Demystifying Essential Oil with Ale Franco


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You see them around, essential oils, in small dark-coloured bottles.

I even bought some from Body Shop back in the days as they sold a spray that came in a bottle and a blend of oils to be put on a candle diffuser to help me sleep. It’s called Deep Sleep, I think. They may sell these with a different name these days.

I had sleeping problems around the time of the burnout in 2008. This spray and blend of oils worked wonders for me. Yet, I never really understood what these were. All I knew was they helped me.

Fast forward to 2016 – I found myself in a very stressful and challenging situation. I took six months off to take care of my mother, who was really ill while of building a new business (the one that I do now). My head was barely above water. Both my mother and I needed “something” to support each of us. The worse thing to happen when taking care of others is to fall ill. I was emotionally and physically exhausted despite having a carer that supported me in taking care of my mother.

My best friend had led me to experience essential oils two years prior. We both were in New York City during the thick of winter of 2014, and it was so cold. My body didn’t respond too well to such temperature so I was worried that I might get ill during this trip. She advised me to apply two drops of peppermint, lemon and a blend called Thieves on to my feet every day. Without even understanding what’s going on, that week, I felt well regardless of the harsh weather.


With this in mind, I connected with a lady in Singapore, who is a seasoned user of Young Living Essential Oil and started my journey with these oils.


I came back to Indonesia with different oils – some for my mother and some for me. I could not explain to my mother what I had for her; however, she agreed to give these oil a go.

Going into day three, my mother was asking for her oils. She felt strongly that these helped her. My mother had had 35 years of diabetes at the time. Her organs were in the process of stopping, and dementia kicked in 2014. She was not so keen on adding in more medication into her body. She felt that these more like a burden to her body than helping. So, when she asked for these oils, I knew for sure these helped her.

I also started using some for myself, and these were to help my immune system to stay robust. That year (and the year after, when I took another leave to take care of my mother until she passed away in 2017), with the support of these essential oils, I remained healthy. Since then, the essential oil is a part of my lifestyle.


COVID 19 pandemic is a long journey, my friends. I am continuously searching for ways to support us during this challenging period. Essential Oil may be something that you can explore.

So, what is an essential oil? Why is it so helpful for us?

To demystify it all, I am joined by Ale Franco, who has done her personal exploration and research to understand what these wonderful oils are.

Since 2014, with the mind of an industrial engineer, she attended several training and congresses in the subject to help her understand the underlying science behind essential oils. She also learned about the regulations and labelling policy around the household and personal care products that she felt it is necessary to share all the accumulative knowledge that she has gathered and also tested with others so we all can make healthier choices for our lives.

A Corporate Senior Executive for a retail business based in Mexico City by day, Ale is also a Young Living Independent Distributor. She turned her passion into an alternate professional path a few years ago.


In this podcast episode, Ale is sharing what essential oil is, why it helps us emotionally and physically, what to watch out for when you would like to start using it and some tips on what to use these days mainly, especially because we are working from home, wearing masks and regularly need to clean our hands and our space.

She’ll share which oils could help us to stay focused throughout the day, unwind at the end of the day, manage our anxiety and to sleep better. We can do these more healthily and comfortably.

Come along, join us in this conversation. Bring your friends too. Let’s help one another to stay healthy!




00:00 Welcome and introduction of Ale Franco of and her personal endeavour with essential oils for the past 20 years.

10:00 What essential oil is, how they are produced to get the best quality, and the existing regulations on it. Why essential oil has powerful healing properties.

25:40 How we can use essential oil daily to replace potentially toxic chemicals in our cleaning products

40:00 What essential oils that can help to support us in managing stress, keeping focused throughout the day, to wind down and to sleep better

52:15 What you can do to start getting and using essential oils. How to get in touch with Ale Franco to start your journey with Essential Oils.


To contact Ale Franco for Essential Oil Guidance and to start your journey with Essential Oil, contact her

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Dissecting Conscious Friendship



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Peace. Happiness. Health.

To feel them, a journey inwards is the way to go.

I also realise, for many of us, the journey inward is daunting. There is a niggling sense of unsafeness in doing so. 
“What if I can’t find my way back out?”



In the “Returning to ourselves – The wisdom of trauma” retreat that I participated in, I learnt from Dr Gabor Maté that “Safety is the presence of connection. It is not a lack of threat”.

That was a big aha moment for me. It explains to me why the quality of my relationships, over quantity, is essential.

Moreover, COVID 19 has made it even more clear to us that to survive and even to thrive this prolonged unpredictable time where everyone in the world is impacted by, connections with others are crucial to lean on.


Friendship, adult friendship, grown-up friendship, conscious friendship is a massive asset for us. Are you in it, or several of it?

Let me share something with you.
Out of nowhere a few weeks ago, I experienced a sense of leakage in my energy system. I woke up tired; I ran out of energy during the afternoon and had intense dreams nightly for almost a week.

A string of baseless fear crept up. The thought of “I’m going to be out there homeless, on my own”, swirled around my mind often then. It stressed me out.

Do I have any reason to think that it is going to happen that way? NO!
There is no fact, and there has never been a fact to support that idea, EVER.

Yet, that fear was there. Loud and alive.

A few days sitting with this fear, breathing in and out calmly when it acted out, I realised that this fear is triggered by an elusive threat towards my connections with my family because of prolonged lockdown. The idea of not knowing when I can see my family again (as they are in the US and Australia) brought to the surface a sense of unsafeness that rooted in a deep fear that I have of being out there all alone. It acted out in a big way.


It was a call to action. I confided my fear to a couple of close friends. 
Being held with love as I shared, I felt the permission to acknowledge this crippling fear. I could breathe better after, and the anxiety started to move upwards and onwards. My friends didn’t try to fix the situation. They just listened and offered some more time for us to connect until this fear completely dissipates on its own.

I value a strong friendship. Yet, this doesn’t happen by itself. It requires an investment of all kinds to grow it.


This podcast episode is dedicated for us to reflect on a conscious friendship – what it is about, what it is not, how it helps us and what we need to invest in to grow it, within ourselves and in the relationship itself.

Sharing their reflections are Julie Grauel, Jourdan Hussein and Constantine Karampatsos.

Through their life journeys, they all realised how valuable friendships are for them and what they learnt how to nurture one.
Enjoy and feel free to share with others.






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