A transition journey towards living my authentic life after being made redundant


I signed up for the UPLIFT self-paced online program after an unexpected dramatic change in my professional life hit me quite hard, and I almost reached rock bottom.


The project that I had been envisioning ended overnight. In addition, living abroad, far away from my comfort zone and family, has added stress to the equation. Despite my best efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise, meditation, and a balanced diet, I found myself constantly battling tension and pain in my body.


What truly sets Astuti’s facilitation process apart is her emphasis on aligning all aspects of life with the roots of love and compassion.

Through her guidance, I’ve learned to infuse every thought, action, and relationship with these foundational principles, cultivating a sense of harmony and interconnectedness with the world around me. This alignment has brought greater meaning and purpose to my life and deepened my connection to my past-present-future self, others, and the world around me.

As a result, I have started attracting and meeting like-minded people who introduce and offer to collaborate on professional projects. I now feel more at ease and less stressed, and the tension in my body has significantly reduced.



One of the most transformative aspects of my journey through this self-paced program has been the realization that everything I seek is already within me.

With Astuti’s guidance, I’ve learned to access my inner knowing and wisdom, tapping into my heart’s boundless reservoir of love, compassion, and strength. This awareness has empowered me to navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience, knowing that I have everything I need to thrive within me.

I can now tune into my inner voice, rebuild my self-confidence, and pursue personal and professional projects that align with my values to empower others.


While I am currently content with where I am on my journey, I am also mindful that life is a constant process of growth and evolution.

With the UPLIFT self-paced online program, I feel equipped to embrace the inevitable changes and challenges.

What I found most valuable in this program is the ability to revisit the video and tools whenever needed and the community’s support, which creates a safe space to exchange and learn from other members, fostering a sense of support and non-judgement.


The self-care suggestions in each module are helping me become more compassionate toward myself without feeling guilty. And foremost, the one-on-one session with Astuti is helping me delve deeper into unresolved traumas and subconscious reprogramming.


Since 2019, Astuti has been an invaluable guide and facilitator on my journey towards self-discovery, acceptance, and understanding of the purpose of life. Central to this journey has been the exploration of self.

With Astuti’s support, I’ve embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery, peeling back layers to uncover my true essence. This process has been both liberating and enlightening, as I’ve learned to embrace all aspects of myself—the light and the shadow—with unconditional love and acceptance. I am ready to live my authentic life unapologetically; I am deeply grateful for Astuti’s unwavering support and the birth of the UPLIFT self-paced program.


Far from where I was at the beginning of this transformational journey, I am excited to witness and experience what unfolds for me next.



Paris, France

Feeling Overwhelmed When Starting Anew: Powering through the transition holistically

I embarked on the UPLIFT self-paced online program when facing a significant shift in my personal and professional life.

In summary, I changed my profession, relocated from Indonesia to Germany, and began building a family around the same time. Every action, from learning a new language to starting a business, felt like a first-time experience. Adding to the confusion was loneliness in this new space, where direct family or friends were absent.


Amidst these changes, I grappled with confusion about what steps to take first and where to seek help.

Physically, I experienced tension around my neck and stomach, feeling nervous and anxious. The past life I knew had become history, and though I was committed to change and a better future, the initial stages of this transformation felt uncomfortable. Having endured two major burnouts and frustration in the past, I was ready for a profound transformation.


In this program, I learned to love myself, initiate personal change, and address my traumas before creating the vision of the authentic life I desired. Exploring my inner self and understanding my family’s traumas and wisdom were pivotal aspects.


At my own pace, I processed the triggers and traumas I had experienced, allowing me to open my heart further and discover the concept of a “higher self” or inner wisdom, a beautiful, kind, and pure voice within that provides insight into authenticity.

Recognizing my higher self’s voice became crucial, especially when triggered, confused, or frustrated. Consequently, processing triggers, unconscious loyalties, and promises became essential before delving into the envisioned future. This process demanded daily commitment, time, and effort, albeit sounding harsh; however, embracing gentleness and rest played a pivotal role in releasing trapped negative energy back into the universe.


Navigating this transformative journey alone presented challenges, with numerous questions, triggers, and glimmers. The community became invaluable during sessions, where participants shared questions and experiences, reaffirming that the journey was right. The Q&A calls provided a platform for addressing questions, fostering motivation, and creating a safe space for mutual support.


