The Honest Hour – a journey of liberation from dysfunctional marriage to a thriving life


Content warnings:

All the views expressed here are Anni’s personal experiences.

The discussion entails some raw and emotional details about abuse and rape.



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This is a real-life reflection of how Anni, now a grandmother of 6, a mother of 3 and an Irish American artist and teacher, left one of the most prominent cults in the world and freed herself from a 20-year dysfunctional relationship to a narcissistic husband to rebuild her life from the ground up.


This conversation reflects her inner and outer journeys in manifesting a thriving life beyond surviving.


This sharing is intended to serve as an inspiration delivered by someone who has risen well above the sufferings. Therefore, it is held honestly and lovingly.


If this story triggers you, pause it and take a few sets of deep breathing, go for a walk, speak to someone you trust. Or get professional help to ensure you are fully back in your body again. Only then you should proceed with listening.

Also, consider listening to this with someone you trust and feel comfortable with so you are not alone.


If you are a victim of domestic violence in Switzerland, you can get help here


For other locations please refer to your local domestic violence support services.


With love,

Astuti and Julie


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