Finally free! Adam’s healing journey from chronic depression and substance abuse.





Silently carrying chronic depression, addiction, shame and guilt for decades while living, appearing to be functioning well with good achievements, is the story of many.

This was also the story of Adam, who courageously shared his journey to face his suffering head-on and turn his life around.



Sitting with Julie Grauel and me in one of our “The Honest Hour” podcast episodes, Adam openly shared what happened to his childhood, formative years and the adult period before he decided to start his journey to heal himself. 

He also shared his deep inner work to get to the root causes of chronic depression and substance abuse so he could gradually heal them and create a new lifestyle. Click here to listen.

Adam also wrote a part of his healing journey briefly here.



Please share this story with people in your circle who may need to hear or read this.

I truly believe this may inspire and strengthen our faith in ourselves to do the same.


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