Having been part of Astuti’s one-on-one program for five years, I have experienced substantial internal growth with her support. However, this program empowered me to step up and commit to intensive internal work with dedication. Astuti’s teachings equipped me with the skills to connect better with myself, align with my higher self, and live as the best version of myself each day.


As a result of the UPLIFT program, I approached old triggers and traumas in a neutral manner, and physical discomfort gradually dissipated. The process unfolded gradually, marking a positive transformation.


Each module offers in-depth information on how to transform into your purest essence.

I have reflected, processed, and wholeheartedly undergone the entire process to shift my inner state.

A key highlight is learning to co-create with the universe, allowing us to achieve our goals and believe in divine timing. Keeping that in mind, I began to feel relaxed and at ease while navigating through my new life.


This program is designed for those ready to claim their place in the universe and flourish in their soul journey. It supports removing blockages and traumas, facilitating a smooth flow through life.

While understanding the program’s depth may not be immediate, it offers spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental guidance, including step-by-step actions for both conscious and subconscious minds. Astuti’s capability to translate complex topics into tangible steps aids in navigating through life’s difficulties.


The empowerment derived from bringing about personal changes makes it a commitment to working on the internal self and manifesting positive realities in the physical world. It is tailored for everyone prepared to nurture themselves and make positive life changes.



Wiesbaden, Germany

Transforming physical and emotional pains into PEACE

It was March 2022. I resigned from my job as I desperately needed a break. I knew my body and mind were in so much pain, but I could not tell exactly why.


During the break, I gradually realized I had been ignoring my emotions and, worse, holding so much anger towards my dad. Apparently, I still could not accept the decision he made a decade ago, which to my extreme disappointment, he repeated just the year before.

Since then, his actions always triggered strong negative emotions in me. Over those years, I had tried different ways to heal, yet nothing really worked. I knew my anger constantly tortured me, but I was helpless.


I came to know Astuti from my brother. He shared how she was very helpful in helping him cope with fear. He only shared briefly, but the story stuck with me for days. I had a strong feeling that I should contact Astuti.

Astuti recommended a hypnotherapy session, which surprised me a bit as I expected a Body Code treatment that my brother had. I had tried hypnotherapy in the past with hardly any results.

Astuti was patient in explaining the process and why I needed it. There was something in her that made me intuitively trust her.

Throughout the hypnotherapy session, I was relaxed yet fully aware of what was happening. Emotions were running high, but I was given sufficient time and space to process them. There was a sense of relief immediately after the session, but little did I know the session would transform my life in a way I never imagined.


After I completed the full treatment, the negative emotions disappeared. I felt at ease with myself and, therefore, at ease with my dad. As my reactions towards his attitude changed, his attitude changed positively. Our relationship significantly improved – something I wouldn’t even dare to dream of in the past.

What I did not expect was I became a lot happier and kinder as a person. I enjoyed life and relationships more than I had ever. There were even a series of pleasant surprises financially.

It is fair to say that I have never been so at ease in life until the session with Astuti.


To me, it is a million-dollar feeling as now I have the confidence to face and embrace life. I feel free. I am making conscious efforts to live my life in ways that I know are worthwhile.


After the first hypnotherapy session, I continue to work on different aspects of my life with Astuti through Body Code sessions. The results have been astonishing, and I have grown even more committed to this journey.

I highly recommend Astuti for helping you be the best version of yourself.

I wish you a fulfilling journey with her.


May all of us be at peace,



Jakarta, Indonesia

Mencari Sigi – Upaya dan usaha mendapatkan anak – Kino dan Goyo



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Sigi adalah salah satu dari tiga nama yang disiapkan oleh Kino dan Goyo untuk anak yang mereka idam-idamkan.


Dalam episode ini, Kino dan Goyo berbagi perjalanan mereka dalam berusaha dan berupaya untuk mendapatkan anak yang mereka mulai tahun 2008 sampai sekarang.


Dengan senang hati, Kino dan Goyo bercerita tentang seluruh proses yang mereka lakukan, apa yang membantu, apa yang tidak membantu, apa yang membantu mereka memproses « grief » yang berulang-ulang, juga bagaimana proses ini mengubah mereka secara individu maupun sebagai pasangan.


