Uplift My Life Today Podcast – Ep. 11 and 12 – The inner journey of Mo Gawdat (Founder of #OneBillionHappy)

Part 1:

Part 2:

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One of Mo Gawdat‘s goals is to help 1 billion people to be happier.
Yes, 1 BILLION people!

He founded One Billion Happy Movement after the success of his Solve for Happy book, which since has been translated into many languages. This is, indeed, his personal moonshot. 

The former Google X Chief of Business Officer refocused his life following the passing of his beloved and wonderful son, Ali, who lived his life with so much peace and happiness. This personal moonshot is Mo’s way to honour Ali’s memory and continue his legacy.

In fact, this is how I got to know Mo in 2015. I was introduced to him by our common friend as he finalized the Solve for Happy book. I became one of the early readers then. Since, we’ve become good friends.

With such a personal moonshot and focused dedication and commitment, I wondered where he is going with his journey, beyond all the goals he has been pursuing. This is what this podcast episode is all about.

As we were about to catch-up a few weeks ago, I asked Mo whether I could have our “usual” chat recorded as a podcast episode and he said yes (I must admit, it felt weird to do so, yet we both were happy we did it).

Join us in this 2 parts relaxed yet deep chat:

  • Part 1 is when Mo reflected on what intentional living means for him and how he’s been living this consistently;
  • Part 2 is when Mo shared his truest and highest intention is for his life, beyond One Billion Happy Movement and all his other goals.

Enjoy this lively discussion. Take whatever you want from it and remember to share it with others!

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