A message from Love: I wake you up.



No, love is not blind. Infatuation makes us “blind“. Not love.


The opposite is true. Love brings the truth out – about who and what we are. 


Love has no condition. It is super powerful, unstoppable, profound and life lasting. You can’t undo and un-know what rises.


It helps us get clarity even when we don’t like or want the truth’s consequences brought up. Moreover, it always offers options – to be or do something different.



Remember – when you feel this energy, it is because your soul asks for it. 

Nothing and no one outside of you can impose or give this to you. They are conduits for this to happen, nothing more.

It simply means your soul is waking up.

Regardless of the shock and surprise, it is a beautiful and miraculous experience. I am VERY happy for you 💖


Enjoy your journey home!

With love,


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A message from Love: Express me! I am meant to flow.



Love is energy. Its nature is to flow.


Expressed love builds connection and belonging, which significantly contributes to well-being.


Unchanneled/unexpressed/trapped/stuck energy eventually creates imbalances that lead to problems on many levels – mind, body, heart and soul – on personal and collective levels, even generations after.


Let love flow.


Get help to have love flow if you need to.

For our sake and humanity overall.



Wishing you the courage to express and receive love this week 💖😊

With love,


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Welcome, October!



As autumn in the Northern hemisphere sets in, rain becomes a part of our daily life. It is certainly the case in Switzerland 

Rain is often thought of as Mother earth purifying herself 🌧🌥☔️

The trees are slowly changing colours. Soon they let go of their leaves; to rest and rejuvenate in winter before growing back in spring 🍂🍂🍂

Yes, it is that time of the year when nature invites us all to get into a deeper contemplative mode – how we have been and wish to unfold further.

Enjoy it 😊 and allow me to offer you a simple companion question for this period: What am I letting go of today? 

Whatever you let go of today makes space for what you want to see grow in spring.

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are 💖🤗

With love,


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How has your life well lived?



Last night, I got the news that a friend had passed away.

Such news always reminds me that nothing is promised, especially time.


As I prayed for her soul’s journey home, I sat with immense gratitude for the time I have had and still have. I also looked back into my life’s timeline. 


After some time, I concluded – my life is well lived. 


I just have not appreciated it enough – there is still an imbalanced appreciation and gratitude for my journey compared to the achievements.  


I promise myself to be better – to appreciate the journey more, way more than I do to date. 

This way, I can appreciate the miracles that continuously unfold. I could see in hindsight that my life has been nothing short of miraculous and divinely guided.


I am sure yours is too.


Let’s acknowledge and celebrate it 🌷💖


With love,


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A message from Love: Choose me. Again and again.



To love is to choose love, again and again.


There will be a time when it feels impossible to do that. 

It’s just that – a feeling, an energy that will move through. It is temporary, unless you make it otherwise.

When that happens, get out of your head and stop feeding and repeating the ongoing story in your mind.

Instead, move your attention elsewhere that brings up uplifting emotions, and be there. Stay there. 


Listen to your happy song list. Sing your heart out. Play in the rain with your children. Go through your photo album for heart-warming memories. Tap yourself while breathing deeper while repeating positive affirmations. Sketch, draw, or paint. Cook your favourite dish. 

Do activities to increase dopamine in your brain – whatever floats your boat.


When you feel the need – get support – from a mentor, a counsellor, a therapist, a coach, a healer – whichever fits your needs.


To love is to choose love, in a big or small way. Regularly.

Wishing you a great week of loving choices 💖💖💖

With love,


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A message from Love: Courage and I are life partner




What do you say no to when you say yes to love?

Love has an expansive quality – some say love empowers. For some, it is uplifting. You may have other words that you resonate with.

It takes courage to say no to something that we have been identifying our worth and life with that turns out to be dissonant to love.

It takes courage to take time out for a minute and honestly answer – has my life been about defeating fear, or has it been about experiencing deeper love?

No, they are not the same and yes, most of us often get this mixed up.

It takes courage to make peace with the past, forgive oneself and others and commit to love right now.

Love invites us to take a leap of faith, and courage is its most reliable companion.

I wish you the courage to live in love. 

With love,


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A message from Love: Fear me not




We usually wish for something we perceive we don‘t have enough of or at all.

Very often, we may not (yet) feel fully familiar or comfortable with what we wish for.

Freedom, love, peace, and happiness are just the same on the top wish list of most of us. Yet, we may not know what it means to embody freedom, love, happiness or peace. 

