Are you scared of success and money???


You can’t let go of something you don’t know you have.


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One thing I learnt in my healing journey is that I can’t let go of something that I don’t know I have. It makes sense, right?


I also know I’m right in saying that most of us, if not all of us, wish to experience success in our lives.

We may define success slightly differently, yet usually, there is a common currency of success – money, how much money we are earning.


We work hard and a lot to achieve success and money for years—some of us doing this at the high cost of something else in our lives, like self-care, self-love, peace of mind, sleep, rest, health, relationships, etc.
Yet, we keep at it as if there is no other way to be.

Some of us work for the money; some of us do this because of passion. A lot of us do it because we believe this is how life is. No matter what drives us to do it, money is a part of this.


Because of the burnout that I experienced at the end of 2008, I had to take a distance from my life to see what was there to regain my health and well-being back.
I asked myself why did I work so much yet could not even motivate myself to take care of my health and well-being simultaneously?


This is the thing that you may not know about me: When life calls me out, I answer and do the homework, even when it takes years to do so.

Burnout is one of those moments. I heard it loud and clear, and I responded to life: I hear you, and I will not want to be in a position where you’ll be calling me out like this ever again in the future.


So, I started my journey, questioning everything fundamentals in my life – what are the reasons I showed up the way I did for decades (I was 34 years old when I experienced burnout)? Working hard and achieving a lot was 2nd nature to me, and I did it without much fuss.

With the support of Subconscious Mind Therapists, I dove deeper and deeper within myself with every session. Hell yeah, it was often uncomfortable. But there was no way around it.


I still remembered how shock I was when I discovered that I had a fear of success.


WHAT?!?!? Does that even exist? That was what came to mind immediately.
To be successful was so ingrained in the achievement-driven family culture that I am a member of that to realize that I feared it was mind-blowing!


As my therapist helped me see the behaviours I had (some were conscious, some were not) stemming from this fear, I could not deny that I had it.

As we dig deeper, I realized the one emotion often reverberating (sometimes loudly, sometimes softly, yet always there) when I achieved success in different times of my life was GUILT. Guilt often came up when I achieved success!

As I chose to be radically honest with myself so I could heal, I was confronted with this truth. I often felt guilty for being successful.


This whole thing impacted my relationship with money and my default behaviours when I earned and used it.

This is what this podcast episode is all about. Ilana Jankowitz, a Mindful Money Mindset Coach and I will discuss in-depth – including how you can find out whether you have this fear of success and money.
Daily, both Ilana and I help our clients work through their deep-rooted fears and transmute them. This is one of the fears.

We can live our lives with more ease as long as we operate beyond our default subconscious mind programs. The first step is to be aware of what those programs are.


Enjoy this episode, take some time to sit with it and to reflect, and take action!
Share this with the people in your life – so many people have this, and they didn’t know.

Let’s all uplift our lives together.






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