Up close and personal with Uplift Transformation and Astuti



You are meant to be here. Living a fulfilling life.

With ease.



“What exactly do you do as a Subconscious Mind Reprogrammer?”


“Why do people come to you and not a psychologist or a coach?”


“How would I feel during such a deep process? 2


“What can happen to me during and after the program?”


“Are there tools to do your work?”


These are some questions that many at both dinner parties and discovery calls ask me all the time.


As we chat, they soon realize that the subconscious mind is vast and deep!

It ALWAYS creates lively discussions, especially when I share my clients’ stories (anonymously, with their permission) to bring these to life


I LOVE curiosity. I also realize I have an uncommon job title. I didn’t know it existed until I entered this niche space, either.


Now that I repeated this explanation often, I thought I’d create a video and audio podcast to answer these questions in more depth.


Please join me on this podcast episode if you, too, are curious! 🤗

Welcome to Uplift Transformation’s “black box”.


Julie Grauel kindly asked me questions in a way that would help you to imagine better what Uplift Transformation is about. She also asked me questions about myself that offered a glimpse into who I am.


Enjoy! I welcome additional questions if you still have some 😄


With love,


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