Empowering myself to decide for the life and career that make my heart sings

I came to see Astuti because I knew I wanted some changes in my life.

I’ve been working for many companies over the past years, without ever being satisfied with the job or the company.  I knew something was wrong but I didn’t really know what. I just knew I couldn’t keep on changing job every year or so.

I’ve heard before about hypnotherapy and I knew it could bring some results. This is why I contacted Astuti.

Astuti is a very nice person; she made me feel comfortable instantly. You can see she loves what she’s doing and she’s very talented at it.

It is a weird sensation to be hypnotised, it’s like you’re still conscious but your unconscious is talking.

I discovered things about myself I didn’t know before. It helped me understand why I was making all the decisions I did. It also explained why I was doing or feeling certain things.

Since the session and after having listened to the recordings over 21 days, I have decided to change my life and to work for myself. I’m still in the early stage but I know this is what I want to do and that I will succeed.

Without the hypnotherapy, I’m not sure I would have been able to take this step.

I think hypnotherapy helps you discover more about yourself, the reason why you are who you are today. And knowing this, it can empower you to change and improve yourself.



Zurich, Switzerland

Receiving more success at work and bringing a loving relationship in my life by releasing procrastination and self-hate.

My 2 sessions with Astuti were life-changing experiences.

I recognised that over the years my procrastination went bad that it put my work at risk. I was ready to stop this, for good.

I also wanted to enjoy a loving romantic relationship in my life. Up to that point, I attracted the “wrong” men. It is obvious that I needed help to change this.

Both of these led me to Astuti. I had one session in person with her, and one over Skype.

After each of the sessions, I feel more confident and open to love myself. I feel like a new person.

In these sessions, I saw my childhood and my life from different angles that I had never considered previously. That everything bad that happened then, especially when I was very young, was not my fault. This helped me healed and to be more present in my life today.

The impact of such understanding and healing on both personal relationships and work performance are really significant. Negative thoughts and self-hate dissipated significantly. Procrastination stopped immediately. I now can approach people with ease and show my talents and my true self without any doubts. 

By loving myself, I have also attracted the “right” man into my life. I now in a relationship with a person who loves me and whom I love back. Thanks to Astuti, I am a better person in my current relationship. I am able to love and to receive love from him.

As a therapist, Astuti was attentive, kind and understanding. I also appreciate the way she helped me to believe that I am enough.
Thank you for your help, Astuti.

Dewi, Corporate Lawyer

Jakarta, Indonesia

Making peace with my past to be more decisive and to live fuller in the now

I was new to hypnotherapy. I heard it first time from my friends in Jakarta who are also Astuti’s clients. When Astuti visited Singapore, I encouraged myself to have a session with her. Usually it takes quite a while for me to openly talk about my personal life to anyone.

This changed once I was in a session with Astuti. I found her to be such a good listener, kind-hearted and sincere which made me trust her and openly talk about all my personal life instantly.

I came to have her help because I wanted to be more decisive in making important decision in my life. More importantly, I wanted to live my life fuller.

I noted that during the session actually I was very relaxed, yet conscious of what was going on and able to remember the problems and insights that came out. Astuti with her soothing voice was patiently guided me to identify the roots of the problems and to gain understanding out of it.

The session gave me a relaxing feeling and helped me to focus on certain things which in turn helped me to reach the objective/purpose that was set before of having the session. The key to a successful session, I realised, was that I have to be patient with myself and open minded.

Hypnotherapy gives me a positive result which I believe resulted in long term impact. I always believe in the power of mind. It is a creative power, which we can strengthen and use to make changes in our life. Hypnotherapy helps to set the objective/purpose in our mind of what we want to reach.

Of course not to forget the 21 days to listen to recorded session summary, that is when you unconsciously set your power of mind. In short, I was pleasantly satisfied and happy that I had the session.


Osseu, Internal Control Manager


Feeling safe to show up and shine in both my career and personal lives.

I worked with Astuti on a personal block around showing up in my life.
I had the tendency to dissociate and failed to fully embrace my personality with its facets, both good and bad.

The pattern had various implications, from pursuing a career that was ill fitted to a deep-seated despair of being somehow “wrong.”

