Thank you for your trust

Thank you for your TRUST…



Together with you: my clients, collaborators, teachers, colleagues and friends; 2019 has seen me grown exponentially.


Your trust to invite me into your life and the lives of your loved ones, going deep into your soul along side you, have been life changing for me too.


Thank you for welcoming me to express who I am and channel the gifts that God has allowed me to use in many ways when we’re interacting, be it in a private session, workshop, over a coffee, through my post in FB and Instagram or via my podcast “Uplift My Life Today”.

I’ve felt richer spiritually, emotionally and physically.


THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart.


For 2020, I pray and wish for all of us health, peace and contentment throughout our journey in showing up in our lives and in pursuing our vision.


I look forward to continuing our journey together.


With love,



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