Healing my beautiful Arabian horse from shock, trauma and grief

I met Astuti, a former colleague of mine for lunch, when she told me that she was qualifying in „Emotion Code“.


I had heard about the method of releasing trapped emotions in our psyche and body and was fascinated. When she told me that it also works with animals, I seized the opportunity and asked her if she would work with my horse Ghazal. She did and I am so glad I asked her.


My horse, Ghazal, is from Egypt. I fell in love with him on a trip to Cairo in 2002 and brought him to Germany in 2003 in an adventurous journey.


He was already 15 years old and I knew very little of his prior life, only that he had belonged to a 16 year old girl from a noble family in Kuwait and sold to the stable in Cairo a couple of weeks before I met him.


The trip to Germany by air plane was traumatic and it took him 2 years to adjust to his new home, the climate, food, English riding method and certainly the culture (no Muezzin singing at 5 am every morning, no camels, no donkeys running around and no horses galloping through the narrow streets of Gizeh). 


Ghazal and Canazei

Everything improved when he met Canazei, an old, wise English Thoroughbred, ex racing horse like Ghazal.

They formed an instant bond and became inseparable – until…..a beautiful sunny day, on February 17th,  Canazei, who had the box opposite Ghazal was unable to get up. 

He struggled for hours and even with the help of four strong stable hands, could not get up. For horses this is practically a death sentence because being on the ground too long, causes their organs to fail and they die. 

Ghazal witnessed all this and was very anxious, calling out for his friend and running back and forth in his box.

Canazei died with his head in the lap of his life long owner, my best friend, in the evening. After everybody was gone, Ghazal was let into the box of his dead friend to say a last „Good Bye“. 


Ghazal was in shock, he grieved deeply and aged years before my eyes within a week. I tried everything to cheer him up, but nothing worked. It was like he was seeking refuge deep inside himself and nothing and nobody was able to coax him back to life.

All his mischievousness, his joie de vivre had suddenly left him and what was left was an empty shell of the horse I had known.


Astuti did 4 full remote sessions with him and the effect was incredible!

She unraveled the shock, anger and grief of abandonment, where it was lodged in his body in the first session.

But then it was like peeling an onion, she peeled away layers of hurt, trauma, hatred, loss, confusion, humiliation, (hidden) vulnerability, sadness and she was able to see where the emotion were trapped in his body.

It came as no surprise to me that all the trapped emotions were in parts of his body where he has had former injuries, or was always tense. 

What was really amazing was the immediate effect it had on him.



While before, he had been depressed, his eyes had lost the spark and shine and he was without energy, after the session, he was totally changed.

He was fully present, awake, full of energy and it was like he was finally back. With every session, he got stronger, livelier and out of a sudden, he was back, naughty, sparkling, ALIVE!

This horse looked years younger again, he kept his head erect, his body was full of energy and he was running, jumping and „dancing“ again. 


Since Astuti’s sessions, Ghazal has never „fallen back“ into depression. Her work did, in fact, heal him completely from his past trapped emotions.

I am eternally grateful for the fantastic work Astuti did for me and Ghazal.



Zurich, Switzerland

Letting go procrastination, feeling of being “out of time” and trauma for INNER PEACE

I worked on the following topics with Astuti: procrastination, feelings of being “out of time” or “stuck in the moment” and overcoming trauma.

After having a discussion over these various symptoms, Astuti suggested for me to access my subconscious mind memories and to heal my birth journey.


While walking through my birth process during a hypnosis session with Astuti, and then while listening to the recording that she prepared for me based on that session, I found an amazing feeling of inner peace. This came along with an increased sense of self-esteem and reassurance that I can do what I plan to achieve while enjoying not only reaching a result but also enjoying the process of getting there.

The session with Astuti has freed my mind of thoughts that were pulling me down, not allowing me to thrive, or thoughts that were not allowing me to enjoy having achieved something (for the fact that the process of having actually reached the goal had been so exhausting due to procrastination and self-doubting). 

Subconscious mind reprogramming session with Astuti has also provided me confidence in terms of accepting and embracing what my journey and timeline in life has been. It has been like finding the key that opened the box that held the missing piece of the puzzle that made things make sense.


There are a number of impacts the session has in my life.

In terms of personal relationships, I have the feeling of being in the “driver seat” of my life, with the assurance that where I am is where I want to be.

The session with Astuti also helped me see that in order to truly overcome trauma and in order to be in a healthy relationship with someone else, I first needed to be at peace with myself. During the session, I felt that peace, and as a consequence, my relationship with my partner is at the point where we are ready to continue building the future together. 

