I’m changing. What’s next?




I’m changing. What’s next?


You may have this question if you have gone through the sessions in the “Unconditional Self-Love Embodiment” program that I shared on my YouTube channel.


Before answering that, let me first share my deepest congratulations to you! I know you are not the person you were at the beginning of this program. Well done!


One of the most common questions I receive when my client is about to complete a program is – how can I sustain the change on my own?


The answer is quite elaborate:

  • Honour the changes you’ve had in these past few weeks and integrate them;
  • Celebrate YOU for choosing to go through such a profound process for what you wish;
  • Commit to what you want to do to follow up on some learnings and questions;
  • Commit to keeping new relevant habits.



You are the one who knows how much and how deeply you’ve changed. Acknowledge yourself, celebrate yourself, and commit to yourself more!


As you reach the end of the program, you can commit to following up on key insights, questions, discussions, and learnings that occurred during it.

Most importantly, commit to at least one new habit for the next few months.

Make your plan: do what by when. Having a plan is important so you won’t feel lost after such a profound shift.


New, relevant habits are key to your changing behaviours. Due to the subconscious reprogramming activities that you’ve done in this program, continuing with a new habit will not be difficult.


Change within will ask you to change how you connect with your outer world. Be prepared to receive some questions from others who sense your inner shift.


Some people will be pleased about it, some won’t. Just know that it is part of you leaving your old self behind.


You don’t need to justify yourself if you don’t want to. Just help people to get to know your “more authentic” self and teach them how to interact with you. Your boundaries will change, and you need to re-educate people about that.

It may feel uncomfortable initially, but it will get easier as you do it – trust me!



This is what session 7 (the final session) of the “Unconditional Self-Love Embodiment” program is about.


It helps you integrate all of what you have learned and processed, assess the shifts in how you love yourself, and create an action plan to sustain this new state of being and healthier habits beyond the program.  


The subconscious mind reprogramming will help you unblock limiting and unconscious patterns that work against you in making and acting on wise and loving choices to keep loving yourself unconditionally.


Enjoy it.


Congratulations on choosing to love yourself unconditionally.

I am honoured to have the chance to support you in your journey.


I wish you a wonderful life ahead. I know that you will thrive more in an authentic way.


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In gratitude and with love,



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Who am I when I can’t…?




Who am I when I can’t achieve anything anymore?
What am I when I can’t achieve anything anymore?

These were the questions that I had to face as I rose from burnout at the end of 2008.

Never had I imagined that I had to face these types of questions ever until I had to.

Sitting with these two questions triggered so many intense and heavy emotions. My body tensed up, and anxiety rose up. It took many weeks to get comfortable with the questions. I had to answer them, though. The answers were going to be the foundation of my life, which I wanted and needed to rebuild.
I thought I knew who I was, that I knew my identity. I was convinced that being a go-getter and an achiever was a part of my identity.
During this period, I learnt that they were not even a part of my identity. Achieving and go-getting were something I did, but not who I was.
Moreover, through this process, I learnt that life is a journey of embodying MORE or LESS of who I am.
Experiencing burnout was a consequence of my life choices (mostly unconscious!). Until then, more of my choices unconsciously led me to embody less and less of who and what I truly am. I was on the path of “exceeding (others’s) expectations” and not “honouring what matters to me.” I was on an unhealthy, constricting path without realising it.
It was obvious that I had to change direction, and I did. I changed lanes, and I’ve been staying in this lane since.
Identity is not the same as roles, functions, or purpose. Identity is much deeper than that.
Your true organic identity is the signature vibration of your soul.
Roles, functions, and purpose are the ways or channels through which you express your identity. Two people who have the same exact roles would emanate different vibrations when they perform their roles. Everyone is unique.

