Crisis – a blessing or a curse?


When people ask me what I do, I often think of my contribution to others as guiding and accompanying them crossing the most important bridge in their life – from success into fulfilment, from their mind into their heart and body.


All of my clients are Go-Getters. They embody powerful traits of the mind, and they do great things with it – for themselves and many other people. Admirable qualities that the world needs. They develop habits (and most of them are committed to such habits to a tee) that support what they aim for. The next level is always on sight. Always. They get restless when they don’t have that next destination clear.


When they come to me for support, they decide to be radically honest with themselves – that despite such accolade, power, material possession and growth opportunity (which all are valuable), they feel lonely, numb, depressed, depleted, overwhelmed, inadequate, unhappy. Some of them experience physical problems; some are emotional crises. At this juncture of their lives, they all have a similar question: is this it? 


I understand them so well, as I asked myself the same question as I rose from the burnout that happened at the end of 2008. And to them, I say, “No, if you don’t want it to be”.


Let me make it clear – all Go-Getters that have come to me are courageous souls. “Is this it?” is an awakening question that can lead to something so much more profound, which is to move from success into fulfilment.

However, as they start making the decision, I let them know that the journey crossing the bridge between these two points asks them to let go of the attachment to alt they know and are familiar with. It often brought out strong emotions like fear, shame, and guilt. This is undoubtedly the most profound journey they will ever commit to themselves, and it may take a long time.

Esther Buerki recently interviewed me for her podcast channel. Our conversation is about my experience in crossing this exact bridge – coming home to my heart: how did it start, what kicked it off, what role the crisis did in it, how did I react/respond to it, what helped me get through it and what did I learn from it (that others can use now).
It was a humbling conversation as she also asked me how I keep myself going deeper in the path of fulfilment, which is a daily and dynamic occurrence.


I’d invite you to listen to this conversation when something in your heart responds or reacts to what I write here.


Esther is a book writing expert and author based in Switzerland. She helps her clients from many corners of the world give birth to the story already within them into a book. 


Let me say it one more time – Yes, your life can be more than how it is if you want to. I remain standing on my conviction (and I am still uncovering many lessons in my way on this path) that we’re meant to live a fulfilling life with ease.


Enjoy listening to this episode, and let me know what you think and feel, please.

With love,

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