Uplift My Life Today Podcast – Ep. 26 – No matter what, I belong – Rachelle Furer -Part 3

To be whole and to live this life feeling empowered,
we need to integrate ourselves into our systems.


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Knowing what we know now about how a blind systemic loyalty can burden our lives today, Rachelle Furer is guiding us to delve deeper into some real-case scenarios that create even more imbalances in our system. These imbalances are often being carried down over many generations. We’re going to discuss some of the symptoms and the root causes.

In addition, Rachelle will explain what our role is in our system, how we can contribute to it today, and where to start.


About Rachelle Furer:

For more than 40 years, Rachelle has been searching for ways to help others move along their paths with greater ease.

This exploration has encompassed delving into psychology, philosophy, systemic thinking, spiritual practices, metaphysics, a plethora of alternative therapies along with the more practical and pragmatic pursuit of counseling, coaching, facilitation, and teaching.

Now semi-retired to Switzerland, Rachelle remains passionate about personal and leadership development.






00:00     Opening and introduction

01:50      Clusters in our systems that we can choose to bring in or let go: work, politics, economy, education, religions, etc

06:55     What we tend to do out of loyalty to the country system. What we tend to do out of loyalty to the family system.

08:55     Why we inherit our ancestral unresolved situations and wounds. What to do with them.

16:08      What to do when people are missing from the family system, deliberately or otherwise.

22:10      What to do when there are people in the family who are not alive today, such as being aborted, died at childbirth, miscarriages, suicide, etc.

28:32      How to declutter ourselves from what is not ours in the intricate complex systems we belong to

30:27      How adoption impacts the belonging to the systems, along with a real case example.

45:42     How the family system would always attempt to bring the opportunity to bring balance back into the system itself over the generations. How we can contribute and move our system forward. Where to start.

57:48      Closing


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