Self Love – The path to thriving after domestic violence.





I noticed how tense my body was when I listened to Jyoti Sharma share with Julie and me what she experienced when she was in an abusive relationship filled with domestic violence.


I caught myself breathing short as she uttered her story. I immediately started to do EFT/Tapping on my hand. I did that many times throughout the recording of this episode.

I suggest you do the same. I demonstrated briefly how to do this at the beginning of the recording (video and audio) before we began our conversation. I was glad I did.  



JJ (as Jyoti is known as) has always been a feisty woman. Ambitious and confident, she has always been driven to achieve what she wants to be and do.


How did it happen? How could someone as amazing as JJ experience this? How was the situation unfolded? How has she been rising since?


This is a truly inspirational story, and her journey continues. She is now in a place where she is healed enough to share. Julie and I feel so honoured that she chose us to host her through audio and video podcast in this courageous sharing.


JJ rebuilds herself  – living her life now free of fear and making choices daily from a safer space of love. She also went on to develop her own business that allowed her to support others (visit her website here) while overcoming the financial debt she was left in.



Sit with your tea or coffee and enjoy this amazing story – a story about how self-love is not only so powerful in healing such trauma but also helps us keep ourselves safe.

Please share this further with anyone you know who may benefit from this.

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