Uplift My Life Today Podcast – Ep. 10 – How your birth process still impacts you TODAY – Sharon King


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Yes, you’ve read it correctly. Our birth process STILL impacts us TODAY!


Knowing what I know now, it all makes sense. Yet, when I found out about it for the first time, I was gobsmacked, to say the least.


I got to know this as I went through sub-conscious mind therapies during my journey to rise back from the burn out I experienced at the end of 2008.


In getting back to a full life again (with an intention of never to experience a burnout again ever!), I discovered what human’s subconscious mind is and how it has been impacting my life. Most assumptions we have about ourselves, others and life were formed before we turned 7 and they make us respond or react automatically to situations. Repetitive assumptions (beliefs) become hardwired and automatically influence our behaviours.


In one of the sessions when I traced back the limited beliefs that triggered the needs for me to over achieve without taking care of myself, I landed in a memory of the time that I was in my mother’s womb! It was SURREAL yet fascinating at the same time.


I never thought of that period of my time consciously. Heck, I didn’t even know that I had a consciousness then.  It was mind-blowing!


That was not the only time I was taken back there by my subconscious mind. There were a few more times and each time I realised I formed beliefs that still ran my life until the point of healing.


I was intrigued and started digging reading materials about consciousness in the prenatal period. In Biology of Beliefs book, Dr. Bruce Lipton, a renowned cell biologist and an expert in Epigenetic suggests that Subconscious mind is a part of our mind that serves as a database of our stored programs primarily derived from the programming a child receives from the time we were in our mothers’ womb up to the first six years of life.


I then came across Sharon King, the creator of a subconscious mind healing method called Matrix Birth Reimprinting. After reading her book, Heal your birth, Heal your life, I decided to learn her method to support my clients even deeper in their healing journey. As I did that, I got to read two other books:  The mind of your newborn baby by Dr. David Chamberlain and Being born by Robyn Fernance. Sharon mentioned Joseph Chilton Pearce as her first mentor in understanding the importance of bonding process between mother and babies. You can find his work here.

A whole new world opened up to me!

In this podcast episode, I invited Sharon to share with us why and how our birth process impacts us today (the same is also true for anyone who had been a part of giving birth process) and why it is important to heal the traumas created then for our lives today.

Please share this episode with your friends and family. The more people become aware of this, the better as it has an important piece of information about us. The more we know about ourselves, the easier it is to show up in our lives in peace and with ease.

Enjoy this lively discussion!



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