In my three sessions with Astuti, I managed to face up to and dissolve beliefs that held these patterns in place.

I believe that the sessions – in combination with my personal meditation practice – were instrumental in dissolving a deep seating pattern of inadequacy.

I am happy I invested in the sessions as I have a much calmer presence and a happier outlook in life.

 Astuti was always very engaged the therapy sessions and beyond. She has a very warm and calming presence, which made it easy to relax, and trust the flow of the hypnosis. She has worked with great sensitivity and care so that I felt in good hands all through the process.


Stuttgart, Germany

Freeing myself from an alcohol addiction to take charge of my life

I had already been an alcohol addict for many years. I know this because as soon as I drank one beer, I was not able to stop before I have had a least six bottles. And I drank regularly, almost every day. For quite some time I knew that I wanted to quit drinking, but I did not find the right time to do it (another sign that I was addicted to alcohol).

Then I came across this free webinar about Hypnotherapy, which was about how one can change habits. I watched the webinar and afterwards thought why not give it a try. I contacted Astuti and over Skype, she explained to me about an AlmareaRTT(Hypnotherapy) session process and answered all my questions. I felt immediately that I could trust Astuti, so we arranged an appointment for a session.

What I remember most from this Hypnotherapy session is how my feelings completely overwhelmed me when I lived through some of the past moments of my life. I never felt uneasy though, as Astuti took good care of me during the whole session.

Almost three months have passed since the session and my life has changed since then. I live free of alcohol, sleep much better, have a clear mind during the day and have become more active in general. Sometimes I still crave for alcohol, but I know that this craving is only there for a short period of time and that it disappears after a while.

What I value most in working with Astuti is that I can fully trust her and her ability to listen. Anyone who is thinking about changing a habit should get in contact with her. She can give you the confidence and support you need to take a life changing step.


Zurich, Switzerland

Preventing burnout by changing my mind-sets and turning destructive habits into positive ones

A colleague of mine who had gone through a burnout a few months earlier made me aware that I looked like being close to one, too. And she was right: I felt exhausted and unhappy with my overall situation without being able to identify the cause and without having any idea what to change and how. I was running in circles. As I did not have much energy left it took me a while to contact Astuti, whose number my colleague had kindly provided.

What I remember most about the coaching process is that I felt much better right after the first session. Astuti showed me how to look at things in a positive manner and how to improve my daily life with little effort.

The coaching sessions with Astuti help me to better understand the reasons behind my situation, the topics and interdependencies in my life and how to deal with these, going forward, without becoming destructive. I learn that it is possible to turn something bad into something good.

Working with Astuti brought a great change into my life in a positive way. Astuti has a lot of empathy and listens without judgement, which makes it a pleasure to work with her despite the toughness of the topics are.

Astuti allows me to approach things at my own pace and on a loose lead but recognizes immediately when I am procrastinating and follows up when needed. By asking the right questions, Astuti triggers a learning process, allowing me to manage my life and handle difficult situations on my own, whilst giving hints and guidance whenever I am stuck or falling back into old habits. Thank you, Astuti, for the meaningful discussions!

I think that everyone, irrespective of the situation he/she is in, can benefit from working with Astuti.

Astuti applies a holistic approach, meaning that coaching with Astuti is something everyone can benefit from, including people like me who do not believe in esoterism and do not feel he or she needs a psychologist.

I feel privileged to have had the chance to work with Astuti. From my own experience, I can only recommend you NOT to hide behind destructive habits but to do your best to make a change, which has much higher chances of success with the help of Astuti.

LC, corporate lawyer
Zurich, Switzerland

Letting go my fears when transitioning from the corporate world to become a business owner 

At the time I was in touch with Astuti, I had a lot going on and I really needed help in getting focused on setting up my own business. I needed support to let go the fears that stopped me feeling confident in choosing the right steps to do what it took to get it done.

In the session, I was taken through the process of going back to the past and to understand how my current challenges have been created by  the patterns of thoughts made in the past, distant past. These were the patterns that were causing disruptions in the current time even though they happened a long time ago, until I did the session.

I remember being very emotional and being surprised by how easy it was doing the session over Skype. It was much easier than I thought to go 100% with the process and just be fully in it.

