Uplift My Life Today Podcast – Ep. 18 – How vulnerability helps overcoming inadequacy – Nena Martinez


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Once a go-getter, always a go-getter.

Is it true? 

I think this can be true. Having said this, there are many different ways to go and get things done, to grow, to expand.

For many Go-getters, however, vulnerability doesn’t feel like an ally in achieving and growing more. We often believe that brainpower and physical strength suffice. 

That was me, many years ago. 

I grew and achieved relying on my logical mind and physical strength – endurance on both for a long period of time.

Vulnerability was something that I was very uncomfortable with. I didn’t know what it was exactly, but something that I perceived to be an energy drainer.

My mind equated vulnerability with feeling emotions then, and feeling my feelings took a lot of energy and time, that I’d rather spend on doing, taking actions, fixing, and solving something.

During this period, I was confused when anyone would tell me something like “Just be… stop doing”. I remember feeling frustrated for not understanding what “just be,” means.

Then, burnout happened.

Fast forward 2 years after the burnout, my physical body was fit that I started the journey to heal the wounds in my subconscious mind that unconsciously led me to burnout.

I realized during this process what vulnerability is. I wouldn’t be able to heal without allowing my heart to open so I could access what I needed to heal, to let go, to be kind to myself, and to forgive. That was quite a journey to do.

More importantly, I realized that the disconnection between my body, my mind and my soul that got my body to crash down at the end of 2008 was due to my fear to allow myself to be vulnerable.


This was the starting point of it all for me.

Many things happened, like a domino effect, after I muted the messages coming from my heart and my body to me during the time of peak growth.

If there is anything I can offer to you today is information about what vulnerability is and how it is actually an ally for all of us, Go-Getters, in showing up as who we choose to be, in a way that is healthy and sustainable.

In these 2 new podcast episodes, I’m joined by Nena Martinez to discuss how vulnerability helps us to overcome a sense of inadequacy (episode 18) and to become better leaders (episode 19).

Nena is the first Latin America’s Certified “Daring Way” Facilitator and Case Consultant as well as a Public Speaker.

She trained with Dr. Brené Brown to help herself and others understand their shame triggers, the power of being vulnerable, and living a compassionate and courageous life.

How can she not be courageous when she is also a wife and a mother of 8-year-old triplets in addition to taking on a role to help others!

Based in Monterrey, Mexico, Nena facilitates workshops, consultations, and individual sessions where she explores themes like vulnerability, courage, compassion, shame, values, conscious parenting etc.
Both Nena and I believe in the power of story telling. We hope what we share can help you becoming an UPLIFTED Go-getter that you can be. And please, spread this information further


p.s. Episode 19 about how vulnerability can help us become better leaders will come out in 10 days time.


Time stamp:

00:00    Welcome

03:40    Introduction and getting to know Nena Martinez, Certified Daring Way Facilitator and Case Consultant, and her journey in living her life integrating vulnerability.

10:45    What is vulnerability? What is NOT vulnerability? How to integrate this into our live.

16:45    Is it important to be mindful about who we allow ourselves to feel vulnerable with? How do I know I choose the right person?

26:05    Practically, what is vulnerability?    

36:10    Is it considered vulnerability if we are keeping our own feelings to ourselves, and not to others?

38:00    How to build up our vulnerability’s muscles – some tips.

41:00    How to differentiate a genuine vulnerability and one that keeping others in a victim role. How do I feel the difference?


Set up an appointment here when you’re ready to integrate vulnerability into your life. The first 30 minutes coaching is free of charge.

Inputs, questions, feedback or suggestion for topics – write me at astuti@upliftmylife.today. Thanks!

To get in touch with Nena Martinez, connect with her here:
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