Feeling safe and confident in following my passion and build a floristry business

I’ve always had trouble with confidence. I used to feel defeated even before trying something.


Astuti helped me to overcome it especially when I was facing a dilemma whether to start my own creative business or go the conventional way of trying to find a job that satisfies my parents.


Through the sessions with Astuti, I found the underlying reason of my lack of confidence. As I listened to the hypnosis recording, I progressively felt relieved. I felt content more and more content and accept me the way I am.


After the sessions, I decided to pursue my own floristry business. This was a huge step for me. After months of unsuccessful job searching, I realized that the truth was I did not want a corporate job.


With more confidence in me, I decided to take a leap of faith and started my own business, doing what I love: Floristry. This is my own decision that I am really motivated to work on. Starting a business that 100% reflection of me now felt like the most natural step for me.


More importantly, I accept that I am different from the rest of my family. I am creatively inclined. My relationship with my family got better as I opened myself more.

Prior to the session, I hesitated in asking for help. Now, I’m opening myself in receiving help from other people, which greatly benefits me.


I felt grateful toward Astuti as she was very helpful and understanding. She gave relevant advices but never forced her opinion on me. I felt free to tell her my problems without fear of judgment.


If you are considering hypnotherapy, I strongly suggest giving it a go.



IP, Flower Wizard

Jakarta, Indonesia

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