A message from Love: I deepen and expand your essence.



We often get mixed up in understanding love.


Love catalyses us, growing both deeper and bigger in our path. 

When we let love in, our souls wake up.


Such awakening is usually preceded and/ or followed by changes, discomfort, and destruction – of all that is not aligned or created by and in love. 


Hidden, secret and/or suppressed emotions and beliefs that have kept us attached, stuck, mediocre, small – resisting/denying/delaying expansion – would rise to be processed and healed.

All this is inevitable. It is how the process runs and we have no control over it.


Such experience, however,  invites us to respond in the healthiest way. It is to trust our intuition in going through such a profound phase. 

To resist less, instead, trust our inner voice more and work with what is available. To use different parts of what and who we are to establish dynamic equilibrium throughout this journey.


We are all wholesome beings.

We have all that we need and want within us.

Access them in and through gratitude.

Have and keep the faith.



With love,



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