In terms of impact at work, because of this increased sense of self-esteem, I feel more confident when facing stressful situations at the office, and I am enjoying the challenges that those bring along. I feel more productive as well.

As if by cleaning the “blur in my mind” (the worry of struggling with the feeling of not being sure to be able to get things done, postponing things for when I found a better moment to complete or address issues) I have become more efficient.


Astuti was very caring, and she was very clear in terms of how the session and hypnotherapy would work, and also very open in terms of what can be achieved through the therapy.

We discussed alternative paths for tackling the matters at hand, and upon deciding what was the best way to go based on her recommendations, we commenced work.


I would advise you to give Subconscious mind reprogramming a go. Every balanced human being struggles these days to find the time to connect with his/her own self and inner voice because life gets busy and it might be difficult to set the time with ourselves and introspectively consider where we stand in life, how we feel, what we want to change and or want to do better, or simply differently. Doing this can help you exactly do all that in a very effective way. 


NN, Legal Council

Zurich, Switzerland

Finally free!

I lived most of my life in prison.

Not a prison with bars and guards, but rather imprisoned within my own mind. There was just something blocking me from the freedom of an unencumbered life.


I vividly remember the morning of August 2, 2010, staring into the mirror after another long weekend of revelry and escape. Those sad and fearful eyes belonged to a man now long gone, still the eyes of a child really, someone who had almost given up too many times to count, someone who had just lost a whole decade to the dark depths of a crippling depression and corrosive substance abuse.


In that moment, however, despite the burdens of self-loathing and despair, a long-lost spark was somehow reignited, and a promise was made to keep trying.


What followed was a dogged, nearly decade long search for meaning. The journey began with sobriety and exercise, fueled further by incessant research on the mind, body and soul. I eventually found and developed a relationship with meditation, yoga and various other esoteric ideas and ways of thinking. My life situation was slowly and steadily improving but somehow, I still couldn’t break free. I wondered if I ever would.


In July of 2018, I attended the Mind Valley University conference in Tallinn, Estonia. One of the workshops was run by Marisa Peer, a well-known hypnosis therapist and founder of the RTT method. She led the room on a guided hypnosis exercise which was startlingly impactful. I felt this experience and technique might somehow be useful, then several months later decided to investigate whether someone was practicing this technique in Zurich. Thankfully, I found Astuti and scheduled an appointment with her on April 9, 2019.


I am writing this just six weeks later, May 21, 2019.

I cannot begin to describe the impact our session has had on my life. I tried so many things before, and although I am certain those efforts contributed to the triumphant success of the hypnosis therapy, the breakthrough that occurred was truly remarkable.

Astuti expertly and compassionately guided me through all the difficult emotions trapped deep inside that had been clogging up my operating system after so many years of confusion, sadness and struggle. Facing and embracing the pain allowed me to develop a new relationship with these emotions, and to construct a healthier and more accepting internal narrative. This new narrative is based on understanding and love, a brilliant change from the anger and fear of the past.


The changes are astonishing.

My energy is intense and pristine, physical weight is falling off and I am so much more present. I was always an empathetic and kind person, buy my sincerity is now palpable and I am constantly noticing ways to be of service to others. Whether someone needs a smile, a simple helping hand or significant offer of support, I sense an innate duty to share love and kindness wherever and however possible.


My life now has a foundation of gratitude and appreciation.

The anxiety, stress and self-concern have gone away, and I can now look at even the most difficult periods in my past with more peace because the journey ended up here.

I have no regrets, and now see life as a giant karmic jigsaw puzzle where each piece, however painful, was and is a necessary part of the whole. I am no longer so obsessed with my own deficiencies and struggles, and when I look outward, I see a wide-open mosaic of awareness and love.

As I reflect on all the people who were there for me along the way I am overwhelmed at the kindness in this world. I can no longer relate to how I viewed life on April 8, 2019. It’s as if Astuti helped me wipe the slate clean, and at 39 years old I just started all over again.


The most important lesson of all is to never give up. If I had, I would have never met Astuti, never tasted this new reality. There are many ways to heal, hypnosis therapy being just one of them. But whatever you decide to try, you must commit to it.

Commit to being one with love in this world and it can happen for you too. And if you truly commit, you will one day run into someone like Astuti who can help you break on through to the other side.


I’d like to share a quote from Terrence McKenna which has been inspirational for me these last years:

“Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering it’s a feather bed.”


Adam Pierce

Zurich, Switzerland

Finding courage to leave my job and start afresh

I worked with Astuti to overcome the feeling of being stuck in life, especially in my job. I didn’t like my job, but I needed the money. My work motivation has been declining since the beginning of 2017. The feeling of being in a rut became stronger over time.

