Uplift My Life Today Podcast – Ep. 13 – Let’s talk about intuition – Sahar Huneidi

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YES! It’s one of my favourite topics and one that I got asked a lot about.


My relationship with my intuition was amplified significantly after my father died in 2012. My life was in crisis then and I wanted to be able to connect with my heart (that was grieving so much) to know how to go on in life from then on. 


I knew then it was time for me to let go my fears that stopped me from being connected to the voice within me that always knew what would be best for me (I didn’t always like nor trust what I heard from the voice within). I also decided to learn some intuitive skills as a kick off of my journey and until today; I’m still developing my intuitive skills.


I’ve made major life decisions following my inner guidance from deep within my heart and, while it has not always been the easiest journey, the choices I’ve made since have allowed me to bring a lot more peace into my life (Peace is what I choose to experience a lot in my life. I choose to become a peaceful person).


In this episode, I invited Sahar Huneidi. Sahar is a Dubai-based holistic Personal Development Mentor and Guide who helps people around the world to develop a plan to get back on track with the life that is aligned with their true essence. She does this through her program called #Unbox The Real You.

In our lively conversation, Sahar and I discussed what intuition is, how to cultivate the skills to be connected and live our intuitive guidance with ease and courage. It is filled with enriching tips that you can take with you and apply it immediately (have fun with them!!!)

Please share this episode with your friends and family. The more people become more in-tuned with their soul, the easier it is to show up in their lives in peace and with ease.
Enjoy this lively discussion!

p.s. Sahar is offering a 60 minutes discovery call for you to join her #Unbox The Real You mentoring program. To do so, send her an email at sahar@saharhuneidi.com and write “Uplift My Life Today” in the subject. 

Inputs, questions, feedback or suggestion for topics – write me at astuti@upliftmylife.today. Thanks!

Interested in speaking with me about beliefs upgrading and subconscious mind reprogramming directly, set it up here.Thanks!


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