To lead a peaceful and fulfilling life, you need to make a decision that feels true to you. This requires reconnecting with your essence/soul energy (which is your organic identity), and session 6 of the Unconditional Self-Love Embodiment program may support you in this process.
Session 6 focuses on deepening your understanding of what and who your AUTHENTIC SELF are. You will learn about how your current identity was developed and how that often disconnected you from your authentic selves.
You will do a comprehensive reflection to remember, recall, and reconnect to your essence. This profound understanding will help you create healthier and deeper meanings for your life experiences in the past, present, and future.
The subconscious mind reprogramming in this session will help you to reconnect with your essence/authentic self with much more ease and joy throughout your life.
This module is one of the most important in this program, as it jumpstarts a truthful reconnection between you, your authentic self, and unconditional self-love.
Take your time doing this session, and enjoy it! It is a sacred journey that will bring you back home to yourself.

Thank you, and enjoy session 6! 


In gratitude and with love,



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Commitment to self-love




It was on February 20, 2015, that I “officially” committed to myself to consciously and unconditionally love myself.

I remember the date because I was with my dear friend Selina when I did. We just had a Chinese New Year lunch. I went to a shop near the restaurant and found this eternity ring. I got it, and it is a symbol of this conscious choice.
The Universe heard me.

So many things started to move towards me to align myself with my soul calling that year.

Among others, I began my journey as a Subconscious Mind Reprogrammer (building up a new business) and started to support my mum’s dying process (I took six months off for two years to be with her in Indonesia until she passed away in 2017). 2015 was also the year when my mum started to have dementia.
2015 – 2017 was a period filled with emotional and physical roller coasters, with many beginnings and endings, one after another.

I started grieving before my mum passed away.
I grieved the loss of connection with my mum as dementia took over more and more. In it, I also witnessed the beauty of dementia for my mum.
I started grieving about leaving a professional field I was good at to enter unknown territory and start over.
Everything I knew and had was changing.
Due to my commitment to love myself, I could stay grounded, focused, and present despite occasionally being exhausted and overwhelmed. I felt anchored despite the storm that happened in my world.
During that period, self-love means being honest with everything, especially myself.
I allowed myself to feel all kinds of emotions, to cry as long as I needed, to ask for help, to ask myself difficult questions that needed to be processed.

I shared with one of my best friends how I was not sure how to connect to Indonesia after my mum died. There would be a house to visit, with no one in there.
I wondered what life would be like without parents anymore.
These were questions that needed to be honoured. For me, it was a form of self-love.
When I felt disoriented due to the intensity of my experience, I asked my heart what to do. The answer was always the same: “Honour your soul, be courageous, do what you can, and ask for help from the Universe.”

Every time I heard this answer, I felt I could breathe deeper.
Honouring my soul is a form of self-love.
Loving ourselves unconditionally requires continuous commitment and intimate connection with ourselves. It requires us to choose love regularly.

There are days when it would be harder to do so than others. Yet, this is what it means when you want to embody unconditional self-love. You honour yourself as much as possible, and you act on it.
Session 5 of the Unconditional Self-love Embodiment program is about deepening your understanding of what it takes to be fully committed to yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You will learn about unconscious systemic loyalty and unconscious promises that may create profound hurdles to do so. You will also learn the role of emotions in your life and how emotions always carry messages and wisdom to ease your life and keep you in flow and sync with it.
I honour you for loving yourself unconditionally.
I certainly hope what is on offer here would be a support for your decision.

Thank you, and enjoy session 5! 

In gratitude and with love,



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Calling out your fears!




Meet one of the most powerful trio in our lives: Responsibility, expectation and fear 😎😄🤗


In the last newsletter, I shared my thoughts about responsibility and how it may impact how we show up as the primary providers of unconditional self-love.

Today, let me focus on the other two members of this trio: expectation and fear.


Expectation… oh, expectation.

It is so deeply etched in the way we live that expectations form our identity.

This is a topic that underlies the suffering and struggles of so many people. Myself included.


The habit of setting expectations for ourselves and others started in childhood.

As children, expectations from the world outside of us (our parents, teachers, family, society, etc.) became the GPS of our lives. They gave us the directions and boundaries of what is acceptable and good according to the collective we belong to.


Over the years, we have embodied these expectations like our skin and used them as our true GPS.

Over time, we expect ourselves and others to be and do things in a way that is in compliance with what we’ve known and complied with, even when they may actually go against our true nature. Here lies the problem – against our own true nature!


