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Unblock myself from my success

I came to Astuti as I felt unsuccessful being self-employed. I felt something was blocking me yet I was unable to pin point what it was. I felt the lack of self-esteem had a role in it.   In the session, I felt welcome by Astuti and throughout I felt safe and secure. The session […]

Welcome to Upliftmylife.today Vlog

Welcome, everyone. I am Astuti and I am the owner of Uplift My Life Today. I work as a transformation coach, a hypnotherapist and a career advisor – all in one person. I am very happy to see you here. I would like to welcome you again into this community, the tribe that consist of people who have decided that […]

Managing difficult professional relationship by honoring and allowing myself to put my needs first

My understanding of hypnotherapy is that it’s a process of bringing some issues from subconscious perspective to the sphere of consciousness or awareness. I was working with Astuti a few months ago when I was doing a consulting work with a client. I was struggling with understanding some aspects of myself in (the dynamic of) this relationship […]