Uplift My Life Today Podcast – Ep. 10 – How your birth process still impacts you TODAY – Sharon King


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Yes, you’ve read it correctly. Our birth process STILL impacts us TODAY!


Knowing what I know now, it all makes sense. Yet, when I found out about it for the first time, I was gobsmacked, to say the least.


I got to know this as I went through sub-conscious mind therapies during my journey to rise back from the burn out I experienced at the end of 2008.


In getting back to a full life again (with an intention of never to experience a burnout again ever!), I discovered what human’s subconscious mind is and how it has been impacting my life. Most assumptions we have about ourselves, others and life were formed before we turned 7 and they make us respond or react automatically to situations. Repetitive assumptions (beliefs) become hardwired and automatically influence our behaviours.


In one of the sessions when I traced back the limited beliefs that triggered the needs for me to over achieve without taking care of myself, I landed in a memory of the time that I was in my mother’s womb! It was SURREAL yet fascinating at the same time.


I never thought of that period of my time consciously. Heck, I didn’t even know that I had a consciousness then.  It was mind-blowing!


That was not the only time I was taken back there by my subconscious mind. There were a few more times and each time I realised I formed beliefs that still ran my life until the point of healing.


I was intrigued and started digging reading materials about consciousness in the prenatal period. In Biology of Beliefs book, Dr. Bruce Lipton, a renowned cell biologist and an expert in Epigenetic suggests that Subconscious mind is a part of our mind that serves as a database of our stored programs primarily derived from the programming a child receives from the time we were in our mothers’ womb up to the first six years of life.


I then came across Sharon King, the creator of a subconscious mind healing method called Matrix Birth Reimprinting. After reading her book, Heal your birth, Heal your life, I decided to learn her method to support my clients even deeper in their healing journey. As I did that, I got to read two other books:  The mind of your newborn baby by Dr. David Chamberlain and Being born by Robyn Fernance. Sharon mentioned Joseph Chilton Pearce as her first mentor in understanding the importance of bonding process between mother and babies. You can find his work here.

A whole new world opened up to me!

In this podcast episode, I invited Sharon to share with us why and how our birth process impacts us today (the same is also true for anyone who had been a part of giving birth process) and why it is important to heal the traumas created then for our lives today.

Please share this episode with your friends and family. The more people become aware of this, the better as it has an important piece of information about us. The more we know about ourselves, the easier it is to show up in our lives in peace and with ease.

Enjoy this lively discussion!



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Interview by Sovereign Magazine: Reclaiming inner peace after a burnout

I’m excited and grateful to have Sovereign Magazine published their interview on how I changed my life and career after I rose back from a burnout in 2008.




Sovereign Magazine is a global magazine for Executives and Entrepreneurs.
It is also one of Lufthansa’s inflight magazines.


Happy reading!





Uplift My Life Today Podcast – Ep. 8 and 9 – Insights from a Monk turned Surgeon – Jehan de Soyza

Part 1:


Part 2:

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What I find to be VERY helpful in moving through life following my calling is to be connected with people who are in their journeys moving through theirs. The reflections we share fuel our journeys.

I am fortunate to have these friends in my life. Excitingly, each of them has a very unique path.

I’m putting this blessing forward to the world, to accompany you too.


Introducing:  “Intentional Life”, a series in my podcast.

In it, I reflect together with these Go-getters about their journeys and what it gives them. Lessons from the horses’ mouths!


In this first episode, I sat together with Jehan de Soyza. Jehan is an Eye Surgeon Trainee in Royal Perth Hospital, Australia.




As a part of his intentional life, Jehan lived and worked as a Monk for 9 years in multiple continents.

He didn’t set out to be one from the get-go. He was a Business student. In fact, that’s how we first met in 1995.


The reasons of his evolution – his intentional life – why and how he’s been doing it, the struggles, the presents, and how he brings them into his life today is what we’re discussing in this episode. We reflected together on success, happiness, meditation and self-growth.

The chat is split in 2 parts:

  • The first is about why he chose to serve as a monk, the journey to become one, and what his ascetic life then was like (Mind you, I’m super curious to hear details about it, aren’t you?)
  • The second is about what he learnt from it and how he continue to integrate them into his life today as a husband, a father, and a surgeon.


