Uplift My Life Today Podcast – Ep. 8 and 9 – Insights from a Monk turned Surgeon – Jehan de Soyza

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What I find to be VERY helpful in moving through life following my calling is to be connected with people who are in their journeys moving through theirs. The reflections we share fuel our journeys.

I am fortunate to have these friends in my life. Excitingly, each of them has a very unique path.

I’m putting this blessing forward to the world, to accompany you too.


Introducing:  “Intentional Life”, a series in my podcast.

In it, I reflect together with these Go-getters about their journeys and what it gives them. Lessons from the horses’ mouths!


In this first episode, I sat together with Jehan de Soyza. Jehan is an Eye Surgeon Trainee in Royal Perth Hospital, Australia.




As a part of his intentional life, Jehan lived and worked as a Monk for 9 years in multiple continents.

He didn’t set out to be one from the get-go. He was a Business student. In fact, that’s how we first met in 1995.


The reasons of his evolution – his intentional life – why and how he’s been doing it, the struggles, the presents, and how he brings them into his life today is what we’re discussing in this episode. We reflected together on success, happiness, meditation and self-growth.

The chat is split in 2 parts:

  • The first is about why he chose to serve as a monk, the journey to become one, and what his ascetic life then was like (Mind you, I’m super curious to hear details about it, aren’t you?)
  • The second is about what he learnt from it and how he continue to integrate them into his life today as a husband, a father, and a surgeon.


Enjoy and be inspired!


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