Jika kamu atau seseorang dalam kehidupanmu akan memulai atau sedang melakukan proses yang sama, silakan mendengarkan atau mengirimkan episode ini kepada mereka.


Selamat mendengarkan dan meresapi.


With love,






00:00.    Pembukaan

01:30.    Perkenalan Kino dan Goyo. Berbagai proses medis yang dijalankan untuk mendapatkan anak sejak tahun 2008.

25:10     Apa perasaan selama dan sesudah melakukan berbagai upaya? Apa yang membantu untuk memproses “grief”?

32:15     Apa yang menjadi lebih jelas di dalam diri mereka dan dalam hubungan mereka sebagai pasangan hidup selama dan setelah menjalani perjalanan panjang ini?

53:15     Apa yang dirasakan Goyo sebagai suami dan calon Bapak dalam perjalanan ini?

57:30     Apa yang bisa membantu Kino dan Goyo supaya bisa menjalankan proses ini dengan lebih tenang?


Silakan kirim feedback dan input untuk episode ini atau episode yang akan datang ke


Untuk mengirimkan pertanyaan, silakan tinggalkan voice memo lewat podcast channel ini.

Terima kasih.



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Collecting, decluttering and mental health with Helena Zachariassen


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Change is stressful.

While it can be exciting, our mind is not wired to feel at ease being in uncertainty.


For our subconscious mind, uncertainty means danger. Resistance shows up consequently. The issue is we need to go through the change to grow.


This tells me that managing change is one of the most crucial life skills we were never taught at school.


Marie Diamond, one of the world-renown Feng Shui teachers, said something that resonates with me. She says that our working and living space is our 3D vision board. How our space is filled and organised reflects what are in our mind. Our space is a 3D mirror of our mind.


Connecting these two points of views, I find that understanding our behaviours related to our space is beneficial in managing a change process in our lives.


I am living proof of this. Every time a meaningful change happens in my life, I restart or refresh my connection with my living and working space. At least, this has happened seven times in my life to date. There is a different need to collect things to surround and support me (different quantity, forms, colours, even).


To go deeper into the topic of collection, decluttering and mental health, I am joined by Helena Zachariassen, the Founder of My Happy Home. She is a Zurich based Certified Marie Kondo Consultant and Lifestyle Coach.  She lovingly encourages and supports her clients in transforming their homes into havens of serenity. She helps them to learn how to maximise functionality and minimise clutter forever.


We discuss why we collect things, symptoms when the collection level becomes toxic, how our space impacts our mental health and what we can do to declutter our space well, especially as a family.


Take your time to listen, share this with anyone who would benefit from it and see you on the Uplift My Life Podcast channel!








00:00 Welcome.

01:30   Introduction to Helena Zachariassen, a Marie Kondo Consultant and Life-Style Coach – the Founder of My Happy Home and her journey in Decluttering.

07:28   Why people are collecting? Decluttering is actually a life skill.

16:50   What are the symptoms of toxic collecting that may lead to hoarding?

33:39   What is the most effective approach in doing decluttering when involving children and teenagers?

42:07   What is the correlation between anxiety and depression with clutter? How do they impact each other?

51:55   How Helena supports her clients. Head on over to her website and IG to get more information.


To reach Helena Zachariassen, visit her website or follow her on her IG.

I’d love to hear from you. Please write to me at for input, feedback and suggestions. Thank you!


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Membangun kehidupan baru setelah kedukaan beruntun


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Duka cita, apalagi yang beruntun dalam waktu yang singkat, bisa meruntuhkan kehidupan kita.

Mengapa, apa rasanya, dan bagaimana bisa bangkit lagi dan merangkai serta membangun kehidupan yang baru?


Fibria Heliani membuka hati dan pikirannya dalam percakapan kami di episode podcast ini.


Antara tahun 2012 sampai 2016, kehidupannya mengalami beberapa kejadian yang berat secara beruntun. 

Ayahanda meninggal mendadak, lalu ketika sedang melakukan program S2 di Inggris, Fibria diberi kabar bahwa Ibunda sakit kanker. Segala rencana dan cita-cita yang dimilikinya untuk bekerja di Inggris setelah lulus S2 pudar karena segera pulang ke Indonesia untuk mendampingi Ibu, yang kemudian meninggal di 2016. Tidak lama setelahnya, hubungan percintaan Fibria dengan seseorang pun bubar.


