Becoming a living example for my son on how to live a purposeful life  

I have known Astuti for 25 years as we studied together in University of Padjadjaran in Bandung. At the time, it was evident to me that Astuti has always had a natural ability to listen and help her friends in getting themselves un-stuck from difficult situations. It is like she has a sixth sense about these things. I truly appreciate this quality from her.

In 2016, I felt that I was lacking clarity about my life’s direction. It felt like I was just plotting along in life, doing things without having a clear sense of meaning. There was a void in my heart. I also often felt that I never had enough time for myself and the people who matter most to me (my wife, son, parents, extended family, etc). It was such an unsettling feeling because I worked hard and achieved a lot of successes but I was not feeling contented with my life. I was unhappy.

As a father, I want to be a living role model for my son on how to live a good life. What I felt about my life then was not the feeling I’d like to have. Children are not stupid. They sense everything.

I was ready to change this so I decided to join to a self-transformation program that Astuti ran with her collaborator, Masumi. It is called Transfor(M)ission, which used coaching, hypnotherapy and feng-shui as tools.

It was such a worthy investment for myself. Not only money, it is mostly time and energy. It was a “me-time” I dedicated to see myself and my life from a different perspective and to create meaning for it.

During the process and also in the hypnotherapy session, I revisited my life cycles in the past: childhood, teenage years, university-years, early career period, and my journeys in the pilgrimage in Mecca. It helped me to remember and to understand the significant meanings of these events. In turn, this leads me to having the conviction today that I am always and have always been protected by God and the Angels. It was a profound realization that created so much grounding and stability in my life.

Throughout the process, my life shifted.  I discovered my life purpose and this has been serving me as guidance.  I choose to live in gratitude. And what is very interesting is I do not even have to do major changes in how I go about my day. Because I understand what my life is about, I am able to give meaning to what I do.

This decision brought visible changes in my life of which others around me noticed. They commented that my body has become more resilient and have stronger endurance, that I look fitter and fresher. I received compliments from my company’s Senior Management as they noticed that I have been carrying myself differently than usual, continuing delivering my work with high quality. I choose to enjoy my life and to be more cheerful. The complaints I received from my loved ones for not spending enough time with them dissipated.  I know that I am MORE present in my life and consequently theirs.
Now I live with a stronger purpose and this helps me when dealing with difficult challenges along the way.

Thank you, Astuti, for helping me feeling absolutely well in my life today.

Andrey, Senior Equity Analyst
Jakarta, Indonesia

Letting go my fears when transitioning from the corporate world to become a business owner 

At the time I was in touch with Astuti, I had a lot going on and I really needed help in getting focused on setting up my own business. I needed support to let go the fears that stopped me feeling confident in choosing the right steps to do what it took to get it done.

In the session, I was taken through the process of going back to the past and to understand how my current challenges have been created by  the patterns of thoughts made in the past, distant past. These were the patterns that were causing disruptions in the current time even though they happened a long time ago, until I did the session.

I remember being very emotional and being surprised by how easy it was doing the session over Skype. It was much easier than I thought to go 100% with the process and just be fully in it.

At the time, the session with Astuti was specific about my business and gaining my confidence. It really helps to keep me on track. I am completely running my own business now without any fear or the stress that I thought I might be experiencing.

It was very easy working with Astuti. She is very caring, supportive, and she holds the space for you completely with no judgment.

My suggestion is to be very clear of what you want to work on so you get clear result. Having the recording that I listened to afterwards was very helpful and specific. I knew it was what I needed. Some days I just did not want to listen to it, and it was reinforcing the fact that I really needed it and that I was just trying to run away from dealing with my challenges.


Karlie, Owner of Open to Life Kinesiology

Newcastle, Australia


Turning vulnerability into strengths during the time of change 

I believe I was ready for a transformation. I acknowledged certain issues that I faced and there are certain things I wanted to improve within. I also realized that some of those issues were deep rooted in my past experiences or it was a belief that was still strongly instilled within me.

At first I was scared because AlmareaRTT session was to be done on skype. I was also worried that it would be a mystical process or that I would lose consciousness.

What I experienced was a pure state of calmness. Astuti facilitated me to look back to experiences that happened in my past and to be completely honest about how I felt about them. It was a moment of truth and honesty.

After the session, I feel that I am more authentic, more honest about who I am as a person. I am able to understand why things happened, to accept these experiences that has shaped me the way I am today, and to feel grateful for them.

I am very comfortable with Astuti. She listens without judgment, enabling conversations within me, gives insights and new perspective about how I can understand myself better, reinforces the positive strengths within me, acknowledges my natural strengths. All these help me to feel complete and enough.

My main recommendation is to ensure that you are ready for the changes, ready to do the work, and ready to get in touch with your authentic self.  Why? Because it is not comfortable yet it will uplift you. You need to be ready for the inconveniences, knowing that it would lead you to a better and fuller version of yourself.

Inez, author of Turn Right, a journey to purposeful careers

Bali, Indonesia