Become The One to find The One after divorce


The Honest Hour –

Become The One to find The One after divorce


Coming back to the heart… sounds so cliché. This phrase is often thrown around in many Hallmark cards or personal development quotes.


It took me a while to understand what it means, and I am still on the journey to embody this deeper in my own life.


Now, I can’t deny how true this phrase is, and through my own experience and the transformation journeys of all my clients, healing the heart is the main gateway to a much more fulfilling life and often beyond what you can imagine when you start the journey.


This is what I love about bringing out “The Honest Hour” stories. The experiences of the Life Warriors who are sharing their journey are a powerful reminder of what the human spirit is capable of, and all of them went back to their hearts as they started their journeys.


Today, our guest is Kelly Brändli, who has been through one of life’s most challenging experiences, namely going through a divorce that lasted nearly as long as her marriage.


Her divorce dragged out over 8 years, resulting in numerous court battles discussions over custody and all of this had a significant impact on her finances and health.


Today, Kelly has survived her divorce and the aftermath that brought and is thriving, having created an amazing love story that not only inspires but gives great hope to those who are looking to move on after a divorce and find love again.


Kelly has been able to rebuild her own life, but she has gone on to support hundreds of divorced singles to do the same as a Dating and Relationship Coach (join her community here).


Join Julie and me in listening to her uplifting journey. Join us on my Youtube channel (yes, I am doing a video interview now) or my Podcast channel.

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