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What I learned about healing and human heart from young refugees



“No one has ever become poor by giving”

– Anne Frank




Since I was a little girl, I have been having a habit of refusing to accept a situation that is, in my perception, unfair or unjust. My parents recognized this since I was very young.


They both could laugh about it when they reflected on it in my 20s. They certainly weren’t laughing when I acted my impulses in my younger days.


They described me as relentless, stubborn, brave and often creative in coming up with ideas on what to do when I had a fixed goal in mind, even when they disapproved of it. They also told me that I would quietly do what I thought I needed to and not fuss about it along the process—too focused, at times, that I did not see anything else apart from the goal.


I am grateful to hear these reflections, as I am challenging myself to do something different today. This is why I am writing to you now, as I need your support.


Yes, I am asking for your help. Please read on.


In March this year, I embarked, together with a group of other facilitators and mentors, on what I considered the most important project I’ve ever done: Refugee Mentorship Program (RMP) which is co-led by Akino Tahir.


This fourteen-week program is put in place to support young refugees (18-24 years old) who are now located in Indonesia to:

  • Develop a personal resilience mindset and skills;
  • Improve interpersonal skills through exposure to Indonesian culture and language;
  • Develop their ability to learn independently by introducing a structured learning process through basic research literacy.


In a nutshell, we would love to support these young life warriors to develop the most fundamental mindset, skills, expertise and network to rebuild their lives in such a difficult period.


Most of them left their country of origin unaccompanied – they moved without any of their families – in their early teens.


In this program, I supported these courageous souls to process and healed their traumas and reprogram their subconscious minds with beliefs and programs that would help them move forward in their life with more resilience, ease and hope.


This whole process was so intense for everyone involved and impacted them and me on such a deep level – the soul level. We met weekly for 14 weeks, and we all transformed throughout this journey.


I am not the same person I was at the beginning of this year.

Through this journey, I learned so much about healing, the human heart, and what matters more to me now during this period of my life.


With the help of Julie Grauel, one of my best friends and partner in turning reflection into stories, I finally started to verbally digest this journey into this new podcast episode (video and audio).

In it, I reflected on what I learned, realized and needed now. I also decided to ask for your help. What I want to continue actualizing in the future requires more heads and hearts than mine and the current people involved in this program.


Thank you for taking the time to listen and to let me know your ideas when you have them. Please write to me here: If you would like to support/donate to the Refugee Mentorship Program, you can do it here. Thank you.

The goal that I have in mind is so much bigger than what I can do alone.

To honour my late parents’ advice, I am now choosing to share this goal and ask for help and support from those who resonate with it.


I am grateful for your attention, and I look forward to hearing from you.

With love,


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Facing death to come back home to an authentic life



If you would behold the spirit of death, open your heart wide unto the body of life.

For life and death are one, even as the river and sea are one

– Khalil Gibran.




I’ve been learning to read tarot cards this year. It’s my attempt to gain deeper insights from my subconscious and unconscious minds using my intuition about what my soul wants to tell me about the current stage in my path. In a tarot deck, there is a card called “Death”. As you see here – for all ends, there is a new beginning.

As abrupt and intense as the end may be, there is always a new beginning for something else deeper, better, bigger, further.

The death (of someone or something that you value and love) often, if not always, is an acceleration towards something that is meant to be, despite it always brings with it pains and.


This “The Honest Hour” video podcast episode is all about that.

When you prefer to listen instead of watching, do it through here.


Tatjana Radovanovic lost her son in a tragic accident in 2017 when he was blossoming to be an adult.

In her conversation with Julie and I, Tatjana shared what happened, how she coped with the grief, and how this experience impacted her so profoundly that it changed the course of her life since. She beautifully shared her journey in crossing the bridge between death and authentic life – a life where she bridges the worlds of the dead and alive for grief healing purposes.


May you find inspiration and strength in your journey as you listen to Tatjana’s story.

With love,


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How old is too old to restart your life?




I am one of those people who genuinely believe that everyone is meant to reinvent themselves multiple times during a lifetime. Some do this through work, some in personal lives, and some in both.


What I believe to be true is that everyone has their unique path along with their timeline.


