Gaining more confidence and trust in myself to expand my comfort zone. 

What I gained from an AlmareaRTT session was that I I learned new things about myself and about my life. I also learnt about the various triggers that caused pain points. This explained why I had an issue with feeling confident in making choices that were important for my life.

After the session, immediately I realise that I respond to people and events differently (in a more positive way) compared to how I did before the session. A few months later, I did something that I considered to be very scary before and the best part was that I did not even realised it until I did it! It felt amazing!

Hypnotherapy is a very new tool to me. Having the chance to discuss about the process with Astuti was very helpful. She helped me to understand it and she also addressed my fears and reservations about it. I decided to go ahead with it. I really wanted to gain more confidence in myself and trust in my own choices.

Sometimes you may just not know where to start. It was hard for me to pinpoint where the root of the problem was as several things were linked together.

My suggestion to you when you are considering to have an AlmareaRTT is to just start from wherever you feel is most important or painful. Whichever starting point that you choose is a good one and go from there. Be patient with yourself, be relaxed, and take one step at a time. There is nothing to be afraid of.

I am pleasantly surprised with my experience with hypnotherapy and I am recommending this to many people I know that I feel will benefit greatly from it.


Mia, Program Manager at British Council Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia


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