Unblock myself from my success

I came to Astuti as I felt unsuccessful being self-employed. I felt something was blocking me yet I was unable to pin point what it was. I felt the lack of self-esteem had a role in it.


In the session, I felt welcome by Astuti and throughout I felt safe and secure. The session helped me to gain insights as to what blocked me and I let them go.


Since this session, the feeling that “ I’m not good enough” disappeared. I realized in a very different way that I am worth it and have achieved so much in my life.


With the support of the audio recording that Astuti made for me that I listened to daily for 21 days, I sensed that something was changing, and this shift made me feel I am not blocked anymore.


I feel I am ready to start a new and different business. In a way, I feel extremely liberated. I give myself a permission to follow my heart and the big picture is to make positive contribution in a big way.


Astuti is very understanding from the beginning. She created a safe space and asked the right and important questions. In my view, Astuti is a heart-person, who really serves from her heart and loves other people. And it’s not only making her great, but also extremely successful in her hypnotherapy!


I know many people are afraid of change and of what can come up in the session that may get them exposed to the pain of the past. Personally, I never had such fear. I always bravely and openly faced my blind spots.


I can wholeheartedly recommend this. During hypnosis, the pain may come up for a brief moment so it can be acknowledged and healed. Tears may too. But what is this brief healing encounter compared to the relief, freedom and peace that you get in return for it?



Zug, Switzerland.

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