Calling out your fears!




Meet one of the most powerful trio in our lives: Responsibility, expectation and fear 😎😄🤗


In the last newsletter, I shared my thoughts about responsibility and how it may impact how we show up as the primary providers of unconditional self-love.

Today, let me focus on the other two members of this trio: expectation and fear.


Expectation… oh, expectation.

It is so deeply etched in the way we live that expectations form our identity.

This is a topic that underlies the suffering and struggles of so many people. Myself included.


The habit of setting expectations for ourselves and others started in childhood.

As children, expectations from the world outside of us (our parents, teachers, family, society, etc.) became the GPS of our lives. They gave us the directions and boundaries of what is acceptable and good according to the collective we belong to.


Over the years, we have embodied these expectations like our skin and used them as our true GPS.

Over time, we expect ourselves and others to be and do things in a way that is in compliance with what we’ve known and complied with, even when they may actually go against our true nature. Here lies the problem – against our own true nature!


After experiencing burnout, I became much more conscious of how many expectations that I strived to meet until then actually had little to do with what made sense to me. They did not make sense because they did not resonate well enough for me. Resonate with what? Resonate with my true nature. 


Please watch this video to hear more about what happened to me during my burnout in 2008 and how I rose back from it.


The expectations I had for years brought up so many unconscious fears out that were triggered by the challenges I had in 2008. Why unconscious? Because, if you asked me back then whether I felt scared, I would tell you… “HELL NO!”

Yet, there was a lot of growing tension in my body – stress was one of my loyal companions that year.


Yes, I suppressed many fears then instead of acknowledging and facing them. It was a well-established habit. Over time, while ignoring my feelings and the messages from my body in the form of aches and pains, burnout happened.


Expectation and fear always go together, like life is paired with death.


Many of us grew up not being taught how to deal with fears properly and thoroughly.

If anything, we are encouraged not to give attention to it. “Don’t be scared,” we often hear, right?


The thing with fear is that the more you suppress it, the more grip it has over you. The healthiest way to deal with it is to face it. Facing fear is an important life skill.


This is what session 4 of the Unconditional Self-Love Embodiment program is helping you with.


It focuses on deepening your understanding of how responsibilities always bring expectations, which often bring up fears. You will examine your deep fears about fully showing up for yourself and providing unconditional self-love on a daily basis. It will also lead you through subconscious mind reprogramming to ease and empower you to flow with life. 


As you take on full responsibility as the main provider of unconditional self-love, you will have expectations. This session is to help you manage your own expectations towards yourself in a healthier way.


I wish you a wonderful transformation!


If you do this program, please let me know how it helps you. I always love hearing your updates.


Thank you, and enjoy session 4!


In gratitude and with love,



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