, like when I moved countries (I’ve lived in 6 countries to date) and when I had a burn out.


Here are some lessons I’ve learnt about life from death:


1.Life is filled with cycles.

Like nature, we go through stages of development.  There is a rhythm to nature’s orders. What goes up will come down. It is just how it is, not good, not bad.

Let go the judgments, especially towards ourselves. While giving our best effort in a challenging time, it is important to tell ourselves: it is just a natural phase.


2. Some cycles are longer than others.

At times, one cycle happens one after the other. Sometime, multiple cycles run in parallel, but at different stages.

These cycles happen when they do, beyond our control.

What matters most is that we face the experiences in the best way that we know how.


3. Just like seasons in a year, every shift brings a profound experience.

It usually is emotionally intense and unique.

There is a time for everything.

The more we’re mindful about it, the lighter our steps are.


4. Timing is uniquely linked to individuals.


Our timing is our timing. Comparing it with others is unnecessary.

There is always a reason that we can understand later, in hindsight, why we need the time that we do.

Focus on us in the now, do our best and choose to feel grateful for who we are and what we have.


5. When death (or any major loss) happens in our life, everything automatically changes.

If our life is a house, death is like one big part of our foundation collapses, and it brings the house down. It is a major shift, a jump-start, for us to build a different house (our life).

Give ourselves time and space to grief thoroughly. Do not make any big decision until we feel settled. Only then, decide.


When a key member of our family dies, no replacement can be done. S/he is NOT meant to be replaced. It is IMPOSSIBLE.

Instead, the rest of the family/system needs to re-allocate roles. Bring everyone into the same page and have open and respectful discussion about it.


When a structure collapses, the rules attached to it are buried with it.

Building a new structure means bringing in some new rules and some new players. Take advantage of this.


Remember, the collected wisdoms and experiences we have gathered throughout our live remains with us regardless. We have what we need.


Love is energy so it continues to flow even without physical bodies. It is always there, in different way.


6. We can fully move forward in life when we can let go of the incomplete emotions connected to the death or other loss.

No, unfortunately, we’re not well trained to do that.

Heck, more of us are often told not to be too emotional or not to be that expressive in the time of deaths or loss. I can testify how misleading this is.

Time does not heal anything when we are not willing to acknowledge the things that are incomplete.


No, we don’t need the involvement of the (dead) people we have unfinished business with to put a completion to it.

Just us, showing up fully in our lives and go through the grieving process (yes, it is a systematic process) full-heartedly. Getting a grief consultant is something I’d highly recommend.


7. Everyone experiences death or loss, no exception. There is no reason to feel isolated going through this.

This is one of some experiences that level out every single being on this planet.

Reach out for support or lend your heart to people who need it.


8. The most profound way to live our life fully is to be able to let go the past.

The ultimate way to do that is to truly and genuinely forgive ourselves, for all the choices that we made in the past that are no longer relevant nor appropriate for our life today.


We make a decision that feels right for a particular situation at a particular time.

Let go the guilt and shame. Make it a conscious choice.


9. Life is a journey of collecting: experiences, memories, emotions, people, possessions, resources, wisdoms, knowledge, skills. 


It is so easy to be a hoarder without realizing it. Are we? Are we attached to all the above?

Choose wisely and timely what to keep in our lives and what to leave behind. Stay un-attached.


When we travel, we only bring what we need.

The same with life. Declutter it and us regularly.

Growth happens at the end of our comfort zone, so create a space in us for new experience, people and things.


10. Nothing is permanent.


Everything has an expiration date: our food, our belongings, the people in our lives and ourselves.


Accepting this as a fact consequently means we are to treat time as something precious.

Choose to fill it with uplifting experiences with loving companions. Celebrate our lives because all the experiences we have, at times filled with pain, at times with joy, are precious.


Seneca, a Roman Stoic Philosopher says: “A man cannot live well if he knows not how to die well”.


Do you know what it would take for you to die peacefully?


Happy contemplating,