Feeling safe to show up and shine in both my career and personal lives.

I worked with Astuti on a personal block around showing up in my life.
I had the tendency to dissociate and failed to fully embrace my personality with its facets, both good and bad.

The pattern had various implications, from pursuing a career that was ill fitted to a deep-seated despair of being somehow “wrong.”

In my three sessions with Astuti, I managed to face up to and dissolve beliefs that held these patterns in place.

I believe that the sessions – in combination with my personal meditation practice – were instrumental in dissolving a deep seating pattern of inadequacy.

I am happy I invested in the sessions as I have a much calmer presence and a happier outlook in life.

 Astuti was always very engaged the therapy sessions and beyond. She has a very warm and calming presence, which made it easy to relax, and trust the flow of the hypnosis. She has worked with great sensitivity and care so that I felt in good hands all through the process.


Stuttgart, Germany

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