A message from Love: Your heart is not fragile.




Did you ever see an ocean break down?

A dam? Yes. An ocean? No.


Our heart field is like an ocean – powerful, deep, vast and expansive. 

You can navigate through and within it yet never control it.


Water’s nature is to flow. Even when the ocean feels calm, there is still movement and flow within it. 

The same is with our heart field.


We grew up being told and taught that our heart is fragile.

We believed it because we did not know how to work through emotions, intense emotions, and pain.

We believed it because we were stuck in the loops of painful and intense emotions in our bodies that kept playing out like the event was still happening.


Our subconscious mind operates in alignment with our beliefs – any belief that is intended to keep us safe. 

When we believe that our heart is fragile, it creates walls to protect our hearts, layer over layer over layer over time. 

It gives us an illusion that we are safer this way when in actuality, it stops us from feeling love, life and alive. 

It hinders the love that anyway will break the walls because it is an expansive and powerful energy.


What heartbreak essentially means is not the breaking of the heart. 

It is instead the breaking of the temporary, fragile walls that need to go so you can feel love and be YOU again.


Let the walls break down, just like the dam, and let the truth land in your body, heart, and mind: YOU ARE LOVE.

With this truth, learn the skills to move through intense emotions and pain, enjoy the process, and claim the wisdom it offers. 



With love,



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