What Procrastinators and Achievement Addicts have in common

What do Procrastinators and Achievement Addicts have in common?


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They’re not consistently feeling energized or present or confident as they show up in their lives: being who they are and doing what they’re doing. Instead, often they feel overwhelmed; many times scattered and uptight.

They feel somehow “constipated” in their efforts to unleash the potential they know they have within.

In different areas of their lives, one can be a procrastinator or an achievement addict.

Their behaviours are driven by the belief that “they are not enough as they are.” Enough for what? Enough to be accepted, acknowledged, and loved.

Does this speak to you?

If there is only one thing you can do to change this is to TRANSFORM your BELIEFS. As you do so, your subconscious mind works for what you desire, not against it.

Beliefs are the seeds of life. They grow to become gardens. Plant uplifting beliefs for your life’s garden, blossoming with inner peace, contentment, and a sense of purpose.



Choice leads to destiny

Entering winter, a period of reflection and rejuvenation…


What choices have you made so far in 2018?

How far have you grown? 

How have you contributed?

What fulfills you?


What do you desire to invite more into your life in the next cycle, in 2019?

What do you wish to let go of?


Imagine it, feel it, taste it. Repeat. Repeat.


All of it starts with taking action, one at a time.

It is all about your choice.


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Declutter Your Life Series – Episode 2 “Love it, pick it, use it!”

Do I need all these?

This question is one of some constant companions for me when I decluttered 2 living spaces in 2 countries over 14 months period.

In this 2nd episode of “Declutter Your Life” Series, I am sharing my 5 steps to successfully declutter my possessions, feeling victorious, light and calm at the end of it.

This episode is loaded with practical tips that you may want to listen to it multiple times.


Time Code:

00:00 – Opening

02:05 – Virtual trips to a thrift shop and a spa – what does your body tell you?

11:17 – How your mind interacts with your environment and how impacts you

13:44 – What is decluttering?

14:29 – My decluttering journeys: the context, the scope and the goals

18:38 – Step 1: Setting a clear intention for the decluttering – what you will use the space for and what atmosphere/energy/ambiance you’d like to invoke in the space

21:34 – Step 2: Planning the scope, timeline, responsibility allocation, support required, how to organise post-choosing items.

27:45 – Step 3: Throw away items that obviously needed to be thrown away. Quick win!

28:40 – Step 4: Selection process – choose which items you want to keep

31:09 – Step 5: Reorganise the items you choose to keep

31:44 – Emotional challenges during decluttering and 6 tips to overcome them

35:46 – Evolving our space to match our own evolution process is mandatory!

37:13 – Closing and what the next episode about


Inputs, questions, feedback or suggestion for topics – write me at Thanks!

Interested in speaking with me about decluttering process directly, set it up here.


Copyrights etc.:

Music used in this Episode: “On My Way” and “Destiny Day” by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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I am enough



What is your ritual to start your day?

Yes, your day, the one that you can not retrieve back once it passes.


Mine is simple and energizing.

I start my day with a meditation and prayer, followed by setting an intention for it. I decide what my life that day is going to be about and I choose how I’d feel about it.  I then fuel it with an affirmation that supports and uplifts it.

One that always does it for me is: “I am enough”.

Nooo, my day is not always free of stress. Not at all.

Life brings all kinds of things into my day, just like yours. Some days bring more than others. I accept that this is a part of my life, since I invite continuous learnings into it. Learnings do come on daily basis. It goes up and down, and up and down.


How this affirmation helps me is to remind myself that who I am and what I do at one point of time is the best that I can be and do at that particular moment. It dissipates self-judgement (yes, we tend to be the harshest judge towards ourselves, repeating the coulda, shoulda, woulda moments) significantly. It takes the illusionary pressure that we often put ourselves under.


During the day, I often take a few brief moments to take 3 deep breathes and I repeat these 3 powerful words to myself “I am enough, I am enough, I am enough”. It always gets me grounded and composed again. The best bit about it is that it takes only a couple of minutes to do so. Brief, sweet, powerful!


So, start your day with a clear intent and choose an affirmation that uplifts you. It makes a huge difference!


Now, share with us, what is your affirmation for your day today?


Have a fabulous day!




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