After experiencing burnout, I became much more conscious of how many expectations that I strived to meet until then actually had little to do with what made sense to me. They did not make sense because they did not resonate well enough for me. Resonate with what? Resonate with my true nature. 


Please watch this video to hear more about what happened to me during my burnout in 2008 and how I rose back from it.


The expectations I had for years brought up so many unconscious fears out that were triggered by the challenges I had in 2008. Why unconscious? Because, if you asked me back then whether I felt scared, I would tell you… “HELL NO!”

Yet, there was a lot of growing tension in my body – stress was one of my loyal companions that year.


Yes, I suppressed many fears then instead of acknowledging and facing them. It was a well-established habit. Over time, while ignoring my feelings and the messages from my body in the form of aches and pains, burnout happened.


Expectation and fear always go together, like life is paired with death.


Many of us grew up not being taught how to deal with fears properly and thoroughly.

If anything, we are encouraged not to give attention to it. “Don’t be scared,” we often hear, right?


The thing with fear is that the more you suppress it, the more grip it has over you. The healthiest way to deal with it is to face it. Facing fear is an important life skill.


This is what session 4 of the Unconditional Self-Love Embodiment program is helping you with.


It focuses on deepening your understanding of how responsibilities always bring expectations, which often bring up fears. You will examine your deep fears about fully showing up for yourself and providing unconditional self-love on a daily basis. It will also lead you through subconscious mind reprogramming to ease and empower you to flow with life. 


As you take on full responsibility as the main provider of unconditional self-love, you will have expectations. This session is to help you manage your own expectations towards yourself in a healthier way.


I wish you a wonderful transformation!


If you do this program, please let me know how it helps you. I always love hearing your updates.


Thank you, and enjoy session 4!


In gratitude and with love,



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Drop the responsibilites that do not belong to you!



Hello again!
It’s so lovely to connect with you in this edition of the newsletter.
Let me start by sharing with you that the 3rd session of The Unconditional Self-Love Embodiment program is ready for you to access.

It is one to emphasize my recommendation to you to be discerning when it comes to responsibility.

The focus of this session is on healthy RESPONSIBILITY – taking on fully what is ours and letting go of fully what is not.

I know you know this can be a challenging experience for you.
It was very difficult for me. The part that was very difficult was to let go of the responsibility that did not belong to me.
Over-responsibility was a part of my identity growing up.
It was not called that; no one called it that.
It was just a consistent explicit and implicit expectation that was placed upon me by so many different people – starting from my parents to my grandparents to my extended family to school systems, to social circles, etc.
I don’t believe they saw it as harmful.

I genuinely believe they were convinced that it was good, actually very good, for me to be able to handle a lot in life.
When I am strong, the chance that I’ll be fine in life is higher.
It served me well until I collapsed in burnout. 
The thing about burnout, the actual burnout, is that when you experience it, you collapse on many levels.
Your mind is largely disconnected from your body and your heart.
To experience this once was enough for me.
I was a single woman living alone in Zurich when that happened. This living situation amplified the intensity of the experience.
As I faced the causes of burnout layer after layer, I needed to make healthier and more loving decisions for myself.
One of the most difficult decisions for me at the time was to commit to myself 1000% from then on, I will do all that I can ONLY to assume responsibilities that belong to me and let the rest fall away.
This decision triggered so many fears and feelings of guilt. I had been living with an over-responsibility identity for almost 30 years. I did not know any different!
Yet, I knew that if I didn’t change this, I would experience another burnout at some point in the future, and this time, it would get uglier.
Loving ourselves unconditionally means that we honour ourselves and others. 
Responsibility carries power.
Over-responsibility means overpowering.
Someone or something in connection to us experiences disempowerment when we take on their responsibilities.
I had to let go of so many unconscious habits and patterns that block me from honouring myself and others by taking on responsibility in a healthy way.
This 3rd session helps you embody the proper RESPONSIBILITY of the primary provider of unconditional self-love in your life healthily, with more ease, peace, and joy. The subconscious mind reprogramming will help you to let go of the habits of assuming other people’s responsibility and also to own up to yourself when you have difficulty doing so.
I wish you an incredible journey!

