How self-portraits empower us!

How self-portraits empower us!



For many years, operating behind the scenes and being the strong woman behind someone else’s success was my most comfortable space, away from the limelight, not being as fully visible as I was.


This is why I was astonished when I realized that doing glamorous self-portraits truly changed my inner world.


In 2019, I participated in “21 Days of Real Women”, a project by Zornitsa (Zori) Ivanova. She worked with 21 “everyday women” to be glamour photographed. She intends to celebrate women through photographs.


I was intrigued yet triggered. The word “glamour” triggered me.

While there was a pull to join, there was a lot of hesitation. Partly because I didn’t believe in the power of a photo, nor did I feel comfortable being photographed. On a deeper level, there was a discomfort to be visible. It felt too exposing.

At the same time, however, I am very committed to my life mission, and this mission needs me to be visible and visible in an authentic way! There was a large and scary bridge to cross, and I better get going with it.


The conversation in the video podcast episode is light but profound as it discusses how self-portrait helps me cross the bridge from success into fulfilment.


And, for the first time – I hosted the conversation as a video podcast.



Zori is a Swiss-based photographer and owner of Zori Art Photography. She specializes in Modern portraiture with a Magazine-style twist and headshots and personal branding for creatives and entrepreneurs. Her professional and life mission are to celebrate and empower women, through their portraits, in their personal and professional journey.


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The key message I have here is you are here, going through the lessons that life wants you to master. Recognize this part of you, bring him or her out for you to meet regularly, and celebrate YOU!


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