Enjoy and be inspired!


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Interested in speaking with me about beliefs upgrading and reprogramming directly, set it up here.


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Uplift My Life Today Podcast – Episode 7 – Are you breathing consciously?

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I heard my therapist repeating this to me as I received her help to rise back from the burnout I experienced at the end of 2008.


While I followed what she asked me, I was puzzled. I didn’t understand at all the context of why she asked me to “breathe” when I was obviously breathing.

I did, however, develop a “new” habit since then: to remember to consciously breathing regularly everyday. I still keep it until now. I can’t speak highly enough how conscious breathing habit changed my life.


In this episode, I invite Michelle Sabatini to share with us in-depth what #consciousbreathing is, what it does to us, especially in helping us to un-stuck ourselves from any situation anywhere, and how to do it.



Time Code:

00:12      Welcome

0:40        The importance of breathing and why it’s worthwhile discussing it

02:20      Get to know Michelle Sabatini and how her body work approach helps many people to break automatic patterns in daily lives.

11:50       What conscious breathing looks like, why it is important to do, and why we often are unaware/disconnected from it.

19:12      Why it is important to accept what our body tells us and how breathing helps that.

27:00     How (tips to act on) to unblock us from feeling stuck, be it in a meeting, traffic jam, or any situation.

37:06      How breathing consciously helps us to let go the feeling of isolation and the role of pain in it.

44:30     Tips on how to breathe consciously regularly.

47:40      How to get in touch with Michelle Sabatini and what she offers (also for free) to help anyone to breathe consciously.


Inputs, questions, feedback or suggestion for topics – write me at Thanks!

Interested in speaking with me about beliefs upgrading and reprogramming directly, set it up here.

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Uplift! A journey from burnout to inner peace

“Whatever you choose to do in life,

make sure that you’re also doing it to help others”.


I was 16 when my late father said this to me. With such an intense gaze, he said these words.


I heard him, loud and clear. I remember it like it was yesterday. He didn’t have to say it often. I experienced him being consistent with this all throughout his life – dedicating his life to science to improve lives. He also followed his passion to develop young scientists in any way that he could.
His words have been staying in and with me since.
I experienced a burn out at the end of 2008. Not many people knew in-depth the ins and outs of it – what happened to me; what impact it had on my life; and how I came out from it. Only a handful of people; after I managed to move forward from its worst point.
This experience changed everything in my life, progressively. If my life then was a house, that house collapsed to the ground.
Since then, I’ve been rebuilding my “new house”, one layer at a time, and one area at a time. Carefully, with a lot of support.
It has been a journey filled with realisations, decisions, and forgiveness.
When the opportunity to write and share my story showed up in February this year through “Ignite Your life for Women” book, I jumped in full heartedly.


The book consists of real life stories about how 35 women moved forward after facing life crises, such as grave illnesses, divorces, separation, death, burnout, financial ruins, grieve, career dip, fear of aging etc when one has to start over from the ground up.

“It’s time”, I said to myself. I felt called and ready to share my story about the burnout.
I had only one intention: to offer what I’ve learnt about how to rise from the ashes, like a phoenix, and start to thrive again in a different way. It was about bringing my learnings to be of use for others.
What excited me more was that the proceeds from this book’s sale are going into charities that empower women. Perfect!




“Papa, this is for you”.

I closed my eyes, sent my prayer and pressed “send”. My application email to be one of the authors in this book made its way. The rest was history.


Burn out, like divorce, death, illnesses, etc. are one of the mini-deaths that can happen to anyone. Overwhelming and lonely often describe the emotions that come with it.  That was also how I felt.

Not anymore now. It doesn’t need to be.

Get this book (through this link, you can download it in kindle for free until May 20th 2019), read my story “Uplift! A journey from burnout to inner peace”, read other stories that call you in this book, and let these reflections accompany your journey. Write a review, share your thoughts on what you feel about it. Afterwards, share this book with others. Regardless of the title, the content in this book is helpful for all.

No, you’re not alone. You don’t have to be. And YES, you can rise.


In loving memory of my beloved Dad, Dr. Suwarto Martosudirjo, the man who showed me how to be a loving support for others.


Love and light,


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