May your Zoom calls be merry and stylish!


Need a warmer and more stylish start into 2021?
Julahas capes may well be what you want.


Designed in Amsterdam and handmade produced in the Himalayan region, the purchase of this cape allows you to participate in keeping an old method alive, helping artisans in a small village in the Himalayan region to do what they know so well and to share it with the rest of the world while being kind to its environment and empowering women through the creation of this environment. 

Not only that, with every purchase made, Kanak Hirani, the founder, is planting 1 tree in rural Southern India in your name. You’ll get a digital certificate with a number that allows you to know where it’s planted. This is a life long campaign.


If you want to get to know Kanak and Julahas, listen to this podcast episode where I interviewed her in December 2019. 

Head on over to Julahas and add in “UPLIFT” as a discount code for EUR10 discount. Free shipping worldwide.

And, no, I don’t receive anything from Julahas in return of profiling them here. I LOVE their mission and their products (mine are Cape Daria Amazon and Cape Daria Zanskar while my sister, Buntari, is wearing Cape Daria Zambezi).






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