It certainly would feel different from where we are today. The difference can feel scary and overwhelming.

When that happens to you, just take a deep breath and slow down for some time. Give yourself time, energy, and dedication to adapt and embody what arrives. 

Embodiment requires exploration, observation, time, consistency, excitement, letting go and forgiveness.

Fear me not, Love says 💜

Fear me not.

With love,


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A message from Love: Let me in




A beautiful message for us all 💖

Have a wonderful week ahead, filled with love 🤗

With love,


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What I learned about healing and human heart from young refugees



“No one has ever become poor by giving”

– Anne Frank




Since I was a little girl, I have been having a habit of refusing to accept a situation that is, in my perception, unfair or unjust. My parents recognized this since I was very young.


They both could laugh about it when they reflected on it in my 20s. They certainly weren’t laughing when I acted my impulses in my younger days.


They described me as relentless, stubborn, brave and often creative in coming up with ideas on what to do when I had a fixed goal in mind, even when they disapproved of it. They also told me that I would quietly do what I thought I needed to and not fuss about it along the process—too focused, at times, that I did not see anything else apart from the goal.


I am grateful to hear these reflections, as I am challenging myself to do something different today. This is why I am writing to you now, as I need your support.


Yes, I am asking for your help. Please read on.


In March this year, I embarked, together with a group of other facilitators and mentors, on what I considered the most important project I’ve ever done: Refugee Mentorship Program (RMP) which is co-led by Akino Tahir.


This fourteen-week program is put in place to support young refugees (18-24 years old) who are now located in Indonesia to:

  • Develop a personal resilience mindset and skills;
  • Improve interpersonal skills through exposure to Indonesian culture and language;
  • Develop their ability to learn independently by introducing a structured learning process through basic research literacy.


In a nutshell, we would love to support these young life warriors to develop the most fundamental mindset, skills, expertise and network to rebuild their lives in such a difficult period.


Most of them left their country of origin unaccompanied – they moved without any of their families – in their early teens.


In this program, I supported these courageous souls to process and healed their traumas and reprogram their subconscious minds with beliefs and programs that would help them move forward in their life with more resilience, ease and hope.


This whole process was so intense for everyone involved and impacted them and me on such a deep level – the soul level. We met weekly for 14 weeks, and we all transformed throughout this journey.


I am not the same person I was at the beginning of this year.

Through this journey, I learned so much about healing, the human heart, and what matters more to me now during this period of my life.


With the help of Julie Grauel, one of my best friends and partner in turning reflection into stories, I finally started to verbally digest this journey into this new podcast episode (video and audio).

In it, I reflected on what I learned, realized and needed now. I also decided to ask for your help. What I want to continue actualizing in the future requires more heads and hearts than mine and the current people involved in this program.


Thank you for taking the time to listen and to let me know your ideas when you have them. Please write to me here: If you would like to support/donate to the Refugee Mentorship Program, you can do it here. Thank you.

The goal that I have in mind is so much bigger than what I can do alone.

To honour my late parents’ advice, I am now choosing to share this goal and ask for help and support from those who resonate with it.


I am grateful for your attention, and I look forward to hearing from you.

With love,


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Facing death to come back home to an authentic life



If you would behold the spirit of death, open your heart wide unto the body of life.

For life and death are one, even as the river and sea are one

– Khalil Gibran.




I’ve been learning to read tarot cards this year. It’s my attempt to gain deeper insights from my subconscious and unconscious minds using my intuition about what my soul wants to tell me about the current stage in my path. In a tarot deck, there is a card called “Death”. As you see here – for all ends, there is a new beginning.

As abrupt and intense as the end may be, there is always a new beginning for something else deeper, better, bigger, further.

The death (of someone or something that you value and love) often, if not always, is an acceleration towards something that is meant to be, despite it always brings with it pains and.


This “The Honest Hour” video podcast episode is all about that.

When you prefer to listen instead of watching, do it through here.


Tatjana Radovanovic lost her son in a tragic accident in 2017 when he was blossoming to be an adult.

In her conversation with Julie and I, Tatjana shared what happened, how she coped with the grief, and how this experience impacted her so profoundly that it changed the course of her life since. She beautifully shared her journey in crossing the bridge between death and authentic life – a life where she bridges the worlds of the dead and alive for grief healing purposes.


May you find inspiration and strength in your journey as you listen to Tatjana’s story.

With love,


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Copyrights etc.: Music used in this episode: “On My Way” by Kevin MacLeod ( 

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