Uplift My Life Today Podcast – Episode 5 – Food that heals your body

“We don’t know how sick we are until we’re healthy” – Danna Levy Hoffman


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  • Do you know that your body is designed to heal itself?
  • How can you help, instead of disturb and distract, your body to heal itself?
  • What food takes energy from your body, instead of giving it an additional energy?
  • If you travel a lot, for work especially, what can you do to help maintaining good health?

Join my conversation with Danna Levy Hoffman, a Switzerland based Certified Health and Life style Coach in discussing facts and tips to help you change your life style, especially your eating habits, so you can manage the stress you experience better on daily basis.


Time Code:

00:00   – Opening

04:25 – Meet Danna Levy Hoffman of www.organilicious.ch and her philosophy in changing a life style.

07:22 – How our mind influences stress and stress level

08:51 – What happens to our body when we’re stressed out?

15:33 – Why women are more prone to stress

20:24 – Relationship between food and stress

24:10 – How to help our body to heal itself

35:37 – Food that bring in and consume energy

47:55 – Travellers Tips to maintain healthy food intake

51:18 – How our body speaks to us

55:10 – How Danna helps her clients to change their habits

59:05 – Closing

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Music used in this Episode: “On My Way” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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