Remember to take as much time as you need to complete it. Come back to it as many times as you need.

Do not forget to subscribe to the Uplift My Life Today YouTube channel so you will be notified when I release the video there. Remember also to share it with others.

Thank you so much, and I’ll see you again in the next newsletter…soon!


In gratitude and with love,


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Your heart matters for everyone – 2nd session of Unconditional Self-Love Embodiment is ready!




Hello again,

Thank you so much for your heart-warming emails and voicemails. I feel very loved, and I am grateful 🥰🥰🥰

I also appreciate your feedback about the gift (this program) – it truly got me excited hearing that you are going to check it out. Do enjoy it, and let me know what you think and feel about it.

I’ve been thinking about how I can support humanity to heal with the hope that wars eventually will be much more rare or even nonexistent.


I’ve come to the conclusion that the more hearts heal (even when we do not experience wars), the more we and the Earth embody love; therefore, the faster the collective subconscious programming will shift to become more love-driven.


When we heal our hearts—it is our heart—it does not need permission from others. Yet, the impact of a healing and healed heart multiplies by hundreds or thousands or more, IMPACTING humanity collectively.


On the journey, we don’t need to discuss, argue, or disagree with anyone.

It is a peaceful way to change the world, and we are the focus of it. As the late Michael Jackson said, “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make the change.”


You may not realize the extent of the positive impact you have when you heal your heart.


I do!

For years, I’ve witnessed how my clients’ healing journeys changed the dynamics of their families and extended family. There was much more love energy within the family and their systems.

Like them, I’ve experienced for many years how my personal healing impacts my family (across generations), extended family, and the systems I belong to. It impacts my relationships with my clients, my friends, and everyone around me. I consider it my legacy to have contributed more love to my family systems.


What I’ve witnessed and experienced supports what my friend Mo Gawdat, who wrote the book Solve for Happy, discovered about supporting one billion people to be happier.

He calculated what it would take to reach that goal practically, and he said that all it would take would be for everyone who reads the book to tell two other people about it.


You matter in more ways than you can imagine!


Within the next few weeks, you’ll be hearing a bit more often from me than usual.
I’ve done what I can to make this a worthwhile reading for you. 


The second session of the “Unconditional Self-love Embodiment program” is ready for you.

The further you go into the program, the “meatier” the content will be.
I am mindful of the importance of building up your inner muscles as you go through this journey.


While the first session was about you assessing your current state of unconditional love, you also confirmed your choice to become the primary/main provider of unconditional love for yourself. 

This has many implications, and through the next few sessions, I will provide you with a journey to embody some of them.


The second session is to help you create more inner space so you can embody the role of the main/primary provider of unconditional self-love. It will ask you to reflect on the dynamics of your existing relationship with others, strengthen your forgiveness muscles, and reprogram your subconscious mind to let go of the past with much more ease.

Doing this will help you create a much larger space to connect and hold love in your heart.


I wish you a great journey!
Remember to take as much time as you need to complete it. Come back to it as many times as you need.

I offer you something profound, and it may require you to sleep over these questions to answer them to the depth that is good for you.

Regardless, you are choosing you, and I love you for that.


Do not forget to subscribe to the Uplift My Life Today YouTube channel so you will be notified when I release the video there. Remember also to share it with others.

Thank you so much, and I’ll see you again in the next newsletter…soon!


In gratitude and with love,


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It’s my birthday and I have a gift for YOU!






It’s my 50th birthday (!!!), and I have a WONDERFUL gift for YOU!

And this gift comes from the depth of my heart!
As I start today dedicated to celebrating my life, my growth, who I’ve become and my cherished relationships with the people in my life now, I feel utterly grateful.
My fifty-year journey on this planet has been intense and fast, with one central theme: “unconditional self-love embodiment”.
Fifty years have gone by so quickly – I can hardly believe it!!!


