Decluttering trapped emotions after divorce or break-up

(Opportunity for a free 30-minute virtual session)


It doesn’t matter whether you just come out from a divorce /breakup or have been out of the woods for a while, what I truly want to know is how your heart feels now.

When the idea of starting a new relationship feels heavy on your chest and weighing your body down, this may help you: decluttering negative trapped emotions.
Trapped emotions cause pain, self-sabotage, emotional problems, as well as “the heart wall”.

The heart wall is an energetic wall surrounding our heart made of trapped emotions. It’s created by the Subconscious mind as a way to protect us from heartaches during stressful emotional events.
The problem is that the heart wall disturbs our ability to connect with and experience the feeling of love within us and from others.

Let go your emotional baggage so you can start afresh in your life, now!
Ready to liberate yourself from this debilitating situation?
Contact me to arrange your 30-minute (free of charge) Emotion Code VIRTUAL session where I will clear some trapped emotions from your body.

This opportunity is valid until June 30th 2020 and limited to 5 people.
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