Uplift My Life Today Podcast – Ep. 17 – Overcoming inadequacy no matter how much you’ve achieved – A perspective by Rachelle Furer


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Are these familiar to you right now?

You’re giving everything of yourself, with the best intention, wanting to do well, for your family, for your team, for your employer, for yourself, and yet even after achieving a lot, you still feel…. inadequate or frustrated, or depleted, or deeply dissatisfied?
You’re puzzled as to why having a lot of achievements still doesn’t bring you satisfaction, contentment, fulfilment.
You’re bewildered because you feel life is so hard to grasp, that often things that should add up, don’t. They just don’t!
What can you do to get out of this funk, this weird place to be in, before you get sucked down even further (and the deeper place beneath is called “burnout”, by the way!)?
I was there, in that place called “Burnout” at the end of 2008. I didn’t even realise I headed there, until I got there.
I remembered having the same questions as above, but never dedicated enough time to answer them. If I would have, I may not get to burnout.
To rise back and to never go there again, I searched for context and explanations to make sense of it all. I did a lot including having conversations with people about this thing called life. These deep reflections became a healthy habit that I keep until today.
What I found to be useful is to understand where I’m at in relation to many things bigger than me so I can manage my energy and expectation.
This podcast episode is my offer to you should you feel you need a perspective.
I sat together with Rachelle Furer, my beloved mentor, and we reflected together about the sources of the feeling of inadequacy, why it is easy to feel lost and confused in life these days, and how we can get out of the funk.

I cross-pathed with Rachelle back in 2010 as part my journey to rise back from burnout.  She was my first therapist and she has been in my life ever since in various capacities.
Rachelle has spent her life searching for ways to help others move along their paths with greater ease. This exploration has encompassed delving into psychology, philosophy, systemic thinking, spiritual practices, metaphysics, a plethora of alternative therapies along with the more practical and pragmatic pursuit of counselling, coaching, facilitation and teaching.
With more than 40 years of professional experience and clients from around the world, she has now semi-retired to Switzerland. Nevertheless, Personal and leadership development remains her passion.
Go on, now. Find yourself a comfortable spot on your couch with you cup of tea or coffee, switch off your phone, and breathe as you join us in this conversation!

Happy reflecting!


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