Receiving more success at work and bringing a loving relationship in my life by releasing procrastination and self-hate.

My 2 sessions with Astuti were life-changing experiences.

I recognised that over the years my procrastination went bad that it put my work at risk. I was ready to stop this, for good.

I also wanted to enjoy a loving romantic relationship in my life. Up to that point, I attracted the “wrong” men. It is obvious that I needed help to change this.

Both of these led me to Astuti. I had one session in person with her, and one over Skype.

After each of the sessions, I feel more confident and open to love myself. I feel like a new person.

In these sessions, I saw my childhood and my life from different angles that I had never considered previously. That everything bad that happened then, especially when I was very young, was not my fault. This helped me healed and to be more present in my life today.

The impact of such understanding and healing on both personal relationships and work performance are really significant. Negative thoughts and self-hate dissipated significantly. Procrastination stopped immediately. I now can approach people with ease and show my talents and my true self without any doubts. 

By loving myself, I have also attracted the “right” man into my life. I now in a relationship with a person who loves me and whom I love back. Thanks to Astuti, I am a better person in my current relationship. I am able to love and to receive love from him.

As a therapist, Astuti was attentive, kind and understanding. I also appreciate the way she helped me to believe that I am enough.
Thank you for your help, Astuti.

Dewi, Corporate Lawyer

Jakarta, Indonesia

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