Being here today, healthy, happy, fulfilled, with a lot of richness in my soul, while feeling very excited for the opening chapter, I got tearful thinking of many people who have played important roles in the past five decades.

They came into my life as family, friends, teachers, healers, mentors, mentees, coaches, clients, colleagues, and others.
Many of them are still here, alive and well. Some are still in my life, and many have passed away.
Without their heartfelt participation and love, I would not be where I am today, feeling what I am feeling.


To honour them, I decided to offer a gift to anyone who wishes to have support in deepening their unconditional self-love.


I created a free online transformational self-paced program called “Unconditional Self-Love Embodiment”, which I published on YouTube. It is available for free to anyone who speaks English 😁.
The embodiment of unconditional self-love will help us all stay grounded and centred as we navigate life in a world that is currently in turmoil and change.

It is a program of multiple sessions I’m dropping in a playlist called “Unconditional Self-Love Embodiment”. They are starting with two videos  (Introduction and Session 1) today, and I will release more videos over the next few weeks. This journey will reprogramme both your conscious and subconscious minds.


If this speaks to you, please follow this link to start, and please join me in sending love to these loving souls (they are all over the world) 🙌 💖 .


Don’t forget to share this with others.

I hope you find it helpful.
Please don’t forget to share it with anyone who may benefit from it. Thank you.

Enjoy your transformation!


To all the souls who have touched mine, I THANK YOU;  I HONOUR YOU, and I LOVE YOU 🙏 💖 🙌

In gratitude and with love,


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Overwhelmed by change and transition in your life? Read this!





Let me start by saying – Happy 2024!!
I wish us all an inspiring 2024 where we all rise while staying present and feeling grounded and centred deeply in our hearts, taking each step with a deep sense of empowerment.
2024 started with a bang, with so many of us exhausted before reaching the end of this month.
Many intense changes will continue to unfold this year, fast and very possibly furious, whether we like it or not.

I could feel it in my bones, starting in Q3 of 2023. The last quarter of 2023 was quite heavy, as you may experience it.
Intuitively guided, I created a new offering to support you – UPLIFT’s self-paced online program. 
If you are already curious about it now, please watch this video.
Otherwise, allow me to share with you the back story of the birth of this program.

Giving birth to this program is quite a journey for me!
This was seven years in the making.
I started my journey as a subconscious mind reprogrammer in 2016 after I decided to answer my soul calling and say yes to it.

I had a vision of showing up for many people from many parts of the world, supporting them to deeply embody the feeling of love, peace, and freedom.
I even spoke about this to some friends and immediately told them that I didn’t know how to make this vision happen, apart from one thing.
I started with myself first, doing what I could to embody deeper peace, love, and freedom.
So, I did, and I still continue to date.
Included in these seven years are two batches of 14 weeks of supporting young refugees in Indonesia in a pro-bono capacity to heal their traumas and create new goals, healthy habits and lifestyles embodying groundedness, centeredness, presence, focus and empowerment. This happened in 2022 and 2023.
The intent of this young refugee mentoring program was to support them to embody their authentic resilience, which is much needed to deal with such an imaginable situation they are in.
Some of them left their families and homelands unaccompanied in their early teen years. Since then, they have been doing what they can to survive and make a life while waiting for their settlement location. This period is long; some of my mentees have been waiting for eight years.
A few people asked me – how did you do it – working with such heavy emotions and traumas?

My answer to them is that I make sure I stay emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually fit and healthy before, during and after the engagement.
I did many healing sessions before, during, and after the program.
This is the standard I hold myself to in my choice to support others, and it is the same standard I have for any service I offer to all my clients.
I intend to offer something to the world that is built on empowerment and liberation and to do that, I need to be a person who embodies a healthy level of both.
My journey with these young life warriors was so profound.
It deepened my understanding of how to navigate extended periods of uncertainty and keep going in life with hope and dignity.

My soul, mind, heart and body grew so much during these particular periods that when I received the intuitive guidance to start the process of giving birth to this UPLIFT program in October 2023, I was ready!

The UPLIFT program was recorded over a period of 8 weeks with live participants in it. We all were deeply transformed throughout this process, and we are still experiencing the shifts today. You will read their stories about their journey in it soon. 

