Freeing myself from an alcohol addiction to take charge of my life

I had already been an alcohol addict for many years. I know this because as soon as I drank one beer, I was not able to stop before I have had a least six bottles. And I drank regularly, almost every day. For quite some time I knew that I wanted to quit drinking, but I did not find the right time to do it (another sign that I was addicted to alcohol).

Then I came across this free webinar about Hypnotherapy, which was about how one can change habits. I watched the webinar and afterwards thought why not give it a try. I contacted Astuti and over Skype, she explained to me about an AlmareaRTT(Hypnotherapy) session process and answered all my questions. I felt immediately that I could trust Astuti, so we arranged an appointment for a session.

What I remember most from this Hypnotherapy session is how my feelings completely overwhelmed me when I lived through some of the past moments of my life. I never felt uneasy though, as Astuti took good care of me during the whole session.

Almost three months have passed since the session and my life has changed since then. I live free of alcohol, sleep much better, have a clear mind during the day and have become more active in general. Sometimes I still crave for alcohol, but I know that this craving is only there for a short period of time and that it disappears after a while.

What I value most in working with Astuti is that I can fully trust her and her ability to listen. Anyone who is thinking about changing a habit should get in contact with her. She can give you the confidence and support you need to take a life changing step.


Zurich, Switzerland

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