How courageous are you in receiving love?



Children are such amazing mirrors of true human nature.

Leo, my nephew, is one of these mirrors for me. He just turned four recently.

Being with him, I am reminded again how intuitively and generously loving the human heart is.


Leo loves because he loves it.

He loves being loved because he loves it.

It gives him joy when he gives and receives love. His smile and the expression in his eyes tell it all.


As an adult, my inner work has been to learn to be more courageous in allowing more and deeper love to flow in and to bask and enjoy being in it as long as possible.


I let go of layers of deeply rooted beliefs that block me from experiencing the natural joy of exchanging love, such as „A good person is a giver, not a taker“, „Sacrifice is the highest form of love“, or „I can only be happy when the people I love are happy“ or „No one truly gets me“ etc. etc.



Throughout this journey, I observe that there is so much we misunderstand about love.


We grew up with a misconception about the relationship between love and how we connect with others.


We have been taught that they are one of the same, and I don‘t believe it is true.



My biggest lesson to date is that it is possible to love someone and choose not to have them in my life; it is possible to continue loving someone who hurt me and keeps them out of my life. It is possible to continue loving others without accepting nor tolerating their unhealthy and disrespectful behaviours.


Why do I feel that it is crucial to understand this?

Because we are healthiest and most vibrant when love flows through us continuously.

To clear out what blocks this flow of love is what essentially life is for – a continuous effort to feel emotions courageously, to make space for inner re-attunement, upgrade beliefs, forgive, and make healthier choices are required.



It is OUR CALL to come back to love regularly and decide on how to relate to others healthily.


We can love without allowing others to disrespect us.



With love,



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