Merasa terpuruk dan bingung adalah yang dirasakan Fibria pada saat itu.

Dalam percakapan ini, Fibria merenungkan bagaimana impak dari segala kejadian ini pada dirinya dan bagaimana dia bangkit lagi untuk membangun kehidupan baru yang sekarang.


Selamat mendengarkan!




Silakan memberi feedback dan input melalui

Juga, jika ingin berkonsultasi, silakan membuat janji lewat

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Podcast that offers great content and on-point conversations

I met Astuti a few years ago at an event where she did Rapid Transformational Therapy. I was fascinated with what she did and how she could get the results that came up for me personally.

I had some things buried deep in my subconscious, and through the RTT, she brought it to the light.  She furthermore supported me with a recording of affirmations to do daily.


I have been on Astuti’s mailing list for a few years, and each month, her newsletter is one that I do read and lately have been listening to her podcasts.

Astuti has the most interesting topics and conversations with knowledgeable people.


A while back, I listened to her podcast on addictions and loved it as it is something I work with. So I got in touch.  We had a lovely talk, and she invited me to be a guest on her podcast.

I loved how professional she is and how she made the questions so interesting and relevant. 

She is the perfect podcast host. 

If anyone is looking for great content, great topics and a direct and to the point conversation, I highly recommend Astuti’s Uplift My Life Today’s podcast. At this point, I would like to say; I am so glad we are collaborating and connected.


Warm regards,


Zurich, Switzerland




How robust is your gut health?


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Let me confess straight off the bat.


I can do so much better in taking care of my body. 
This is my blind spot. It is getting smaller, the spot, but it is still there.


Now that it’s out there let’s talk about why Gut Health is the topic of this podcast episode.
Lately, I’ve felt that my energy level has been low. I easily felt lethargic.


Yes, we are all in a lot of collective stress in the past year or so. I have been feeling it too.
Changes are being asked of us, fundamental changes. There are days when these are… too much.


But I feel there is something more here. And it feels like a pull or an invitation to look within my body. Something needs attention there.


After reading many publications about possible sources of lethargic state of being and depletion of energy, it is evident that gut health is crucial for staying vibrant and robust.


What is gut health? What happens when it is healthy and unhealthy? What is leaky gut? How this impacts chronic fatigue, chronic stress and who knows what else?
Most importantly, how Functional Medicine can help us improve our health, especially if we have chronic and autoimmune diseases.


I am so glad I got to know Mireille Wagner, a Functional Medicine Health Coach based in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Mireille works virtually with her clients to restore function in the body and reverse symptoms of chronic and autoimmune diseases using nutrition and lifestyle changes. See her full bio here.


After losing a dear friend to breast cancer, Mireille changed careers and made it her mission to learn about the root cause of disease and help educate others on the early signs and symptoms of chronic and autoimmune disease.


In this episode, Mireille leads us to dive into the world of Gut: what Gut health means, what helps it, what disturbs it, what havoc the unhealthy gut can do in our body, and how to help us help our body. She also speaks in-depth about how the connection between mind, body and spirit is the building block of which Functional Medicine works to help us improve our health.


After speaking with her for this podcast, I am joining Mireille’s free 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge, which she will start on May 3rd 2021. This is a guided 7 days process to start eliminating food that creates inflammation.


I know me. I need to take baby steps on this. You can join me too!


If you are ready to start a bigger and deeper process, you may want to consider a 30 Day Reboot (Level 1). Just register on the waitlist. You can add in the “UPLIFT” code for a 10% discount.

In any case, do visit Mireille’s youtube channel, where she speaks in-depth about many different health topics.


Let’s do our best together to take care of our body, starting today!

With much love,




00:00    Welcome.

01:10    What functional medicine and functional medicine coach are in helping people in reversing symptoms of autoimmune and chronic diseases.

11:59     Mireille’s journey into Functional Medicine Health Coaching. How mind, body and spirit connect and impacts our health.

23:10     What does gut health encompass? What is a leaky gut? What happens in the body when there is a leaky gut?

29:50     What we need to do daily to prevent chronic disease or autoimmune diseases.

39:05     How gratitude, thoughts, and connections impact gut health.

