Uplift My Life Today Podcast – Ep. 15 – Conscious dating and relationship – Kelly Braendli


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Relationship can make or break your life, your business, and your sanity.
When it’s healthy, it propels you into expansion. When it isn’t, it swallows you down. You and many people around you.


It is easy to say, “I don’t have the right partner”, but do you actually know why?


There is a science behind what makes a relationship healthy and long lasting, and this is something we need to know. With such knowledge, we can understand ourselves better and how we show up in a relationship. With such clarity, it helps us to manage ourselves, to make our unconscious reactions becoming conscious choice.


 I’m so excited to have Kelly Braendli joining us in this “Conscious Relationship” episode.

Kelly is a Zurich-based Scientific Relationship and Dating Coach, who is also a certified Matchmaker (graduated from The Matchmaking Institute). Through Kelly Braendli Coaching, she supports individuals and couples around the globe to either rekindle their relationships or to go back into a dating scene after divorce. She believes that despite the anxiety, sadness, loss of hope and relationship struggles, we all can bounce back.


In this episode, Kelly is sharing the scientific studies behind healthy, loving, long lasting relationship and what it means for each of us to do prior starting a relationship and during the building up process.


She elaborately explains the different type of relationships, how relationship plays a huge role in fulfilling your and your partner’s needs (this is why you need to know them!), the importance to be clear on what the most important life values are for you before starting and investing in a relationship and also your attachment style.


Trust me, this episode is loaded with tips and tools. Enjoy it!

Oh, share this episode with whoever would need it. The world is in a better state when a lot more people feeling loved and peaceful in themselves and in their relationships. Thanks a lot!!



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