Human is cut for this type of re-invention. Our mind is vast, and our brain’s neuroplasticity immensely helps us to do so, especially when we keep our physical and emotional health well.


I am no exception. I’ve re-invented myself multiple times.


One of them is when I became the captain of my career vessel when I was 38 years old. I decided to become self-employed despite a clear and promising corporate career path available for me then. The calling to take a leap of faith was very strong.


I started in a field that I knew very well (Executive Recruitment and Human Resources) for almost two decades before jumping ship into a different direction and field altogether (to become Subconscious Mind Reprogrammer and Life Coach) when I was nearly 42 years old. There was an overlap period for about one year before I started full time in my current tenure in 2016.


Ilana Jankowitz started her current career when she turned 50 years old. Every day is a learning day for her, yet a lot of expertise and wisdom that she’s gathered for decades working in a different sector proves to be useful for her in building her business.

In this upcoming podcast episode, I sit down together with Ilana Jankowitz. Together, we reflect on our respective journeys in changing our careers to the ones we individually are on now. We both are following our callings. The trips were intense, yet both of us would not like to be anywhere else other than where we were. 


Ilana JankowitzIlana is a Switzerland-based Money Mindset Coach who works with Female executives and business owners who wish to have healthier money beliefs so they can grow as women and as professionals successfully.

Join us (and remember to subscribe, so you get a notification when a new episode is published!) on my Youtube channel (yes, I am doing a video interview now) or my Podcast channel.

Share this with someone who you feel may find this helpful, please. Thank you.

Oh, one more thing – speak more to me, please – let me know if you have a suggestion on a topic that you’d like me to bring into the podcast. Thank you!

Enjoy this episode 🙂

With love,


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Live Q&A – Becoming The One to find The One – Starting again after divorce




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Following the release of “The Honest Hour – Becoming The One to find The One after divorce” episode with Kelly Braendli, this is the recording of the Live Q&A session.

Questions covered are:

“How can I detect my partner’s silent dissatisfaction in our marriage before we hit the wall?”

“What can help me to catch myself being silently dissatisfied when life moves so fast and busy?”

“How can I find out whether someone is truly compatible with me?”

“Since the divorce, I don’t know if I can trust myself to choose the right person for me. What to do now?”


Share with us your feedback and further questions.


Kelly Brandli is a Dating and Relationship Coach.

You can join her Facebook Group – How to date after divorce and create an extraordinary relationship at and connect with her at


Astuti Martosudirdjo is a Subconscious Mind Reprogrammer and Life Coach.

When you need support in healing your heart wounds and reprogram your subconscious beliefs about yourself and your relationship, contact me via or book a discovery session here:

Follow me on:





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Become The One to find The One after divorce


The Honest Hour –

Become The One to find The One after divorce


Coming back to the heart… sounds so cliché. This phrase is often thrown around in many Hallmark cards or personal development quotes.


It took me a while to understand what it means, and I am still on the journey to embody this deeper in my own life.


Now, I can’t deny how true this phrase is, and through my own experience and the transformation journeys of all my clients, healing the heart is the main gateway to a much more fulfilling life and often beyond what you can imagine when you start the journey.


This is what I love about bringing out “The Honest Hour” stories. The experiences of the Life Warriors who are sharing their journey are a powerful reminder of what the human spirit is capable of, and all of them went back to their hearts as they started their journeys.


Today, our guest is Kelly Brändli, who has been through one of life’s most challenging experiences, namely going through a divorce that lasted nearly as long as her marriage.


Her divorce dragged out over 8 years, resulting in numerous court battles discussions over custody and all of this had a significant impact on her finances and health.


Today, Kelly has survived her divorce and the aftermath that brought and is thriving, having created an amazing love story that not only inspires but gives great hope to those who are looking to move on after a divorce and find love again.


Kelly has been able to rebuild her own life, but she has gone on to support hundreds of divorced singles to do the same as a Dating and Relationship Coach (join her community here).


Join Julie and me in listening to her uplifting journey. Join us on my Youtube channel (yes, I am doing a video interview now) or my Podcast channel.

Share this with someone who you feel may find this helpful, please. Thank you.