48:55     How Mireille helps people in many countries to improve their gut health.


Click here to join Mireille’s free 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge, which she will start on May 3rd 2021.
This is a guided 7 days process to start eliminating food that creates inflammation.

Click here to join her 30-day Reboot.  Add in the “UPLIFT” code to get a 10% discount.

Click here to visit Mireille’s youtube channel, where she speaks in-depth about many different health topics.

I’d love to hear from you. Please write to me at for input, feedback and suggestions. Thank you!


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The dance between addiction and money stress


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Sometimes, as life happens, we lose sight of why we do what we do.

More often than not, as we take a bit of time to recall why we are so busy doing things, we may discover that the busy-ness is usually to deal with or avoid some stress and fear.


Hindsight view is 20/20 – so clear.

Looking back, I could see how the achievement addiction I had correlated with the unconscious belief I had about money. These two fed each other in my subconscious mind in a vicious cycle for years until I experienced burnout.

What a start it was to dismantle these two unconscious forces in my life then.


Let me share with you my story.


Due to the traumas that I experienced in my birth process and growing up (you could hear more of my story in this episode), my unconscious core need was to secure support and connections to feel safe. This need will continue to stay on until I die, in different degrees and forms.


When I was four years old, my father had a severe car accident. We were grateful he didn’t die, yet the close encounter with death impacted our family deeply. Since then, my parents raised me as their first (alive) child with the intention that if anything ever happened to them, I’d be able to take care of my siblings.


I grew up fast, consequently. The unconscious strategy that I went for then was to learn as many life skills as possible to save myself and help others attain safety. There was this feeling that I would be safe when everyone was too.


Over the years, these life skills became my strengths and, eventually, my personality.


I ended up naturally in roles and situations which required me to face crises. Crisis always brings with it an invitation to transform. This continues until today as I feel at home to play a role as an enabler of a transformation. In the past, I did this for organizations. These days I do it for individuals. Such opportunities happened so often in my life, even way before I started to enter the workplace.


Up to the end of 2008, I paid a high price in this path, however. I didn’t allow myself to ask for help, and I stretched myself so thin for so long. As I was doing everything to keep “everyone safe”, I put myself last. Thirty-four years of existence doing this led me to burnout in December 2008.

In hindsight, I could see that the achievement addiction I had was my continuous efforts to experience the feeling of safety and connections.

It was shocking to realize it at first. Yet I made peace with it. In that, I made peace with what happened and the choices that I made, consciously and unconsciously.


So, how did the money stress fit into this?

Up to the burnout, I had an unconscious habit of sharing what I earned with the people I cared about, especially my parents. This was the same unconscious strategy that I had to feel safe. I shared what I have so everyone can feel “safe”.


My parents never asked me to do so. I just did it. They appreciated this although they were very concerned that I didn’t save the money for me. I remembered telling them not to worry about me.


The truth was, now that I could see it, the hidden (unconscious) reason why I was not saving enough for myself was that I was very uncomfortable with money as energy. I’d even label it as a fear.

This fear came from what I observed in my extended and immediate family system that became an active unconscious program in my subconscious mind – the beliefs such as “money ruins family”, “money breaks relationships”, “money induces distrust”, etc.

In my subconscious mind, money was a threat to my core needs, which is to attain support and connections with others.


Can you see how these unconscious beliefs and programs about money that I had made me feel unsafe?

In the past, whenever I earned money (and making money was never an issue), I felt unsafe. To feel safer, I had to work even more. Work was the primary way to attain a feeling of safety.  This goes on and on and on that, it became a vicious (unconscious) cycle for years.


Then burnout happened. It was an invitation to stop, rest and reset. It was an invitation to start over.

I can see how all these are connected.


For so long, money was more of a stressor than it was a welcome resource. For a long time, the beliefs I had about money fed the achievement addiction that I had.


Thankfully, this has changed since!!


And this is what this podcast episode is about.

Ilana JankowitzMy conversation with Ilana Jankowitz, a Certified Mindful Money Coach and NLP Practitioner based in Zurich, Switzerland, is about how our existing money beliefs, habits, and patterns (represented by the Archetypes) contribute to the stress and fear we have.

