Don’t look for it, truth will always find you.



Don’t look for it; the truth will always find you!


“What is going on in here? I wish I know!”


How often do we say this?


Truth (or a series of them) will find us as we invite it in, consciously or unconsciously, in silence or out loud.



Exercising free will (“I want to know the truth “or “I don’t want to know the truth”) is a part of our experience here as human beings.


Always remember – truth enters our life because we invite it in, and it is wise to be ready to integrate it.

Integrating truth is how we’d shift our situation and how we feel in our lives.



What helps us get ready is by answering the following question and doing it: what do I need to let go of and bring into my consciousness to go through a change with more ease?


Why change? Because when we invite truth to flow in, right now, we are not (yet) living fully connected to it.


Truth’s arrival will trigger a series of changes. That, we can be sure of.



Wishing us all a wonderful experience this week 💖


With love,


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