Making peace with my past to be more decisive and to live fuller in the now

I was new to hypnotherapy. I heard it first time from my friends in Jakarta who are also Astuti’s clients. When Astuti visited Singapore, I encouraged myself to have a session with her. Usually it takes quite a while for me to openly talk about my personal life to anyone.

This changed once I was in a session with Astuti. I found her to be such a good listener, kind-hearted and sincere which made me trust her and openly talk about all my personal life instantly.

I came to have her help because I wanted to be more decisive in making important decision in my life. More importantly, I wanted to live my life fuller.

I noted that during the session actually I was very relaxed, yet conscious of what was going on and able to remember the problems and insights that came out. Astuti with her soothing voice was patiently guided me to identify the roots of the problems and to gain understanding out of it.

The session gave me a relaxing feeling and helped me to focus on certain things which in turn helped me to reach the objective/purpose that was set before of having the session. The key to a successful session, I realised, was that I have to be patient with myself and open minded.

Hypnotherapy gives me a positive result which I believe resulted in long term impact. I always believe in the power of mind. It is a creative power, which we can strengthen and use to make changes in our life. Hypnotherapy helps to set the objective/purpose in our mind of what we want to reach.

Of course not to forget the 21 days to listen to recorded session summary, that is when you unconsciously set your power of mind. In short, I was pleasantly satisfied and happy that I had the session.


Osseu, Internal Control Manager


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