We are also discussing financial abuse, how addiction and money stress correlates and rooted in the same wound and what needs to be done to change these. Ilana gives us some practical tips and tools to help you be more aware of your existing archetype as the first step in changing your relationship with money.

Ilana helps entrepreneurs look for new opportunities and grow their businesses by showing them how to develop a great relationship with money and set in motion the action steps they need to take to live their true purpose.


Enjoy and remember to share it with others.






00:00     Welcome

03:45     Introduction to Ilana Jankowitz of Mindful Money Coaching and her personal story in transforming her limiting money stress, belief, fears and destructive habits.

10:00     The difference between Financial Planner and Mindful Money Coach.

12:46     What archetypes in money coaching mean and what they are. Why it is helpful to know to change your money mindset.

20:30    Example of how the archetypes play out in our money decision. How these archetypes show up in us.

26:05    How (unconscious) guilt sabotages our efforts to change our money mindset.

31:00    Financial abuse – what it is and how it plays out in our life, the inner work to be done to move into a healthier relationship. The common root cause of addiction and money stress and what to do about it.

45:55     Steps to change your money mindset and available supports to help you. Do the Money Mindset free quiz

49:00    Summary of this discussion. How to stay in touch with Ilana Jankowitz.


I’d love to hear from you. Please write to me at for input, feedback and suggestions. Thank you!


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Mengisi ulang kalbu dengan “sparks and passion” – Irvan Saputra Masyulhak


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Tiba-tiba di awal tahun 2020 fisik dan mental Irvan Saputra Masyulhak yang biasanya aktif, prima dan sehat menjadi lesu, tidak berenergi dan mati rasa. Yang sangat mengkhawatirkan adalah hal ini berlangsung selama berbulan-bulan. Buat seorang Go-Getter yang punya tendensi untuk selalu mencapai target lebih dari yang diminta, hal ini membuat dirinya dan juga keluarganya sangat khawatir.


Percakapan di episode ini adalah refleksi Irvan tentang apa yang terjadi, apa yang dilakukannya untuk keluar dari situasi yang menakutkan ini dan bagaimana kehidupannya berubah drastis semenjak memulai proses transformasi ini.


Siapakah Irvan?

Irvan adalah seorang Finance Professional yang saat ini berkarir sebagai CFO di sebuah perusahaan Biotechnolgy di Belanda. Dia berdomisili di kota Utrecht sejak tahun 2012. Awal mula kepindahannya ke Belanda adalah untuk melanjutkan Pendidikan MBA dan juga menemani istrinya yang saat itu ditugaskan sebagai expat dari perusahaannya. 



Di waktu senggang, Irvan bersama Istri dan seorang putra mereka yang berusia 4 tahun sangat menikmati hiking ke pegunungan, travelling mengunjungi daerah-daerah baru, dan juga baking cake.  



Keinginan terbesar Irvan adalah untuk membawa pengaruh positif terhadap lingkungan sekitarnya. Untuk mewujudkannya, Irvan sedang menjalani pendidikan sebagai Career Coach dengan tujuan untuk mendukung orang-orang, terutama dari Indonesia, yang mempunyai cita-cita berkarir di dunia Internasional (IG: irvansa_  Linkedin:


Selamat mendengarkan,




00:00   Selamat datang dan pembukaan.

01:55   Masalah dan kendala berat dan tak terduga yang dihadapi oleh Irvan di awal tahun 2020.

10:13   Refleksi akan gejala-gejala yang dialami sebelum tahun 2020.

14:00   Bantuan yang Irvan cari untuk merubah situasi dan kondisinya.

20:23   Hal-hal yang mengejutkan dari proses transformasi Irvan.

26:18   Penemuan mengejutkan mengenai ketakutan yang sangat dalam di alam bawah sadar Irvan yang mempengaruhi cara hidupnya sampai saat itu.

30:44   Bagaimana kehidupan Irvan berubah semenjak menjalankan proses transformasi ini di berbagai aspek kehidupannya – hubungan dengan istri, dengan anak, di perkerjaan, di lingkungan dan dengan dirinya sendiri.

43:35   Input buat siapapun yang ingin melakukan proses transformasi

49:23   Rangkuman dari percakapan ini dan informasi untuk menghubungi Irvan.


Silakan memberi feedback dan input melalui

Juga, jika ingin berkonsultasi, silakan membuat janji lewat


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