At the time, the session with Astuti was specific about my business and gaining my confidence. It really helps to keep me on track. I am completely running my own business now without any fear or the stress that I thought I might be experiencing.

It was very easy working with Astuti. She is very caring, supportive, and she holds the space for you completely with no judgment.

My suggestion is to be very clear of what you want to work on so you get clear result. Having the recording that I listened to afterwards was very helpful and specific. I knew it was what I needed. Some days I just did not want to listen to it, and it was reinforcing the fact that I really needed it and that I was just trying to run away from dealing with my challenges.


Karlie, Owner of Open to Life Kinesiology

Newcastle, Australia


Turning vulnerability into strengths during the time of change 

I believe I was ready for a transformation. I acknowledged certain issues that I faced and there are certain things I wanted to improve within. I also realized that some of those issues were deep rooted in my past experiences or it was a belief that was still strongly instilled within me.

At first I was scared because AlmareaRTT session was to be done on skype. I was also worried that it would be a mystical process or that I would lose consciousness.

What I experienced was a pure state of calmness. Astuti facilitated me to look back to experiences that happened in my past and to be completely honest about how I felt about them. It was a moment of truth and honesty.

After the session, I feel that I am more authentic, more honest about who I am as a person. I am able to understand why things happened, to accept these experiences that has shaped me the way I am today, and to feel grateful for them.

I am very comfortable with Astuti. She listens without judgment, enabling conversations within me, gives insights and new perspective about how I can understand myself better, reinforces the positive strengths within me, acknowledges my natural strengths. All these help me to feel complete and enough.

My main recommendation is to ensure that you are ready for the changes, ready to do the work, and ready to get in touch with your authentic self.  Why? Because it is not comfortable yet it will uplift you. You need to be ready for the inconveniences, knowing that it would lead you to a better and fuller version of yourself.

Inez, author of Turn Right, a journey to purposeful careers

Bali, Indonesia

Gaining more confidence and trust in myself to expand my comfort zone. 

What I gained from an AlmareaRTT session was that I I learned new things about myself and about my life. I also learnt about the various triggers that caused pain points. This explained why I had an issue with feeling confident in making choices that were important for my life.

After the session, immediately I realise that I respond to people and events differently (in a more positive way) compared to how I did before the session. A few months later, I did something that I considered to be very scary before and the best part was that I did not even realised it until I did it! It felt amazing!

Hypnotherapy is a very new tool to me. Having the chance to discuss about the process with Astuti was very helpful. She helped me to understand it and she also addressed my fears and reservations about it. I decided to go ahead with it. I really wanted to gain more confidence in myself and trust in my own choices.

Sometimes you may just not know where to start. It was hard for me to pinpoint where the root of the problem was as several things were linked together.

My suggestion to you when you are considering to have an AlmareaRTT is to just start from wherever you feel is most important or painful. Whichever starting point that you choose is a good one and go from there. Be patient with yourself, be relaxed, and take one step at a time. There is nothing to be afraid of.

I am pleasantly surprised with my experience with hypnotherapy and I am recommending this to many people I know that I feel will benefit greatly from it.


Mia, Program Manager at British Council Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia


Freeing myself from panic attacks triggered during traffic jams 

Traumas are the most horrifying challenges I’ve endured in my life, especially when they’re manifested in multiple panic attacks. I’ve been to a Psychiatrist, a Psychologist, even a Hypnotherapist yet the panic attacks remained. What about Xanax, just like the doctor’s order? Well, one thing for sure, I’m done taking my path from the dark side, to an even gloomier world of Xanax. It only enhances the symptoms. The funny thing was that the attacks only occurred during traffic jam, whenever I drove alone. I used to love driving, very much. It’s like having half of my soul taken away when I stopped driving for years.

This changed when I met Astuti. It was different. She had this close connection to you as a Hypnotherapist. It is as if I’m guided through a series of deep analysis of my brain. She was able to identify “the right root causes” that something had went terribly in my past, and helped me worked on the related panic issues.

Now, I feel this very huge leap of consciousness and managed to deal with panic attack is a big step forward.

Thank you Astuti.

Bandung, Indonesia