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p.s. I started to have an Instagram Live Chat to share and answer any questions about crossing from success to fulfilment. Follow me on Instagram here so you won’t miss the next time I’m coming live there. It would be lovely to chat with you directly there!

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Crisis – a blessing or a curse?


When people ask me what I do, I often think of my contribution to others as guiding and accompanying them crossing the most important bridge in their life – from success into fulfilment, from their mind into their heart and body.


All of my clients are Go-Getters. They embody powerful traits of the mind, and they do great things with it – for themselves and many other people. Admirable qualities that the world needs. They develop habits (and most of them are committed to such habits to a tee) that support what they aim for. The next level is always on sight. Always. They get restless when they don’t have that next destination clear.


When they come to me for support, they decide to be radically honest with themselves – that despite such accolade, power, material possession and growth opportunity (which all are valuable), they feel lonely, numb, depressed, depleted, overwhelmed, inadequate, unhappy. Some of them experience physical problems; some are emotional crises. At this juncture of their lives, they all have a similar question: is this it? 


I understand them so well, as I asked myself the same question as I rose from the burnout that happened at the end of 2008. And to them, I say, “No, if you don’t want it to be”.


Let me make it clear – all Go-Getters that have come to me are courageous souls. “Is this it?” is an awakening question that can lead to something so much more profound, which is to move from success into fulfilment.

However, as they start making the decision, I let them know that the journey crossing the bridge between these two points asks them to let go of the attachment to alt they know and are familiar with. It often brought out strong emotions like fear, shame, and guilt. This is undoubtedly the most profound journey they will ever commit to themselves, and it may take a long time.

Esther Buerki recently interviewed me for her podcast channel. Our conversation is about my experience in crossing this exact bridge – coming home to my heart: how did it start, what kicked it off, what role the crisis did in it, how did I react/respond to it, what helped me get through it and what did I learn from it (that others can use now).
It was a humbling conversation as she also asked me how I keep myself going deeper in the path of fulfilment, which is a daily and dynamic occurrence.


I’d invite you to listen to this conversation when something in your heart responds or reacts to what I write here.


Esther is a book writing expert and author based in Switzerland. She helps her clients from many corners of the world give birth to the story already within them into a book. 


Let me say it one more time – Yes, your life can be more than how it is if you want to. I remain standing on my conviction (and I am still uncovering many lessons in my way on this path) that we’re meant to live a fulfilling life with ease.


Enjoy listening to this episode, and let me know what you think and feel, please.

With love,

p.s. I started to have an Instagram Live Chat to share and answer any questions about crossing from success to fulfilment. Follow me on Instagram here so you won’t miss the next time I’m coming live there. It would be lovely to chat with you directly there!


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How self-portraits empower us!

How self-portraits empower us!



For many years, operating behind the scenes and being the strong woman behind someone else’s success was my most comfortable space, away from the limelight, not being as fully visible as I was.


This is why I was astonished when I realized that doing glamorous self-portraits truly changed my inner world.


In 2019, I participated in “21 Days of Real Women”, a project by Zornitsa (Zori) Ivanova. She worked with 21 “everyday women” to be glamour photographed. She intends to celebrate women through photographs.


I was intrigued yet triggered. The word “glamour” triggered me.

While there was a pull to join, there was a lot of hesitation. Partly because I didn’t believe in the power of a photo, nor did I feel comfortable being photographed. On a deeper level, there was a discomfort to be visible. It felt too exposing.

At the same time, however, I am very committed to my life mission, and this mission needs me to be visible and visible in an authentic way! There was a large and scary bridge to cross, and I better get going with it.


The conversation in the video podcast episode is light but profound as it discusses how self-portrait helps me cross the bridge from success into fulfilment.


And, for the first time – I hosted the conversation as a video podcast.



Zori is a Swiss-based photographer and owner of Zori Art Photography. She specializes in Modern portraiture with a Magazine-style twist and headshots and personal branding for creatives and entrepreneurs. Her professional and life mission are to celebrate and empower women, through their portraits, in their personal and professional journey.


Join us here:


To know more about 2022 “21 Days of Real Women.” visit



The key message I have here is you are here, going through the lessons that life wants you to master. Recognize this part of you, bring him or her out for you to meet regularly, and celebrate YOU!


With love,



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