And now, it’s ready for you, too.

…. with so much excitement, let me briefly share what UPLIFT’s self-paced online program is. If you want to know more details about it, watch this video.
UPLIFT’s self-paced online program is to help anyone who wishes to go through the change, transition, or crisis they are in feeling grounded, centred, focused, present and empowered.

This is a deep journey to bring you home to your heart and body, embody your authentic self, and reprogram both your conscious and subconscious minds to help you embody the creative creator you naturally are.

Regardless of the changes you are going through (it can be triggered or connected to your work, relationships, health, money, or anything else), each module of this program will help you transform your state of being at that time into a higher one. 
If you did it in a one-to-one setting, this whole program would equate to 24 private sessions with me. UPLIFT’s self-paced program is comprehensive and deep, yet not limited by time.
As you do it, you are in charge of the pace of your process while enjoying the offered structure, content and support.
You can also repeat this program as often as you like.
How come? Because you will change your goal regularly as you grow and the depth of your subconscious mind.
Every time you re-do this program, you also access the deeper layer of your subconscious mind.
UPLIFT self-paced also offers you some important knowledge about transformation and critical skills that you can continue utilizing in the years to come beyond going through the program itself.
Will you be interacting with me as you go through this program?
YES – through the UPLIFT community that you will be invited into.
You will also connect with others in this community on a journey similar to yours.

You will get access to the Group Q&A Zoom (and recorded) sessions where you can bring in your questions, and I’ll do my best to answer them.
As you go through UPLIFT, you will gain a deeper connection with yourself and life WHILE also developing a higher sense of confidence in managing your transformation journey as you will go through this type of journey many times.
When you have decided that you want to go through the transition you are in right now feeling empowered, start today!
This is an investment that keeps on giving, as the people who have completed this program would tell you (their stories will come soon!).
I also offer a payment plan if needed.
Connect here to discuss with me how this program can help you.
I wish us all an empowering time navigating what 2024 will bring (buckle up, Buttercups!). We’ve got this!


In gratitude and with love,


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What’s the worst thing that can happen to you when you get what you wish for?



“What is the WORST thing that can happen to you when you GET what you WISH for ?”


This is one of the most powerful questions I always ask my clients when they decide to have my support to move towards their fulfilling life.


It is a question that will linger with them for a long time, and the answers will come up at many different times since they start planting this question in their consciousness.


One hundred per cent of the time, the answers brought out deep fear or shame or guilt or all of them that was locked in and buried deep within their heart and body.


Some can pinpoint where such beliefs and emotions may come from, some not because these are unconscious in nature.


Facing these unconscious thoughts, emotions, and beliefs is a crucial part of the deep work for living a fulfilling life.


I invite you to ask yourself this question.

Write it down. Sit with what comes up and acknowledge them with kindness to yourself. Even when it is uncomfortable, as you are connected to this gripping energy, you open up a treasure box that will lead you to what you wish for when you follow them up well.



With love,


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The dark and light aspects of living a fulfilling life




“The very center of your heart is where life begins – the most beautiful place on earth.” – Rumi




Living a fulfilling life is both aspirational and daunting.

There are valid reasons why this is so.


I want to be real about it, and this is why I decided to share my point of view about it – to share what can happen when you decide that you want to experience that. 


In this podcast episode (watch here and listen here), Julie Grauel and I discussed the dark and the light aspects of living a fulfilling life – the great, the bad and the ugly, sort to speak.


We discussed what a fulfilling life is, why it is daunting and difficult to transform towards it, what made the journey challenging, what can help to keep following through, and what can help to maintain it.


Through it, I unveiled the story behind my journey to describe and bring to life some key and important elements of such a journey.


I intend to help you understand the context of such an important and profound quest, so when or if you are in it right now and somewhat feel defeated by what you encounter in your process, you have a different way to look at your situation and persist.


I HONOUR your courage to allow yourself to either consider or persist in your choice for a fulfilling life.

May this sharing be a comforting companion for you 💖


With love,



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