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I’m changing. What’s next?

      I’m changing. What’s next?   You may have this question if you have gone through the sessions in the “Unconditional Self-Love Embodiment” program that I shared on my YouTube channel.   Before answering that, let me first share my deepest congratulations to you! I know you are not the person you were […]

Who am I when I can’t…?

      Who am I when I can’t achieve anything anymore? What am I when I can’t achieve anything anymore?     These were the questions that I had to face as I rose from burnout at the end of 2008. Never had I imagined that I had to face these types of questions […]

Commitment to self-love

      It was on February 20, 2015, that I “officially” committed to myself to consciously and unconditionally love myself.   I remember the date because I was with my dear friend Selina when I did. We just had a Chinese New Year lunch. I went to a shop near the restaurant and found […]

Calling out your fears!

      Meet one of the most powerful trio in our lives: Responsibility, expectation and fear 😎😄🤗   In the last newsletter, I shared my thoughts about responsibility and how it may impact how we show up as the primary providers of unconditional self-love. Today, let me focus on the other two members of […]

Feeling Overwhelmed When Starting Anew: Powering through the transition holistically

I embarked on the UPLIFT self-paced online program when facing a significant shift in my personal and professional life. In summary, I changed my profession, relocated from Indonesia to Germany, and began building a family around the same time. Every action, from learning a new language to starting a business, felt like a first-time experience. […]

Drop the responsibilites that do not belong to you!

    Hello again! It’s so lovely to connect with you in this edition of the newsletter.   Let me start by sharing with you that the 3rd session of The Unconditional Self-Love Embodiment program is ready for you to access. It is one to emphasize my recommendation to you to be discerning when it […]

It’s my birthday and I have a gift for YOU!

          It’s my 50th birthday (!!!), and I have a WONDERFUL gift for YOU! And this gift comes from the depth of my heart!   As I start today dedicated to celebrating my life, my growth, who I’ve become and my cherished relationships with the people in my life now, I feel […]