A message from Love: Courage and I are life partner




What do you say no to when you say yes to love?

Love has an expansive quality – some say love empowers. For some, it is uplifting. You may have other words that you resonate with.

It takes courage to say no to something that we have been identifying our worth and life with that turns out to be dissonant to love.

It takes courage to take time out for a minute and honestly answer – has my life been about defeating fear, or has it been about experiencing deeper love?

No, they are not the same and yes, most of us often get this mixed up.

It takes courage to make peace with the past, forgive oneself and others and commit to love right now.

Love invites us to take a leap of faith, and courage is its most reliable companion.

I wish you the courage to live in love. 

With love,


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