A message from Love: Choose me. Again and again.



To love is to choose love, again and again.


There will be a time when it feels impossible to do that. 

It’s just that – a feeling, an energy that will move through. It is temporary, unless you make it otherwise.

When that happens, get out of your head and stop feeding and repeating the ongoing story in your mind.

Instead, move your attention elsewhere that brings up uplifting emotions, and be there. Stay there. 


Listen to your happy song list. Sing your heart out. Play in the rain with your children. Go through your photo album for heart-warming memories. Tap yourself while breathing deeper while repeating positive affirmations. Sketch, draw, or paint. Cook your favourite dish. 

Do activities to increase dopamine in your brain – whatever floats your boat.


When you feel the need – get support – from a mentor, a counsellor, a therapist, a coach, a healer – whichever fits your needs.


To love is to choose love, in a big or small way. Regularly.

Wishing you a great week of loving choices 💖💖💖

With love,


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