Uplift My Life Today Podcast – Ep. 16 – When motherhood, passion and vision merge – Kanak Hirani Nautiyal


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It was the morning of November 1st that I sat together with my mentor to have a deep reflective conversation about things that I often took for granted.  One of them is what work truly is about.
The question was what experience that we’re all aware or unaware of searching for through work.  

In this discussion, we reached a point where we felt that the reason why work is so important for everyone of us because it’s about us wishing to feel dignified as a human being – to experience DIGNITY, by bringing resources home for ourselves and our loved ones (food, money, water, shelters, education, etc), through expressing who we are and by being recognised as a valuable contributor in this place called life, however small or large our puzzle is. We all want the same thing. Most importantly, we all have the rights to feel this way.
Truthfully, this is a deeper level of realisation for me as I didn’t always think of work in this particular way. This understanding speaks so loudly to my soul.
And this is what I feel of what Kanak Hirani Nautiyal is doing through Julahas.

Kanak is the founder of Julahas, an Amsterdam-based e-commerce business that bridges weaving artisans communities in Himalayas with women all around the world through sustainable clothing concept with modern designs.
Through Julahas, Kanak is also bridging her most important role being a mother and her vision and commitment to keep the artisan communities who are excellent in weaving wools in the Himalayan region to stay alive and thrive.  The beautiful and colourful 100% wool capes being sold are the testaments of this.
Julahas is more than just a business for Kanak. It is a container to bring motherhood, passion and vision into one – and through courage, consistent work and learning as well as intense personal growth, Kanak is running and growing a business that uplifts dignities of all of its stakeholders: the artisan communities in the Himalayan region, her business partners, herself, and all of the women who purchase the capes (I’m included!). 

Since the recording of this podcast episode, Kanak pledges even more contribution to the environment by planting a tree in rural India on the purchaser’s behalf.

This episode is the story of Kanak’s journey: her big vision (beyond what is already manifesting right now), her passion, her learnings, and most importantly how we all can be a part of this journey through Julahas.
As a token of appreciation for your interests in this journey, type in “UPLIFT” as a discount code for 10% off when you purchase a cape.

Finally, my wish for you is to feel energised and excited for your own journey as you listen to Kanak’s. You can too.

You’re not alone. You have help when you need it.

I don’t work in the field that Kanak does yet I share her vision and intention. This is why she is in this podcast. We’re moving forward faster and stronger together.

Enjoy this episode and share it with others for the more we support one another, the more empowering all of our journeys become.


Remember, we’re never alone.


This is a tribute to my late mother, Widayati Suwarto, for her love of crafts, traditions and being a businesswoman.
This is for you, Mama and thank you for being a role model for me.


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