After being coached and had hypnotherapy session, I felt lighter. I was toying with the idea of leaving my job and going back to my home country to be nearer with my family, and naturally, this idea made me scared. The sessions with Astuti helped me in understanding what I really need in my life, and why sometimes I have fears when I want to achieve something. She helped me dealing with my fears in a peaceful manner. After the sessions, I felt reaffirmed and stronger. Astuti helped me formulate constructive thoughts and build a plan for my future.

What main take away for me from the journey is that I should never hesitate to seek help and guidance from God. It didn’t feel much at the beginning, but after a few months – and it coincided with the holy month of Ramadhan – I started reading the Qur’an more often and started to listen to religious lessons from Islamic scholars. Then the pieces seem to slowly fall into place. My transformation started happening. I also felt courageous to make the decision to resign from my job. I could now focus on what I would be gaining by doing the right thing for me.

As a therapist, Astuti was very structured and a good listener. She gave guidance on how to approach different obstacles, and made the sessions feel comfortable, safe and relaxed.

I advice that more people get life coaching and/or hypnotherapy. It can really help in deconstructing stubborn thoughts that may be an obstacle for someone to achieve their goals.

Hypnotherapy is useful you have been having a recurring problem in, to gain understanding why the problem keeps recurring, and to solve it once and for all. This may not be achieved in a single hypnotherapy session.

With consistent support from the therapist, transformation happens!

FK Sari, Finance Manager


Feeling safe and confident in following my passion and build a floristry business

I’ve always had trouble with confidence. I used to feel defeated even before trying something.


Astuti helped me to overcome it especially when I was facing a dilemma whether to start my own creative business or go the conventional way of trying to find a job that satisfies my parents.


Through the sessions with Astuti, I found the underlying reason of my lack of confidence. As I listened to the hypnosis recording, I progressively felt relieved. I felt content more and more content and accept me the way I am.


After the sessions, I decided to pursue my own floristry business. This was a huge step for me. After months of unsuccessful job searching, I realized that the truth was I did not want a corporate job.


With more confidence in me, I decided to take a leap of faith and started my own business, doing what I love: Floristry. This is my own decision that I am really motivated to work on. Starting a business that 100% reflection of me now felt like the most natural step for me.


More importantly, I accept that I am different from the rest of my family. I am creatively inclined. My relationship with my family got better as I opened myself more.

Prior to the session, I hesitated in asking for help. Now, I’m opening myself in receiving help from other people, which greatly benefits me.


I felt grateful toward Astuti as she was very helpful and understanding. She gave relevant advices but never forced her opinion on me. I felt free to tell her my problems without fear of judgment.


If you are considering hypnotherapy, I strongly suggest giving it a go.



IP, Flower Wizard

Jakarta, Indonesia

Up-leveling my team’s confidence in public speaking

I lead a team of trainers for our Bank’s wealth managers.

In the past, I ran 95% of all the trainings and seminars. The fact was I presented too much and my team too little. We wanted to change this proportion as a way for all of us to grow.

I decided to try group hypnotherapy to address the roadblocks the team had in public speaking. We invited Astuti and Selina to hypnotize our team and myself in our office.

This helped! Combining the group hypno session together with our team goal of getting my team out on stage definitely had an impact.

The proportion of the work has shifted to me doing only 70% of the training. This is a great achievement!

Astuti and Selina were very understanding, knowledgeable and challenging in a good way. Their profound banking background made it, of course, easier for them to understand the corporate world and the issues we face when presenting to and training “corporate soldiers”.

If you are thinking to have a group hypnotherapy session for your team, my recommendation is to define your goals precisely and encourage your colleagues and team to be open-minded. Give it a try. There is nothing to lose!


Annik Kapila, UBS Wealth Management

Zurich, Switzerland

Unblock myself from my success

I came to Astuti as I felt unsuccessful being self-employed. I felt something was blocking me yet I was unable to pin point what it was. I felt the lack of self-esteem had a role in it.


In the session, I felt welcome by Astuti and throughout I felt safe and secure. The session helped me to gain insights as to what blocked me and I let them go.


Since this session, the feeling that “ I’m not good enough” disappeared. I realized in a very different way that I am worth it and have achieved so much in my life.


With the support of the audio recording that Astuti made for me that I listened to daily for 21 days, I sensed that something was changing, and this shift made me feel I am not blocked anymore.


I feel I am ready to start a new and different business. In a way, I feel extremely liberated. I give myself a permission to follow my heart and the big picture is to make positive contribution in a big way.


Astuti is very understanding from the beginning. She created a safe space and asked the right and important questions. In my view, Astuti is a heart-person, who really serves from her heart and loves other people. And it’s not only making her great, but also extremely successful in her hypnotherapy!


