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Does your help disempower others?

      “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” – Maya Angelou   «So, does your help empower or disempower her?” My world stopped when I heard this question.   It was 2012. My Father passed away suddenly a few months prior, and I intended to support my mother as she grieved. […]

A message from Life: I am a mystery to be lived.

      Wishing you peace as you experience the mystery of life you are in right now 💖   Cheering you on as I am convinced that there is a precious gift in it for you to claim😊🙏💖   With love, Astuti   #restart #love #authenticlife #startover #love #upliftmylifetoday #intentionallife #resilience #mentalhealth #inspiration #transformation […]

Holiday season greetings

    I wish that the shift and transformation that have happened in 2022 offer you a solid and strong foundation for the life that you continue to unfold during the 2023 cycle 🙏🙏🙏   In the meantime, may you enjoy this holiday season with your loved ones, feeling a lot more peaceful and content […]

How courageous are you in receiving love?

    Children are such amazing mirrors of true human nature. Leo, my nephew, is one of these mirrors for me. He just turned four recently. Being with him, I am reminded again how intuitively and generously loving the human heart is.   Leo loves because he loves it. He loves being loved because he […]

A message from Love: Your heart is not fragile.

      Did you ever see an ocean break down? A dam? Yes. An ocean? No.   Our heart field is like an ocean – powerful, deep, vast and expansive.  You can navigate through and within it yet never control it.   Water’s nature is to flow. Even when the ocean feels calm, there […]