I know many people are afraid of change and of what can come up in the session that may get them exposed to the pain of the past. Personally, I never had such fear. I always bravely and openly faced my blind spots.


I can wholeheartedly recommend this. During hypnosis, the pain may come up for a brief moment so it can be acknowledged and healed. Tears may too. But what is this brief healing encounter compared to the relief, freedom and peace that you get in return for it?



Zug, Switzerland.

Managing difficult professional relationship by honoring and allowing myself to put my needs first

My understanding of hypnotherapy is that it’s a process of bringing some issues from subconscious perspective to the sphere of consciousness or awareness.

I was working with Astuti a few months ago when I was doing a consulting work with a client. I was struggling with understanding some aspects of myself in (the dynamic of) this relationship with this (particularly difficult) client.

I remember that the session was very easy in the end, because sometimes you don’t know what to expect (it was done over Skype). Obviously it’s a new thing, but it was easy, very calm process, and I felt very relaxed. I made the time and space to talk to Astuti and she really helped me.

I feel that AlmareaHypno brings value for me, that it really helped me to see myself and how I was thinking, feeling and behaving. It was almost like I’m looking at myself from the outside of my body.

This was very powerful because when you’re looking at yourself and your emotion from the outside, you’re not feeling them in the same way as when you’re in it. So it’s a new way to look at yourself, how you react to things, and it makes it very powerful because it gives you a very strong insight.

This has really worked well as when I was in that situation again, I have not felt what I used to feel before the hypnotherapy.
I remembered that I have seen myself from the outside and what I was feeling then was very different.

The result has been positive and resulted in long term impact as well, not something that work in a particular time and then got lost.

For those who are considering hypnotherapy, just try it. Honestly, there’s nothing to feel anxious about, nothing particularly scary, it is calming and relaxing. It really helps you bring some of the issues forward and it has a positive and longstanding impact.

I’ve known Astuti for a long time and I’ve always been very happy in all my interactions with her. She is a soul whisperer.

Angie, HR Consultant and Coach
Nairobi, Kenya


Setting up my growth pace and the building blocks of my life with confidence

I have a company that is about curiosity and I love trying out new tools and methods to see what works and what doesn’t.

I found that hypnotherapy is a fantastic tool because it helps me go through the roots of where my fears and my doubts are coming from.  With that, I’m able to take that consciously and work with them because now I know what I’m working on.

I’ve worked on many different areas with Astuti. We looked at money mindset, the business, and also family related topics. I think the topic is really endless – whatever is triggering you or frustrating you, where you have fears or doubts in your life.

I remember the session being a very safe space, a very guided process. I knew that I would be conscious, in control, and would remember everything.

After the sessions, things that used to trigger me in the past have not triggered me to the same effect, and that’s really amazing! I’ve been looking at things that would made me explode before calmly and rationally. I know where the root cause is and I reprogrammed my subconscious to handle it in a much calmer and happier way.

As an example, sometimes in my business I didn’t see the value of my work even though other people told me. Now I started noticing more the real value of what I’m offering and therefore charging appropriately.

I love working with Astuti. She really has a big heart. She guides you in the most caring and loving way possible. She’s there as a guide and support. She’s there for your best interest. I highly recommend working with Astuti. She really is one of the best.

When you are considering having a session with her, it would be good to just contact Astuti and see if she’s the right match for you. Go in with an open mind, don’t be afraid. I also recommend for you to do the homework, which is listening to the recording for 21 days. It’s important. I’ve seen the difference of doing the homework and not. Your session itself will shift things but the extra 21 days on top of it really made a big difference.

Selina, Owner of Curious Courses GmbH
Zurich, Switzerland


Fear of flying no more!

“The area I worked on with Astuti was a severe fear of flying that had gotten gradually worse over the last ten years.

A fellow friend who is a pilot recommended RTT and I decided to try it as no other remedies seemed to be working.

I would say that my session with Astuti was intense at times, but at the same time I was in a completely relaxed state.  I was always present, aware and in control.


By guiding me through visualizations, Astuti helped me to ‘unlock’ my fear and helped me clarify and make sense of the source of the problem that I have been experiencing.  I then underwent a process of healing.  This has been very helpful not only for flying going forward but has also helped me in my everyday life. 

The session has impacted my personal life positively, and directly contributed to helping with other issues at home and when dealing with personal relationships. 


Astuti has a naturally calm presence, was very understanding and made me feel very relaxed and well taken care of from the very start of the session through to the end, and also by having several follow-up sessions over the telephone thereafter.

I would highly recommend RTT to anyone experiencing these type of fears or phobias.  Thank you, Astuti!”



Zurich, Switzerland